1-50 Web Sites (Flash) scripts (listed after popularity)

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1)   ABC FlashKits
This site offers a collection of pre-made commercial Flash movies. It allows you to create customized Flash intros, special effects and animations easily, for a great Web Design.

2)   Free Flash Web Templates and Intros
This site offers templates that can be modified even if you do not know flash. The site also offers tutorials, open source files and a faq section that can clarify your doubts.

3)   Flash Files
Flash developers index of design inspiration, tutorials, loops and rich media.

4)   Soundrangers - Sound Effects and Music
Sound effects and production music downloads. Everything from nature to UI sounds to music loops all optimized for Flash and all interactive media.

5)   FlashFreaks
FlashFreaks offers FLA's, and tutorials on 3D, actionscripting, games, buttons and animations. These fare downloadable form the site.

6)   Flash Interactive Cartoon Maker by Cartoon Magic
Flash Interactive Cartoon Maker by Cartoon Magic lets the visitors to create their own cartoon in this website.

7)   Flash Templates by FlashEnergy.com
FlashEnergy.com provides flash templates to the webmasters for their websites. All flash templates include the source files with them.

8)   FlashToGo.com
FlashToGo.com allows you to build sites quickly on the basis of your choice of several components, such as background colors, background image, soundtrack, image filters and navigational interface. No programming is necessary for working with this site

9)   Flashfast.com
Flashfast.com is a website in which the visitors can find several swf and fla component files for free of cost. This will be useful for the Flash users to develop their websites on Flash.

10)   Free Flash Templates & Open Source Code
A collection of flash files and open source code.

11)   FlashMash
FlashMash helps you to build a Flash movie on the fly with an easy-to-use Web forms wizard offered by the utility. It offers MashCard, an easy-to-use, online interface to create your own Flash movies that can be pressed onto business card-sized CDs.

12)   Buttonsound.com
Royalty free sound effects, Flash Button Sounds and Background Music. Download Soundscapes and Atmospheres for webmasters and game developers.

13)   Sonify.org
Sonify.org is a resource where Developers can come together with the common goal of adding interactive audio to the Web, Wireless and Digital Devices as well as advancing the development of the underlying interactive audio technologies. It also offers tutorials on Flash sound.

FLASHCARTOONS.ORG is a site that features tutorials on Flash, Shockwave games, many Flash cartoons such as Mario and the Princess. It also has a Zelda A Link To A Gentleman’s Club, and many other animations, that can be used.

15)   Flash.Pro
A Flash resource site offering weekly updated news, articles, tutorials, movies (FLA files), a userforum, coolsites, projects, etc.

16)   Echovibes
Echovibes offers their services in serving with needed sounds for the flash designers to create their webpages with sound effects. The users can have it for free.

17)   Xpressu
This site offers free Flash Website generator online using templates.

18)   Flash Me
Flash Me is an active website which is contains several flash utilities and other programs for downloads in the download section.

19)   TL Image Gallery
Free Skinnable Image Gallery that does not require a database but instead uses XML files.

20)   Metamorphozis Design
Metamorphozis design offers huge template designs for the webmasters which built by using flash. Webmasters can use the given templates for their webpage creation.

21)   Design start
Design start is a website that has flash based templates for websites.

22)   My Flash Site
This site lets anyone to create their own Flash Website speedily and for free. Leave it as a sub domain with us or copy the files to your own domain.

23)   e-mergence
e-mergence.co is a site powered by Flash. It offers tutorials and free downloadable flash movies.

24)   Amazing Flash
Amazing Flash is a simple flash based software that helps even unexperienced webdesigners to create dynamic websites with full support for multimedia applications.

25)   ztor.com
ztor.com provides its services for flash oriented websites. They serve webmasters in four partitions including business developments.

26)   Macromedia Flash Official Page
On this Official Flash Page you can find the download page for free trial and purchase info on Flash software. It also provides Flash-related resources such as tutorials, showcase, user support center, FAQs.

27)   Logical games. On-line World Championship by ZTOR.com
ZTOR.com provides users a collection of logical games to be used on websites for a good entertainment. It also offers online world championship for the users to participate.

28)   Actionscripts.org
ActionScript.org is a large online community for Macromedia Flash developers at all skill levels. We offer tutorials, open source, scripting assistance, book reviews, scene news and a means of contact between developers.

29)   Ultrashock.com
This is a resource site for Multimedia developers. It has on offer flash news, mailing list, flas, interviews, competition and forums.

30)   actionscripts {UK}
Offers forum, chat, tutorials, fla's, reviews and links for Flash developers.

31)   Flashbase
This new website allows creation of movies for download. You can select and configure your own flash menus or create a dynamic flash banner speedily.

32)   Flashmagazine.com
This is a free e-zine that provides reviews, articles and information on Flash and other Vector based products. In addition, it also carries interviews with leading Flash developers, news reports, and upcoming events in the Flash scene.

33)   vSplah
An Online Flash Multimedia website builder allows small bussiness and indivisuals to make there flash sites on there own.

34)   Flash Kit
Flash Kit is one of the most popular flash resource sites on the net. It offers a number of tutorials, downloadable files, reviews, news, Web discussion forums, and more.

35)   123 Flash Chat server
123 Flash Chat server is a software which can be used by the flash users to have a chat client on their websites or on others forum, intranet and extranet portals.

36)   GetAFreelancer.com
This is an online website offering custom solutions for webmasters who are looking for freelance workers from various parts of the world to work on their projects.

37)   Click4Ward.Net
Click4Ward.Net is a collection of open ActionScript and JavaScript codes. It also includes excellent samples by Mustafa Basgun.

38)   Favourite Website Awards
Favourite Website Awards is a site that includes an easy to browse directory of winners and interviews with some of the world's leading flash masters and motion graphics experts.It also offers a daily updated list of winners caliber in the cutting edge Technologies.

39)   Empressnet
We provide Free customizable Flash templates, marketing help, Free special reports, Webdesign tutorials, Webdesign News, MLM tips.

40)   Help 4 Flash
This is a resource/community site for Flash developers. It offers downloadable movies, sounds, tutorials, links, and forums.

41)   AMediuM
AMediuM is a media designing company and this team including web and flash designers, professional 2D and 3d designers, business consultants etc.

42)   FLASH Templates by My Template Network
My Template Network provides flash templates with full flash sources and flash intros. In this website the users can obtain flash templates designed by some good designers.

43)   dotdragnet Flash
DotDragNet is a community for people on the internet - it's non-excluding, stands for free speech, and aims to be a useful place to get information, help with web related issues, and have fun!

44)   FlashAdvisor new
This is a Flash open developer resource site that offers free flash movies, Message Board, Resources, Sound Library, tutorials, Knowledge Base, FAQ, lessons, etc.

45)   Willspage Website Design
This site offers a wide range of web design components that an be used on the site. The event screens that are offered can be updated from any browser. The site also offers screen savers in which the photographs can be easily updated.

46)   Sonic Byte
Sonicbyte delivers you high quality Royalty Free Music and Loops for flash, multimedia presentations, broadcast, tv, etc.

47)   Flash Kit
Flash Kit is one of the most popular flash resource sites on the net. It offers a number of tutorials, downloadable files, reviews, news, Web discussion forums, and more.

48)   QS Flash Magic Menu Builder
Build menus in under 3 minutes.-Editing software included!-Full Customization

49)   DevDude
DevDude provides some free online flash tools and it gives a vast resource of flash and action script tutorials to let the users to gather more information.

50)   CybermedSites
CybermedSites is a website where the users can find lots of things for creating a flash website. The users have facilities like communicating with online forum, doing online ecommerce business and using configurable fonts and colors.

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