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Top 451-500 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

451)   Webmatic turnpage
This is an amazing visual effect applet that displays turn image effect between different images. The applet displays two types of turn page effect. You can supply your favorite images into this applet. The effects can be displayed at different speed levels, which can be configured by you.

452)   dia (digital image album)
This is a great java applet has a digital image album and allows you to adjust the images in real-time. The parameters like main panel colors, title panel colors, photo panel color, caption, image files etc are configurable. This applet works as an online digital image album.

453)   SortableData
This applet displays data and allows you to sort the data in either ascending or descending order. Customizable features include Colors, fonts, and gridlines. You can specify the initial column to sort and also the order.

454)   aipsphere
aipsphere can display a real-time sphere mapping effect with lighting on any image. You can supply your favorite image into this applet. The animation stops when the mouse is moved over the applet and original picture is displayed.

455)   OpenCube's Highlighted Image Links
OpenCube's Highlighted Image Links is an efficient online java applet that can be used to design and create quick navigating menu systems for websites with highlighted images.

456)   DS Stars3DMenu
DS Stars3Dmenu simulates a star field animation in the background and displays the menu over it. Supports a GIF or JPG background image. The speed of stars and intensity can be configured in the parameters easily with the HTML code generator.

457)   Silly Scroll
SillyScroll can scroll texts both horizontally and vertically. Supports 5 appealing text effects. It can make appear a letter very small and then grow it to its original size or fly it in from the bottom etc.

458)   TypeWriter Java Applet
TypeWriter Java Applet is a java applet scroller that can scroll text messages or any information and display it with typing effect.

459)   Bankoi Webmail
Bankoi Webmail is a java applet program which allows the users to check their pop mails by entering their email address and password.

460)   Java Sample Resources and the EF Combat Net
This is a Java server that provides sample programs in Java and the source code. The EF Combat Net is a hybrid/native code application. It allows players to connect, chat and play flightsims.

461)   apPopupMenu
apPopupMenu can popup menus over form elements, frames, flash, and even go over the browser window. It supports unlimited popup menus with sound effects and loading of menu structure from external text files.

462)   Declarative programming of JSP web sites using XML
Declarative programming of JSP web sites using XML is a tutorial that guides the users how to present XML based files on websites using Java. This tutorial also explains how to eliminate the repetitive pages.

463)   Advanced Presentation Tools Collection
Add Powerful presentation functionality to your Web pages.

464)   PKLite
PKLite is a powerful java based application which can be used to connect to any ODBC compilant database. You can execute the SQL command using this application.

465)   Zmei Rain Message
Zmei Rain Message is an applet program is used for generating visual effect over any image. This program allows users to create rainfall effect over images.

466)   SnipeAlert Lite
Automatic email alerts for bidders before auction closes. Bidders install no software, Sellers install lightweight server.

467)   WallClock
WallClock is applet Clock that can have an image file as its background. The color or arms and length can be customized. This can also be linked to an URL if any.

468)   OpenCube's QuickLink Text Menu
OpenCube's QuickLink Text Menu as the name implies is a simple text based navigation menu system available with simplified graphical parameters.

469)   OOAD@Whiz
OOAD@Whiz is a test simulator on the pattern of IBM UML Certification with 5 Mock Tests having 280 questions. It provides quick revision tips and detailed explanation for each and every question. It also prepares detailed reports to assess the performance.

470)   OpenCube's Horizontal Image Switch Menu
OpenCube's Horizontal Image Switch Menu as the name implies is an online java applet capable of creating image switch menu systems with horizontal slidings.

471)   JFTP
JFTP allows you to transfer files using FTP from/to a remote system. Irrespective of the network conditions, JFTP transfers the files positively. When there is a failure of network connection or a break, it resumes the transfer when the system reboots are network connection is restored.

472)   DS WobbleScroll
DS WobbleScroll is an online text scroller that helps users to scroll any text along with wobble presentation. This is a simple and easy to use program.

473)   B-pack
B-pack is a Java applet, which contains a package of many applets that supports different visual effects. These applets supports images of various dimensions and control over the speed of animation and the delay in transition.

474)   photobreakout
Photobreakout uses images and implements a breakout game. This has many levels and can be easily configured. You can use your own images and set the parameters like width and height and name of the image etc.

475)   CerebellumImage
CerebellumIage allows you to create a site map of your web site and place images in the background. Also you can specify a background color, mouseover effect, delay timing, auto collapse to collapse old menus when new ones appear etc.

476)   Textviewer Java Applet
Textviewer Java Applet uses a javascript with the java applet and implements a text display. It allows you to configure the fonts and colors of the text.

477)   Horizontal Text Scroll Java Applet
Horizontal Text Scroll Java Applet is an online text scroller that helps users to scroll text horizontally. This is a simple and easy to use program.

478)   SurveyXMLServlet
SurveyXMLServlet is a program which has the ability to collect data from the html form and stores the data in a xml format.

479)   Ganttproject
This is a well-designed web development java application that uses the Gantt diagram. The application supports XML based file formats that can be converted to an HTML file from the command line.

480)   DS PlasmaText
DS PlasmaText can take in a series of text for display and implement a plasma effect between them in different colors. You can specify the plasma size from 1 to 4 and also the plasma value of 4 plasmas. Supports Background color, text color, size etc.

481)   Ad Server Solutions (Servlet Version)
Ad Server Solutions (Servlet Version) is a java software that can manage and rotate online advertising with an affordable price and with most advanced features. It can support unlimited number of sites, billions of impressions per month, higher flexibility, ease of use etc.

482)   Alien War
Alien War is a classic arcade game, which can be played online. This game can be played by anybody of any age group. This is a simple and interesting game.

483)   Java Applets by Gokhan Dagli
Java Applets by Gokhan Dagli is a collection of Java Applets that can be used to enhance image effects, scrollers, text effects etc. Some of the applets offered are Advanced News Scroll, Text Announcer, Dissolve Image etc.

484)   ElegantJBeans - Entry Mask
ElegantJBeans - Entry Mask is an efficient and easy to use data entry utility that offers custom masking solutions for all webmasters to validate data entries.

485)   SMSWriter
SMSWriter supports the entire 7 bit GSM alphabet including Greek letters. This SMS/Phonebook application supports editing of phone directory and multiple flash and report messages.

486)   OpenCube's Image Switch Menu
OpenCube's Image Switch Menu is an efficient java applet capable of creating menu systems for your websites with images and submenus in all font sizes and colours.

487)   Jisql
Jisql is a Java based application which helps you to create command line interactive session with a SQL server database.

488)   Stock Market Ticker
Stock Market Ticker is a web based embedded software that can be used to improve site and to display real time stock values. This program now supports php script data that can be received from yahoo financial free CSV.

489)   MenuScroll
This is an applet on your website to display a navigation menu to attract your site visitors. This menu scroll designed using images and text.

490)   ConsultScroll Vertical Text Scroller
ConsultScroll Vertical Text Scroller scrolls text vertically reading the text from a separate text file. Supports auto-wrap of text and adjustable scrolling speed. Manual scrolling and pause is possible with the mouse.

491)   Professional JSP
This is an article on Java Server Pages. It provides a detailed introduction to JSP and also explains about the methods of implementing details of JSP source translation and compilation into a Servlet.

492)   DS RotScaleText
With this applet you can execute a text display with a rotate and scale effect. Supports a background image. Additionally it can take an image and scroll text over the animation. The scroll text can be customized in the parameters.

493)   Webmatic Waterfall
This program is used for creating a waterfall effects on the web pages. It displays waterfall image with visual effects accurately.

494)   aipstretch
This java applet stretches the four sides of an image supplied by you and thus presents a wonderful visual effect. The image in this applet can have a URL link. The animation pauses on mouseover and the real picture is displayed.

495)   Say-It-Now!
This applet translates typed matter in English into speech. When you type in the text, it is then converted into phonemes, and then plays the audio.

496)   Herong's Tutorial Notes on JSP
This free book is an excellent tutorial book for beginners. It is a collection of notes and sample codes wrote by the author while he was learning JSP himself. Topics include attachment, content-disposition, content_type, cookie, custom tag, debugging, expression language, file upload, header lines.

497)   DBBrowse
DBBrowse accesses the intranet or extranet web servers using a simple HTML web browser. It can update a table in a database using an import text file. DBBrowse can do functions like searching, updating, deleting, inserting etc of records of the table in a database.

498)   WordHunt
WordHunt is Java game in which you drag a set of characters that match with the keyword. You win when you finish finding all the keyword within the time limit.

499)   CardFun21
CardFun21 is a card game in Java that supports player images, audio files background images etc. To win the game you have to get 21 points. If there are more than one winner then the points are split equally.

Text parameter configurable suite of scrolling flag and banner applets.

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