1-50 HTML scripts (listed in alphabetical order)

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1)   0-Code HTML Converter
0-Code HTML Converter will convert HTML to different programming languages. It will also convert ASCII to HTML.

2)   1st Discounts for Partners from TheAnotherWorld
We appreciate our long-term partners and have now the most favorable conditions for cooperation with them. Therefore, we offer considerable web design discounts and web programming discounts for companies that give us outsourcing work. So you have the ability to save up to 20%.

3)   Acritum Exif2htm
Converts EXIF metadata taken from photo files to nice HTML tables or TXT files.

4)   Adam's Site
Adam's stuff

5)   Adding a doctype to your webpage
See how to add a valid doctype to the top of your page, the first step to ensuring a standards compliant webpage.

6)   Adding Generated Content in CSS
Learn all about adding Generated Content using CSS2, from string and image content, to generated quotes and counters.

7)   AffiliateSide
Amazon.com affiliate software that automatically and dynamically updates a sidebar on your website with a simple HTML iFrame. Any new products added to Amazon.com that matches your search query will be displayed on your website immediately!

8)   alert
a little alet gate for every website

9)   Ars Logo Design
Professional logo design services for startup and small business.

10)   Beginners HTML Tutorials - HIOX€€€€
Beginners HTML tutorial including topics like basic tags, text manipulation, image handling, link handling, tables, forms, marquee, iframe, special charcters.

11)   Case Converter
Allow you to convert any words and even file names within content of files to lower or UPPER case.

12)   CodingForums.com
CodingForums.com is an online discussion forum through which members can share their views on various ASP and ASP.NET programming issues. This online forum also allows members to discuss about programming on javascript, PHP, PERL etc.,

13)   CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor
The CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is a free drag and drop Editor with FTP.

14)   CoffeeCup HTML Editor Version 9.2
The CoffeeCup HTML Editor is by far the Fastest, Easiest, most Full Featured HTML Editor available. See your page change as you Edit with our Split-Screen Live Preview ! Right Click and Upload pages to your website, Open pages from the Web by just typing the address and much, much, more.

15)   CoffeeCup SiteMapper
Create Snazzy Sitemaps in Seconds!

Dreamlevels designers develop custom design templates that are both functional and appealing. Clear cross-browser code, search engine optimized HTML with CSS.

17)   Custom Web Templates - Website templates and Graphic Designs
Design Essentials is a premium source for high quality web site template designs. Jump-start your web development process with our creative pre-made website templates which can be easily customized to reflect your company or personal use. We have a wide variety of web templates to choose from.

18)   designertemplate
designertemplate offers professional and free web site templates.

19)   DevEdit
DevEdit is a content management program that enables an easier website creation or modification. This powerful WYSIWYG HTML editing tool comes with several enhanced features.

20)   devnet
Tutorials on HTML, PHP, ASP, CSS, Flash, MySQL, and other areas of web design. Downloadable fonts, desktops, programs and site templates.

21)   Dreamweaver Publishing
Dreamweaver MX software, tutorials, manuals, templates and marketing guides. The easiest, most powerful software to build and manage any website. Build your own professional website quickly and easily with Dreamweaver MX 2004

22)   Dynamic Architect
Combines a straight-forward and easy-to-use interface to help you build the dynamic web pages of your dreams without a single line of code. You don't even need to know how to make a web page to create the most amazing ones within minutes.

23)   Easy Templates
Creating your own entire website is peanuts using Flash templates from EasyTemplates. EasyTemplates offers you the most flexible and easiest way imaginable to create Flash websites. You don't need to know Flash or HTML to create your website.

24)   Easy Web Builder
WYSIWYG editor with automatic code generators for mouseover buttons, text navbars, popup windows, drop-down menus, hover links, frames, colored scrollbars, forms. Also includes a 3D logo maker, website color scheme generator and page templates. Some features save-disabled in demo version.

25)   EdevPro Website Design
Website Design services in the Virginia Beach... Hampton Roads area.

26)   First Introduction To HTML
This tutorial is provided for people with no HTML experience.

27)   Formatting Database Results
HTML formatting in ASP is the main subject discussed in this online tutorial. The author describes how to format database results with an example in this article.

28)   Free Web Buttons
FREE program to create cool web buttons and menu in a few clicks!

29)   Free web templates
Free professional web templates and graphics.

30)   Free Website Hit Counters
Free hit counters for websites. Easy to install, HTML format. Hit counter users are not required to display banners or ads on their sites.

31)   How to integrate an HTML Help system with a custom Visual Basic application using the VB6 integrated
This is an article which teaches the beginners about how to integrate an HTML help system in Visual Basic application with the help of VB development tool.

32)   HTML Color Reference Guide
List of Hex Codes within the corresponding table cell color.

33)   HTML E-mail
HTML Email is a article that helps users about how to send email message in Html instead of plain text. It provides tips for greater control over the presentation of emails in a website.

34)   HTML Goodies
Learn the basics of HTML, further your HTML knowledge and get the best out of HTML.

35)   HTMl Goodies
Free html tutorials from industry experts. Featuring extensive tutorials on tags, programming, basics, script, frames and more. Our weekly newsletter provides the latest html information, available only at htmlgoodies.com

36)   HTML Guardian
Encrypt HTML, SHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, and ASP source code. Enhanced image protection. Additional protection options:disable right-click,page printing,text selection/copying, clipboard,offline usage of encrypted files, add password protection.

37)   HTML Help
Web Design Group offers HTML help for those who are interested in making website using HTML and other HTML Topics.

38)   HTML Help Online
This site is dedicated to helping the beginning HTML programmer. The most important aspect of learning HTML is READING the instructions and explinations. It is important to understand the concept of HTML before beginning your web page.

39)   HTML Introduction
A fully comprehensive HTML Tutorial which explains HTML from the very begining.

40)   HTML Quick Edit Bar
Edit HTML pages "on the fly" with Internet Explorer.

41)   HTML Rich Text Area
The HTML Rich Text Area is a web browser tool that replaces textareas with a powerful WYSIWYG editor. It implements a user interface familiar to any Windows user enabling even novice computer users to quickly format text in a variety of styles.

42)   HTML Table Tips 'n' Tricks
Learn how to use HTML tables creatively to design attractive and fast loading web pages.Live examples and cut 'n' paste code are also provided for you to try out some great designs.

HTML tutorial by Brantford Educational Services. Offers 40 lessons in HTML.

44)   HTML Tutorials for the Complete Idiot
These HTML tutorials have been designed to help people build better home pages the easy way. Step by step tutorials in Plain English; HTML tips, tricks, and techniques. Web page design tools, lists, tables, META tags, backgrounds, images, page jumps, fonts, headings, color codes, guestbooks, chat rooms, and many other instructional resources.

45)   HTML Writers Guild
Our unique community provides resources, support, representation, and education for web authors at all skill levels.

46)   HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners
An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners - Learn HTML the easy way with this guide... interactively by example! - you'll learn everything from writing your first code, to uploading your first page, to adding counters, sounds, tables, frames, and more!">

47)   HTMLPad 2005 Pro
Quick, easy to use, powerful HTML, XHTML, CSS and script editor

48)   Introduction to HTML Links
In this HTML Links tutorial we explain how to use links within your web pages, how to link text, link images, create a direct link to email and a link to our image map tutorial.

49)   Introduction to HTML Tags
In this HTML tags tutorial we explain how to use tags in html using simple and easy to understand examples. You can also find a great list of HTML tags that will aid you in creating web pages

50)   Introduction to XML
Introduction to XML is a tutorial that can be used by the users to gather knowledge about the origin of XML. This tutorial is an introduction to XML. Also has information on HTML.

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