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Top 651-700 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

651)   Brain Teaser
This implements an online test for any professional course like PMT, PET, CCNA etc and is formed of three modules namely fetching, History and Admin and. This is suitable for any Professional Training Institute, Schools, Colleges and any individual user.

652)   pickfinal
This is a fully configurable board game in which you win by picking up the last object. In each and every turn you have to collect the number of objects between minimum and maximum numbers. It supports a background image as well.

653)   ABCMenuMan!
ABCMenuMan creates appealing menus, which is faster than animated GIFs and can have lots of menu items. The menu is also supported by sound effects and customization of fonts, background colors etc.

654)   AteoMessenger LDE
AteoMessenger LDE is a web chat program built on java, which lets webmasters to have instantaneous chat lively for their visitors and membership websites.

655)   Anagram Text
Anagram Text is java text effect applet that shows letters in a word switching their position. It takes three strings as argument and will jump the letters between them.

656)   EConExplorer
EconExplorer can be used in any organization to retrieve their data no matter wherever it resides. It supports to quickly create and set up web applications, generate ad hoc reports and supports sharing of information between peers in realtime.

657)   Coldtags suite
Coldtags suite is a largest set of Java web controls (custom JSP tags). This suite provides 200+ custom JSP tags for common programming tasks faced by JSP developers.

658)   Swiftchart
This applet in Java can create 2D or 3D charts like bar, line and stacked charts that can be of immense use in web pages and web applications. You can specify 3D depth, text color, line types, markers, legend position etc.

659)   Dot-to-Dot
Dot-to-Dot is funny game that resembled the old pencil-and-paper game. This game is very challenging testing your limits. It also supports images for the background and 5 music tracks in au format.

660)   The Jxta command shell
This is an article on JXTA command shell that explains you about JXTA command shell’s essential commands and enables you to learn the methods of improving its competency by writing your own commands.

661)   Spiderfish
Spiderfish is a Java-based GUI application that navigates through websites and downloads all its contents. It uses a specialized 2-part algorithm to eliminate traversal of the same link repeatedly.

662)   Clipstream playerless java media streaming
Clipstream playerless java media streaming implements media streaming in email and web ads without the requirement of the receiver installing any software. It can encodes .wav, MP3, AIFF etc.

663)   Out of the Sanbox
Out of the Sanbox is a guide to using self signed applets.

664)   JWIRC applet
Multi-channels IRC applet which consequently allows you to have a conversation through several channels at once. The irc applet does not limit you at number of channels. It is possible due to good optimization of memory usage . Users can send and recive files by DCC.

665)   EJBMaker
EJBMaker is a development tool to generate source for Container Managed Persistence entity and scripts used for creating the required EJP persistence tables in DB2. It supports features like Standards-compliant, any J2EE-certified application server, common EJB design patterns etc.

666)   CSMailForm
CSMailForm uses the standard HTML forms and sends email. It uses the SMTP to send email and supports CC and BCC fields apart from the other various required fields. It supports high level of customization and supports error detection.

667)   Dodobase
Dodobase is a web database-publishing tool with which even non-programmers can create database driven web sites, using relational databases like MS-SQL and MYSQL. Supports thumbnail pictures, multiple databases, unlimited records etc.

668)   Advanced Floating Pop-Up Menu
Advanced Floating Pop-Up Menu allows you to quickly add an appealing menu navigation aid to web sites, help systems, intranets etc. It provides full URL support including window naming and frame targets, ideal for frames environments; Javascript support etc.

669)   XdebugX Starfield
XdebugX Starfield is a simple display similar to the screen saver. This display can be used for backgrounds for java space games.

670)   End-to-End Encryption
This applet securely encrypts data from the place of origination of the data to the destination where it is intended. The encryption is implemented between the browser and the application/database server.

671)   Take control of your JSP pages with custom tags
This is an article that explains the best way to combine custom tags and increase the reusability and flexibility of JSP technology by customizing JSP tags. Few of them are supported with examples too.

672)   AJ Pipe Flow Calculator
This is a calculator that supports lots of controls and uses the equations like Darcy-Weisbach, Swamee & Jain, Colebrook and Hazen-Williams to calculate the problems related to pipe flow.

673)   SpaceMapper - DataStore
DataStore is a warehouse server to store XML based documents in a conventional relational database. It is built on top of the Avalon Phoenix framework and it enables the server components to be easily developed, organized and shared.

674)   Bird Counting Game
Bird Counting Game is a game designed using java applet and this game has five rounds and the player has to find out how many birds fly across the screen in the five rounds.

675)   MBH Log Initialization Servlet
This Log Initialization Servlet initializes the logging facility in applications. If the servlet is configured to ‘load-on-startup’ first all the servlets and tag libraries within the web.xml can rely on this initialization.

676)   ElegantJBeans - Tree
ElegantJBeans - Tree is an online navigation system with which you can generate hierarchically arranged data driven menu tree with nodes and levels.

677)   Introduction to Java Server Pages, Your first JSP Page
This article provides an overview of Java Sever Pages followed by the installation of open source Servlet Container/JSP Engine, Tomcat. JSP is used on the server side to serve dynamic content to the user using logic and data from XML, Database etc.

678)   Affiliate Software by Ad Server Solutions
Affiliate Software Solutions brought to you by Ad Server Solutions. Purchase the software, source code and more. Run a complete affiliate network.

679)   newsflash
Newsflash is an applet that displays your messages as news item on the screen with hot links. The news content is to be stored in a text file. The refresh rate can be configured apart from other parameters.

680)   Turning streams inside out
Turning streams inside out is an article about Java I/O framework that can be used in an application to acquire data from a source only depends on an output stream only for writing data.

681)   ImageRing
ImageRing is an unique menu building software with which webmasters can design and create ring formatted menu systems with user defined images and text.

682)   EditLive for Windows
EditLive! for Windows is a content management system that helps users to create and maintain contents on their websites. Has WebDAV and drag and drop support.

683)   webDaemon
webdaemon can determine the data transfer rate between the client and server. It can calculate the connection speed, decides which bandwidth group the user fits into and directs the browser window towards the URL for that group.

684)   Daffodil Replicator: Open Source Data Synchronization Tool
Daffodil Replicator is an open source data synchronization software.

685)   Getting Started: Installation and Setup
This tutorial is based on servlets and JSP classes for Windows and Unix. The article provides you the methods of obtaining Servlets and JSP Classes and quick summary of how to set it on a couple of different platforms.

686)   Daffodil DB
Daffodil DB is a java application that provides a comprehensive, efficient and powerful relational database engine. It is platform independent and support features like small footprints.

687)   Java Database: Daffodil DB
Daffodil DB is a J2EE-certified, JDBC 3.0 and SQL 99 compliant Java database. It has been designed to handle complex computing environments that demand a robust, scalable and high-performance RDBMS that can operate across platforms.

688)   Code Beach
Code Beach is an online guide for Java and many more programming languages. Offering a forum and source codes.

689)   Webmatic Festoons
Allows you to display festoons over any image. You can customize the background and foreground images and the image position. Also the festoons shape can also be configured.

690)   pdf-DocPro
pdf-DocPro is an efficient online PDF utility designed as an excellent auxiliary tool to assist and allow webmasters to have complete control over their PDF documents.

691)   PeopleLink Instant Message Server
PeopleLink Instant Message Server is an advanced communication software written in java allowing users to have real time communications with regulated content logging and logout programes.

692)   SCJPUpgrade Certification Test Simulator
SCJPUpgrade@Whiz is a Sun Certified Java Programmer test stimulator. It has 11Mock tests with 363 questions and an interactive quiz with 100 questions. It is based on latest pattern of SCJP2 Upgrade exam. It provides detailed explanation and revision tips.

693)   JET (Java Extended Ticker)
JET is a java scroller applet that can provide information in a multi layer scroller. You can apply different function to any layer and each layer has its own individual property and settings allowing you to define menu and configuring background and further information layers.

694)   Cherry Picker
Cherry Picker is an online image grabber with which you can search for JPEG and GIF images on the net to get them on your favorite collections.

695)   VisualEffectFireworks
VisualEffectFireworks is a java based applet which shows images and photos as animated pictures by using a special effect. It causes a firework effect to the images for increasing its affinity.

696)   EJB exception handling
Learn to code for faster problem resolution on EJB-based systems Advanced Java.

697)   WebMail
This is a POP3/IMAP mailbox. You can access your mailbox from anywhere in the world and from any computer. Supports multiple languages and can be compared to Hotmail, YahooMail etc.

698)   Garaxi Chat
Garaxi Chat is a java based chat program which provides its service for the users to run a chat program for presenting their clients a professional communication service all over the web.

699)   Abstract Anti-Spam
Abstract offers a truly simple solution to spam bots trawling through your site. Instead of displaying your e-mail address in text (which the spam bots can easily read) it draws your address as an image on the page.

700)   DS FadeToVoxel
DS FadeToVoxel is a Java applet that can display a FadeToVoxel effect between your images supplied to it and can generate HTML code for configuring the parameters easily.

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