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Top 501-550 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

501)   OpenCube's Image Navigator Menu
OpenCube's Image Navigator Menu is a powerful java applet application software with which website owners and developers can provide attractive navigating menus for all their visitors.

502)   JET Proxy
JET Proxy uses RMI to serve data from any other JDBC. This is a type 3 JDBC driver and presently does not support stored procedures or the stream data types on ResultSets.

503)   Examining Java Servlets in detail
This article enables user to learn what the Servlet life cycle is and how Servlet Container and Servlets interact with each other. The topics like servlet preloading and initialization parameters etc are also discussed in this article.

504)   WmlPop Servlet
WmlPop Servlet can read your mailbox via WAP/WML devices and can support WML interface to POP. A configuration text file that describes the e-mail settings must be set to the servlet. The configuration files can be passed to the servlet as initial parameter.

505)   WebLog Servlet
WebLog Servlet can analyze log files for your web-server. A configuration text file must be set to the servlet, which describes the field delimiter, date format and what is a structure of each record in the log file.

506)   Time Served
Time Served can show how much time had lapsed from a specified date. This displays the lapsed time in Years, months, days, hours, minutes and in seconds.

507)   PureAgent
PureAgent is a development tool that monitors the users experience accessing your application. It replays transactions at specified intervals to monitor the response time from the agent to a server. The performances are displayed as charts in a standard web server.

508)   CodeBrain iBanner
iBanner is a Java applet that display banners with sound effects on change of banner. It supports JPGs or GIF images. It loads the images very fast and allows you to configure the time-delay between the banners.

509)   Sandwich
sandwich is an online game which is more interactive and interesing. This game can be placed on any type of website. This is a simple board game in the form of grids.

510)   Java Runtime Problems
Java Runtime Problems explains some runtime problems like security exception, firewall restriction etc that prevent java applets working properly.

511)   Take control of your JSP pages with custom tags
This is an article that explains the best way to combine custom tags and increase the reusability and flexibility of JSP technology by customizing JSP tags. Few of them are supported with examples too.

512)   SlideOnDemandFade
SlideOnDemandFade is an applet which lets the webmasters to have their own slide show on their websites. It is possible to show various sized photos and images which are loaded on demand through this applet.

513)   CopySafe PBV
CopySafe PBV is an online content management system designed specially for e-commerce professionals to create and manage their product pages for online auctions.

514)   ReportMill
ReportMail comprises of an easy-to-use page layout application and a powerful pure Java developer package that can create dynamically generated web pages and reports.

515)   OCSoft VVIP
This is an image display applet, which simulates virtual visit experience to your place. Various separate plug-ins are available in this applet and is compatible with cross platforms. This applet is very easy to install and it can be customized very easily.

516)   Dilate™ :: instant streaming media
Dilate™ is a ‘plug-in free’ media player for high quality video and audio online.

517)   AnyFontV vertical scroller with 261 fonts
AnyFontV vertical scroller with 261 fonts vertically scrolls text reading the text from the parameter of the applet of from a text file on your http server. Supports a separate font file with numerous font support and configurable scroll speed.

518)   e-Business Applet
This Java applet is a e-commerce business solution applet. This utilizes a text data file to display the list of thousands of products in a grid. It can encrypt credit card numbers, which is highly foolproof.

519)   ivata op
ivata op is a simple and efficient online content management system that allows webmasters to furnish their websites with every essential utilities.

520)   Building your first Enterprise JavaBean.
This tutorial teaches you how to create Enterprise JavaBean. You can learn to deploy the EJB on free EJB server namely JBoss. Installing and running JBoss Server, Installing, configuring and running Tomcat Server, Developing your first Session EJB etc.

The lake applet is an animated version of a scene local to the canal system of Wordsley, England. This, the demo version is very easy to Implement. The full version comes with many extras, including source and html parameter customisation.

522)   Beach Landing
Beach Landing is an interesting arcade game, which can be used in mobiles or cell phones. This game can be played by any person from any age group.

523)   NumberConverter
NumberConverter is a simple online calculator designed as an ultimate tool for converting number systems. This java application is easy to use and a handy tool for webmasters.

524)   Webmatic applets 1.41
A collection of 36 java applets with animations, image effects, menus, transition effects and more.

525)   Review: SoftArtisans WordWriter 1.0 for the Java Platform.
Faisal Khan of reviews SoftArtisans WordWriter 1.0 for the Java Platform which generates native Microsoft Word documents from Word templates using a data source.

526)   SWServer
SWServer is a webserver tool, which can be a proxy as well as a tunnel to simulate low speed modem connection by delaying the request response and by lessening the speed of I/O. It can work on Java 1.2, but is best at J2SE Version 1.3

527)   MediaFrame, open streaming media
MediaFrame is an Open Source streaming media platform in Java™ which provides a fast, easy to implement and extremely small applet that enables over 97% of web users to view your audio/video content without having to rely on external player applications or bulky plug-ins.

528)   Java Servlets for JavaScripters
This is an article that lets you explore the possibilities of a Java Servlet. It explains how to work with java on the server through Sun’s Java Servlet API. The role of the servlets in server side programming is explained in detail in this article.

529)   Scaling Web services and applications with JavaGroups
Scaling Web services and applications with JavaGroups is a tutorial that teaches the users about the opensource distributed solution tools. This tutorial requires the users to have an intermediate level of Java knowledge.

530)   KrysalIDE
This is a development tool for Krysalis, which can improve the productivity when developing XML/XSL web applications. It uses SOAP to communicate with the Krysalis server.

531)   Advanced Tree Explorer
With this feature packed and highly customisable Tree Explorer quickly add great menu navigation aids to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets and much more. Advanced yet both Easy and Quick to implement. Source Code also available.

532)   DS SnowFade
DS SnowFade rotates images that can be linked to individual URL with a snow effect that falls from the top. The next image appears after the previous one disappears with a fading effect. The snow speed, fade speed and flakes can be configured.

533)   Step by Step Java Tutorial
Step by Step Java Tutorial is a fast and easy method of learning the process of building applets with alterable and reproducible code. It provides a Learn-By-Example method that will enable the user to learn the process of building applets very easily.

534)   Rad Inks FTP Software
Rad Inks FTP Software is an online file management software with which webmasters would be able to perform file transfers through FTP servers with advanced directory management.

535)   Animated Image Menu
An attention grabbing animated menu which “zooms” the buttons in from various directions as the applet loads and unloads.

536)   jspListView
jspListView 1.0 is a free popup XML-driven listview. Given parameters in a simple XML file, this listview presents columns of data fetched from any SQL database that may be scrolled or sorted by the user.

537)   JavaCounter
JavaCounter performs two functions of a clock and a counter. It can display the page hits and also display the local time and an analog clock. This takes the time reading from your computers clock.

538)   Vehicle
Vehicle is an applet in which you can drive a very special vehicle. This applet is a beta version that has more levels and sound effects. If your computer is slow you can try the small version and if your computer is fast the vehicle 2 fast version can be used.

539)   DataBrowser
DataBrowser can access data from cross-database and is also cross-platform compatible. It can connect to any database with a JDBC driver. You can browse a database’s tables and view schemas in treeview style.

540)   Transparancy
Transparancy is a java applet that can have links to messages and them with fading effects. The text to be displayed can be mentioned in the parameters. You can configure the delay for the animation. This applet is compatible with browsers like Netscape 3, IE 3 etc.

541)   Advanced Menu Bar
Advanced Menu Bar can build a menu with unlimited sub-menus and buttons that can popup even outside the browser. The Button and Menu data can be provided wither from html parameters or a text file.

542)   Apycom Java Menus and Buttons
Create professional web menus in minutes!

543)   Combining Servlets, JSP, and JavaBeans
This tutorial deals with Combining Servlets, JSP and Java Beans. This explains them individually first and then their usage by uniting and integrating with the best of all three approaches. This tutorial introduces the popular Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.

544)   Peoplink Catgen
CatGen is an open-source software platform and is a “database-to-web-catalog” application. Supports services like payment, shipping, fulfillment and order-tracking. Can create your own web catalogs and sell products and services domestically and overseas.

545)   naslightning
Naslightning implements a lightning effect supported by sound effect over any image. The images can be linked to URLs. You can specify the area within which the lightning effect has to occur.

546)   JAR Class Finder
JAR Class Finder is a tutorial that explains the users about the JAR Class Finder that finds the JAR files that contains the given class for the Java build path.

547)   SCEA Certification Test Simulator
This implements 6 mock tests of 288 questions with varying toughness and is based on the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect Exam Part I. Supports customization in terms of number of questions, topics, toughness level and time.

548)   DS Voxel
DS Voxel is a visual effect applet that displays a voxel effect on any image supplied by you. You can also insert a scrolling text and an image over the animation. The animation speed can be configured in this interactive applet by changing the parameters.

549)   Herong's Notes on JDK
Herong's note on jdk makes the user to identify the books based on jdk. This notes helps the beginners to select the desired book on jdk. From the notes beginners can easily found out the name of the book, description of the book.

550)   CBIRC
CBIRC is a simple online java application software that allows website developers to integrate their own chat server on their site to enable users to make use of it.

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