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Top 701-750 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

701)   MoonBadge
This applet animates the current phase of the moon along with date and includes specific drawing methods. Supports use of different images.

702)   AppearMenu
Appear Menu implements a popup menu that supports multilevels of sub-menu. Customizable features include background image, background color, links frame settings, fonts, font size, colors etc.

703)   ScrollWriter
ScrollWriter is a java applet that helps users to display text or any information with typing effect. This is just like a vertical text scroller.

704)   Keep It Simple Search (K.I.S.S.)
You can search through multiple search engines by using K.I.S.S. To implement a search just enter a search string, choose one or more search engines. The results are displayed in separate windows for each search engine selected.

705)   okChat
Okchat is a Java applet Chat room. It can support hundreds to thousands of users on just a single server simultaneously. It offers password protection to chat rooms and supports multiple banners.

706)   DS RotScale
DS RotScale is a visual effect java applet to rotate and scale an image supplied by you in real-time. You can also supply an image and a scroll text over the animation. You can configure rotation speed, rotation direction and scale speed etc by setting the parameters.

707)   JoraclePro
JoraclePro is a debugging and editing tool written purely in Java. It can assist your in development, maintenance, learning and in understanding better the existing PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions.

708)   ChartLine
ChartLine is a Java applet that can create a line chart. Supports customization of features like Lines, gridlines, images, fonts and text colors by editing the data file in the prescribed format.

709)   VisualEffectRipple
VisualEffectRipple helps users in creating an image effect to the images on their websites. In this applet they can find a ripple effect to meet out their needs in creating their animated pictures for their websites.

710)   Introduction to Jena
This is an online tutorial from which you can learn about 'Jena Semantic Web Framework' and its applicability in implementing RDF models in java applications.

711)   3D Vertical Bar Graph Software
3D Bar Graph provides both Client and Server solution for adding bar graphs.

712)   An Introduction to Java Servlets
This is article introduces you to the Java Servlets and explains how it solves problems associated with CGI and proprietary server APIs. It explains the overall architecture of the servlets and also provides server code examples.

713)   Java Programmer's FAQ
For those with programming knowledge in Java this Java FAQ will be very helpful. Knowledge of Java TM may not be necessary. Includes sections like Compiler Messages, Java Language issues, I/O etc.

714)   First Servlets
First Servlets provides some tutorials about java servlet's usages and elaborately discusses about servlets by offering three sample servlets including servlet for identifying visitors request, servlet that serves for creating plain text and for producing HTML.

715)   Diagnosing Java Code: The Impostor Type bug pattern
This article examines the symptoms and causes of this bug, defines ways to prevent this error from occurring, and discusses a tempting hybrid implementation that does not use impostor types but, in the end, turns out to have many of the same weaknesses.

716)   IP*Works! Zip Java Edition
IP*Works! Zip Java Edition is java bean having a set of compression and decompression components for web or desktop applications. It provides support for speed or compression optimization, streaming compression/decompression, password protection etc.

717)   ISValidator
This can be used to validate data like command line arguments, struts forum, servlets parameters etc. This performs the functions of a Java routines for data processing, developing tree functions like validation, model and processing.

718)   Referral Software
Affiliate software systems

719)   DS LakeMenu
LakeMenu incorporates menus with images and creates a lake effect. The menu items linked to URLs are displayed in the foreground. The lake palette can be configured in the parameters.

720)   the upload princess
the upload princess is a great tool... Uploading files is made easy and fast, upload files to any type of server, no server side application needed at all(like ftp). It even goes trough firewalls. Easy integrated with your currant webdesign, set text and background color. Set filetype and size...

721)   NFC Chat
NFC Chat utilizes the Java Message Service to implement a chat system. It can be integrated into your web pages easily and it caters to almost all chat requirements. It supports http tunneling for connecting through firewalls.

722)   NavMenu
Compact vertical navigation menu that supports multiple level of submenu. It occupies an allocated area on your web page and an internal scrollbar appears when the menu items exceed the display area.

723)   Absolute Menu Java Applet
Absolute Menu creates a menu system with amazing fade effects. The menu items smoothly fade its color and takes shape of a white embossed text. The color, menu items can be customized.

724)   Creating JDBC SQL Statements. Displaying Records from a MySQL Database.
Creating JDBC SQL Statements. Displaying Records from a MySQL Database.

725)   Mucacha
Mucacha is a simple online chat system designed to suit the needs of local area networking applications in organizing online chat programs.

726)   UploadBean
This Java Bean can upload files, store uploaded files in a folder, in any memory, zip archive or in a database and can notify when a file is uploaded. UploadBean can be integrated with applications of JSP/Servlets.

727)   3D Multi Series Bar Graph
This applet is designed to take multiple series of numerical data and display the information as either a 2D or 3D Vertical Bar Graph. This serves as both a client and server side solution for the incorporation of bar charts into web pages.

728)   DS Pixelate
DS Pixelate java applet displays a pixelate effect on an image supplied by you. You can insert a configurable scrolling text and an image over the animation. The animation of the applet pauses when mouse moves over the image.

729)   SpeedJG
SpeedJG is an online development tool capable of generating java swing applications and their components with meta data, layout and source code on the fly.

730)   DS ShearText
This displays a shear effect with the text to be displayed. The text to be displayed can be specified in the parameters. The speed, background color, pause settings can be indicated in the parameters.

731)   Zmei Presentation
Zmei Presentation is a java applet program which provide support for multiple messages and can set customizable delay for the images. Users can customize and configure easily.

732)   Polemix Chat
Polemix Chat is a program which can be used by the webmasters to have a powerful chat system on their websites. It is built in java and it comes with enhanced features like perfect chat rooms, language control tools etc., to suit the needs of the users in chat.

733)   BBMF mobile games
This is an useful online games software that contains a handful of mobile games, mobile phone games and JAD games built with java applets.

734)   sprites
Sprites creates an animation of multiple sprites on the screen. You can specify the filename of the sprite image, coordinates from where the image appears, the direction of movement etc.

735)   MBH Indent Tag
MBH Group Indent is a simple tag with which you can eliminate multiple nbsp; calls in implementing a simple tab spacing and indenting in html. It quickly configures the tab width and the number of tabs applied.

736)   JWebEdixx
This is a Java content management applet that can be used as a HTML editor. The applet like word processor performs text formatting. The in and output format functionality is provided by the HTML.

737)   Session Initiation Protocol Tool Kit for Java
Session Initiation Protocol Tool Kit can facilitate operation of SIP entities cross-platform. This protocol can be used for Internet conferencing, telephony, presence, even notification, and instant-layer messaging.

738)   CODAF
CODAF is a combination of COmpiere - An open source ERP + CRM software & Daffodil DB - A feature rich Java databae.

739)   JSP Electronic Library System
Various library items like books, magazines, CDs etc can be searched, borrowed, returned and reserved with the help of JSP Electronic Library System. The Object Oriented Analysis and Design are enabled with the help of UML in this servlet.

740)   JUnitConv
JUnitConv is a units of measure converter and a java program which initiates the users to convert numbers from one unit of measure to another.

741)   NumberConverter
NumberConverter is a simple online calculator designed as an ultimate tool for converting number systems. This java application is easy to use and a handy tool for webmasters.

742)   AdRevolver Banner Manager
Banner Manager enables highly targeted advertising campaigns and thus provides cost effective solution for banner advertising on medium and high traffic web sites. It can display 6 million targeted banners per day. This software also provides a low cost version for low-traffic sites.

743)   DS WaveText
DS WaveText displays a waving text and an image in the background. The texts can be linked to URL. The wave period and direction of the text wave can be adjusted in the parameters. All the parameters can be easily configured with the HTML code generator.

744)   Real Invaders
Real Invaders has amazing gaming features and is a clone of the Modern Space Invaders. It is loaded with great graphics, sounds and easy gameplay. It supports unlimited levels, fast gameplay, a help screen etc.

745)   Slide Anagram
This applet will slide the letters around from one string to the next. It supposes that the texts are anagram and are of equal length. The sliding speed can vary depending on the browser and operating system.

746)   VisualEffectLightning
VisualEffectLightning is a program which emulates the lightning effect using animation button. A useful program for the webmasters and the users.

747)   Mobile database access
This is an useful tutorial from which you can learn the usage of J2ME and RMS in generating web based database application. You can also gain knowlege on the applicability of MIDlet in process.

748)   RSA Implementation for Java
RSA Implementation for Java is an online application with which you would be able to implement RSA encryption standard on all your java based software projects.

749)   LockPic
This disables the right click functions like print screens and control-c copy functions and prevents copying of your online images like bmp, jpg or gif. When a visitor tries to copy the image, it immediately returns to thumbnail view.

750)   SiteStudio
Site Studio is a browser based solution for website design and construction. The user can work without any knowledge of FTP, imaging software, HTML, Telnet or HTTP. It supports complete control over the website and is helpful for the beginners as well as for professional web developers.

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