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Top 551-600 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

551)   Chad Edward's FreeBuncoGame
Chad Edward's FreeBuncoGame is an online java application with which users would be able to play and make fun of bunco board games.

552)   Thin-Client Framework
Thin-Client Framework is an online development tool designed to assists webmasters to generate full featured java applications specially for e-business clients.

553)   Apache Tomcat
Apache Tomcat is an efficient servlet container designed as an official reference for implementing java servlet and java server pages.

554)   aipwrinkle
aipwrinkle stimulates a wrinkle effect of an image. You can provide your own image into this applet. The image can be specified with a URL link. The animation of the image normalizes on mouseover.

555)   FileManager Servlet
This can be used to manage files. With this you can copy/move files, download/upload and also edit files. The parameters can be described in a configuration file with each line describing one parameter. To access the host it uses the HTTP protocol.

556)   FadeTicker
FadeTicker is a simple and easy to use java applet fade ticker that helps users to display fade news on their web pages.

557)   Developing and distributing Java applications for the client side
Java Web Start is an application that assists in development of client side applications. This is unique as it liberates you from concerning yourself with how the client is launched, either from a Web browser or from the desktop.

558)   Japanolle Java Applet
Japanolle Java Applet is an online game to be put on any site.

559)   CCalendar
This applet is a multilanguage calendar applet, which can display each and every month with a different image. This allows you to link each and every day to an event.

560)   Tek-Tips Forum
Tek-Tips Java (Sun) forum. Talk with other professionals in this and over 800 other forums aimed at computer professionals.

561)   Jaagle
Java Repository. Links to applets, servlets, apis and information about java organized in more than 100 categories.

562)   Jpathfinder with 261 fonts
Jpathfinder creates dynamic site map of your web site with the option of 261 fonts. All node names and URL links are stored in a flat file with HTML-like format. Supports a background and foreground.

563)   Sonali Calendar
Sonali Calendar can make calendars for any year. This is a simple customized calendar that allows you to prefer your own colors, background image etc. Other customizable features are font styles, colors etc.

564)   iebb
iebb navigation applet builds a IE-style button bar with images support. The dimensions of the image, links and target frames can be specified in the parameters.

565)   Rad Inks Card Designer
Let your users design visiting cards online.

566)   BannerServlet
BannerServlet is a java servlet that can display rotated banners. This servlet can have more than one advertising banner on the page. The servlet must be set as an image tag attribute in the HTML file.

567)   Acoola Free
This Java applet can link any image with a URL link and display it in a loop with amazing transition effects like random fade, dissolve etc. It can display images in random or in sequence of list.

568)   License and Agreement Applet
License and Agreement Applet is an applet in java that can display any length of text or the license agreement in your webpage. The applet can be adjusted to any size you want. The font style, type, background color, button color etc. are customizable in this applet.

569)   UFTP Commander
This is a powerful java application that enables you to perform repeated FTP tasks for your web applications either from the command line or a script file.

570)   Voruta
This is a database tool that can be used in any application to reduce the JDBC code and also to store metadata without the use of any external tools or files.

571)   Melati
Melati is a java applet program which initiates the users to create websites that allows to access databases. A useful program for the webmasters and the users.

572)   Creating a Browser Detection JavaBean
This tutorial teaches you how to create a Browser detection JavaBean, which detects your browser and displays a corresponding message. This JavaBean is highly useful as lot of browsers don’t support all the HTML and CSS features.

573)   Java 101 - An introduction to Java
Any novice can learn Java programming from this tutorial without any experience in Java. Its collection of topics range from applets to applications and also to even more advanced topics like design, event handling and networking.

574)   DS FadeText
DS FadeText displays text creating a fading effect between the texts. This interactive applet supports inclusion of an image and a scroll text over the animation. The text color, horizontal and vertical position and the background image can be customized.

575)   Cronos' Webecg
Webecg is a browser based electrocardiogram solution that helps users to access ECG data from any remote location. This program uses electrical recording of the heart and shows it on the web page.

576)   Axion Java RDBMS
Axion Java RDBMS is a relational database system written entirely in Java and for Java programming language. This is SQL and JDBC compliant program.

577)   tinyBillboard
tinyBillboard displays one message at time vertically scrolling the text. The messages can be associated with a link. The scroll speed and pause between the lines can be adjusted in the parameters.

578)   RefactorIT
RefactorIT is an application that acquires source code and work on it to improve the internal structure of the software without altering the external behavior. With RefactorIT the execution speed of the software is improved.

579)   The Java Foundry
The Java Foundry is a Java community site where we share the common interest in Java technology and exchange on a regular basis technical ideas and information.

580)   tinyScroller
TinyScroller is a java applet to display a text scrolling vertically. You can supply your favorite image as a background image in this applet. The speed of the scrolling text can be adjusted by configuring the parameters.

581)   Sliding Arrow Menu
Sliding Arrow Menu is a Java applet that supports infinite number of compact menus that can be compactly arranged. You can specify the menu items with target window of their own and individually linked to URLs. Can customize the font, font size, font style etc.

582)   Managing Sessions with Java Servlets
Managing Sessions with Java Servlets provides information about sessions. Here the author says that session can identify the visitor who is making page request and it is automatically generated by the servers to be used in knowing about visitors preferences.

583)   Advanced AWT Pop-Up Side Menu Bar Applet
Make a professional java web menu bar for your site with the Advanced AWT Pop-Up & drop down Side Menu BAR ! Menus can pop up over HTML content, frames and even go over the browser window. The Advanced AWT Pop-Up Side Menu Bar can even execute javascript functions. Source code also available

584)   DS BlurWipe
DS BlurWipe rotates images with a blurwipe effect between 2 or more images. The blurwipe can be from either up or down. You can insert an image and a scroll text over the image. Can change all the parameters very easily with the HTML code generator.

585)   aiplayer
aiplayer dynamically rotates, translates and scales the image specified in the parameters and implements a multi-layer effect. Allows linking the image to URL. The number of layer, delay between animation etc be controlled by you in the parameters.

586)   WebSphere@Whiz
WebSphere@Whiz is a collection of 3 mock tests of 159 questions based on the IBM WebSphere Certification Exam. Supports quick revision tips and detailed explanations to each and every question. You can customize the number of question, topics, toughness level etc.

587)   Browser Soccer
Browser Socceris an applet implements a Web-based Soccer game applet in Java. To win the cup the players have to beat five teams. Also it includes audio files to create audio for whistle, kick, and goal.

588)   Menu/toolbar navigation system
Menu/toolbar navigation system is a program which permit the users to build web applications which is similar to GUI application. This program provides wide browser support.

589)   Universal Admin
Universal Admin allows Unix and JSP users to have access to their server while away from their own computers.

590)   Encapsulate reusable functionality in JSP tags
From this article you can learn to encapsulate the common functionalities in JSP tags and put them to effective use. This article teaches you to use using the Servlet/JSP reference implementation, Tomcat to build, deploy, and use your own custom JSP tag.

591)   VisualEffectTint
Users can show their visitors images with a tint effect by using applet VisualEffectTint. It causes an effect which alters the colour angle of the loaded images.

592) is an online Java Community.

593)   PictureMenu
PictureMenu displays a menu has a transparent menu buttons over an image in the background. The translucency of the highlight bar can be adjusted in the parameter ‘alpha’.

594)   JWTM-Java Web Tree Menu
JWTM-Java Web Tree Menu is an effective navigation utility that provides custom solutions for all website owners and developers to fabricate highly configurable web menu tree on their websites.

595)   eContent
eContent is a content management tool that provides a team-based enterprise-wide collaboration for ebusinesses by supporting managing content stored in databases, XML repositories, and static files etc and thus reduces IT burden.

596)   JWatch
JWatch is a simple clock that allows adjustments of the hour and minute. This is a text based watch. The settings can be done by double clicking on the clock.

597)   OpenPortal
Users can personalize their web pages on any site, which runs OpenPortal. Users can design their web page by using the portlets made available to them.

598)   iNet Factory
iNet Factory is a java beans collection available with several online component modules to enable webmasters to integrate email utilities on their applications.

599)   HanengCharts
HanengCharts is an ASP based program that enables webmasters to add graphical charts to their webpages. This utility doesnt need any server side or client side plugins to display the charts.

600)   ITtoolbox Java
A JAVA community for IT professionals. Focusing on core JAVA, JAVA development, distributed networking, Enterprise JAVA, and other JAVA technologies.

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