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Top 601-650 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

601)   aipraise
This java applet creates a rising random image blocks of any image creating a wonderful visual effect. The image can have a URL link. You can customize the block size in the parameters.

602)   Tyrant
This java based adventurous game consists of several thrilling and exciting actions designed with ANSI terminal graphics and is supported by keyboard commands.

603)   British Pool
It is a java based billiards game which can be easily added into users website to attract the visitors.

604)   SQL Developer
SQL Developer is a SQL administration and development frontend with a graphical user interface. It is written completely in Java™ and runs on virtual machines supporting Java™ 1.3 or higher.

605)   Apycom Java Menus
Apycom Java Menus offers dynamic drop down menus, bars, tabs and buttons. The menus can be used to create a web site interface to navigate the web site with ease. The menus are very fast loading.

606)   ZipCreator
Zip Creator is a utility that can compress and decompress files and can work in all platforms. It can be used to work with zip files. It is easy to install and run. Using this tool we can organize, control and modify existing zip files.

607)   Sferyx JSyndrome HTML Editor
Sferyx JSyndrome HTMLEditor implements HTML document authoring. This can create complex HTML documents, like designing tables, inserting images, page backgrounds, editing text and paragraphs etc.

608)   fmweb
This application can manage files on the web. It can administer files on remote machines using the TCP/IP protocol or can also manage local file system. You can define a document tool for each user as this is a multi-user application.

609)   Rexip
RexIP is a development tool for advanced Internet and Intranet business applications. The product created by application conforms to J2EE standards. It supports auto-code generators, software engines, and built-in J2EE functions and services.

610)   PDFTextStream
A 100% Java library for extracting text and metadata from PDF documents.

611)   WipeRight Java Applet
WipeRight Java Applet implements an amazing fading effect while displaying messages in a single line in different colors and font styles. These messages can be individually linked to URL.

612)   3D Configurator
3D Configurator implements a 3D Computer furniture. This does invoice management and also management of the database.

613)   Ad Dispenser Server
Ad Dispenser Server is a flexible and reliable software developed for serving and tracking banners. It is very easy to configure. It supports multiple sites, campaigns, different page zones etc.

614)   Installing and Configuring MySQL Database and ConnectorJ JDBC Driver on Microsoft Windows.
A tutorial on obtaining, installing and configuring MySQL Database and Connector/J JDBC Driver for use on Microsoft Windows. Advanced topics covered include installing MySQL as a Windows service and configuring MySQL and Connector/J JDBC Driver to use named pipes.

615)   At Last, A TextArea Replacement
Editize is a web based content editing tool that helps users to create and edit content on their websites. This program support multilanguage APIs.

616)   Stop Email Spam with Java Applets
This is a tutorial about email spamming. This tutorial guides the visitors, how to stop the email spamming with the help of Java Applet. This is an useful tool for the beginners.

617)   Advanced Typewriter Scroll Java Applet
Advanced Typewriter Scroll Java Applet is java text scroller and news ticker that can scroll text vertically. The scrolling text can be accessed from an external text file or from parameters. The background image, borders, margins, URL links etc are the configurable features in this applet.

618)   jGossip
jGossip is a program and a forum which provide support for page navigation, users administration, email notification and reply to users.

619)   JavaDOCHelper
JavaDOCHelper is an efficient java application designed to assists users in searching for certain and specific class and class members from the javadoc.

620)   VisualEffectVanish
VisualEffectVanish is an applet, in this applet loaded image appears and disappears frequently at random centers or at the area where mouse is located with the help of its vanish effect.

621)   ExtraUploader
ExtraUploader enables step-by-step uploading of files having extra large size. It supports low memory cost and filter facility for skipping some type of files.

622)   ucWebShare
ucWebShare is an online file management software capable of performing file transfers in both directions without the aid of a FTP client and server.

623)   Vertical Menu Applet
DropDown menu with java script support, multi level, sounds, and all languags support.

624)   DS FireImage
DS FireImage is a visual effect java applet that can display a fire effect in any image supplied by you. You can also include an image and a scroll text over the animation. You can configure the fire height of the fire effect by setting the parameters.

625)   Smokescreen
Smokescreen can be used to obfuscate Java Class file. It changes the symbolic names in the class files, and also it can obfuscate the control flow by modifying the bytecode in methods, which makes decompiling of the resulting Class files very tough.

626)   VasSendMail
VasSendMail is a sendmail applet, that allows the users to send emails directly from the webpage. This applet is simple and can be used on any type of website.

627)   Digi Counter
This is an active website where you will find some useful counter softwares for your website built with java. There are hit counters, IP tracker, traffic analyzer etc.

628)   ElegantJBeans - Table JAVA Bean Collection
ElegantJBeans - Table JAVA Bean Collection is a powerful database tool designed to edit database into customizable format such as tabular or spread sheet form.

629)   Teaching Tool For Nursery Kids
Teaching Tool For Nursery Kids is a Java applet teaching tool that can display alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors etc. in your system to enable children to understand alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors etc. very easily.

630)   EuroCalc
EuroCalc as the name implies is an effective java based calculator that allows webmasters to convert currencies between EUROS and the coresponding symbols.

631)   SlideOnDemandBlock
SlideOnDemandBlock is an applet built on java which helps users in creating slide show on their websites. It is easy to display images which are in variable sizes.

632)   TracerouteWrapperServlet
TracerouteWrapperServlet with reloadable HTML templates can call a commandline tool like traceroute or ping. Allows you to trace the route by giving the command in the textbox.

633)   Eltima Java/SWING Components
Extend standard visual library with new styles from Eltima Java/SWING Components

634)   DS WaveMenu
DS WaveMenu implements a menu with a wave like effect. The background, wave speed etc can be customized in the parameters.

635)   Chameleon Bar
Chameleon Bar can insert a separator bar that continuously changes color, in your web page. You can set the initial color, lower and upper bound for the color values and also specify a seed for random number generator.

636)   kChat
kChat is an applet chat system based on java, which helps users in building chat program on their websites. It is easy to use and customize this tool on any website.

637)   Slide Menu Applet
A new Java menu applet for site navigation, this applet very customizable applet, JavaScript support, and much more.

638)   Webmatic fade
With Webmatic fade you can display a fading effect between images in your web page. You can supply number of images of your choice to this applet. The fading speed between the images can be customized. The applet can have a URL link.

639)   XdebugX Asteroids
XdebugX Asteroids is a game which resembles the classic game of asteroids. This game can be placed on any type of websites and it is very interesting to play this game.

640)   Your guide to weblet security
This article discusses implementing security to weblets that have the same exposures as applets do. It also describes what the weblet are, what they can/cannot do by default?. It also teaches how to overcome the problems related with sandbox.

641)   RTree and RMenu
RTree and RMenu is a simple online java based applet capable of creating dynamic and attractive menu trees for your websites using advanced visual designing techniques.

642)   Larry's Paint
Larry's Paint allows you to do Painting of pictures in two ways. One way is- it displays its own images, which can be cut and pasted like stamps and the other way is to draw manually using pen.

643)   AEA MMExplodingMessage
AEA MMExplodingMessage is a text effect applet that moves onto a position on the applet and then explodes scattering the letters across the screen. The animation implemented by advanced 3D routines. The texts can be linked to URL.

644)   All Buttons Web Menus
All Buttons Web Menus is an efficient menu building software with which webmasters would be able to create both popup and sliding menus with 3D, glossy, 2D, and simple flat buttons.

645)   JSPMaker
JSPMaker is a powerful yet easy-to-use code generator that creates a full set of JSP (JavaServer Pages) quickly from MySQL or Oracle.

646)   YAMM
This email client supports POP3, SMTP support, html support, multiple mail accounts, file attachment support etc.

647)   JUpload
JUpload is a program which allows the users to upload any number of files to the webserver. This program permit the users to manage their upload queue.

648)   JMS 1.1 simplifies messaging with unified domains
Java applications treat point-to-point messaging and publish/subscribe messaging as completely separate domains. JMS 1.1 fixes this shortcoming by unifying these domains and supports reusable frameworks that is compatible with both the domains.

649)   NewsTicker
NewsTicker is a collection of Vertical and Horizontal news scrollers. The news can be loaded as XML text, either from the parameters of the applet or from a URL containing the XML formatted news items.

650)   Aspose.PowerPoint for Java
Aspose.PowerPoint is a java reporting component which enables you to read and write PowerPoint presentations without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint.The latest version added reading/writing access to Size and SizeType of a slides;etc.

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