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Top 751-800 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

751)   SpaceMapper - MN8
SpaceMapper - MN8 is a scripting language that extracts and manipulates information from WWW and XML document in a simple and transparent way. This application is fully written on Java and it can run on all operating systems.

752)   [j]AFuX - [Java] Advanced Function Extension
[j]AFuX - [Java] Advanced Function Extension is a collection of many packages and classes for programming using Java. It allows the users to program in almost all categories.

753)   Use a Java applet to access remote Web services
This is a java based tutorial in which the author discusses about the method of accessing remote services by using java applet. Here author explains about method of receiving, submitting and analysing XML services by using the browser.

754)   Searchlink
Searchlink is a search engine, which can be used by the visitor of your web site to do a search. Once a match is found it lists the links, which can be clicked to connect to that link. Allows designers to add a background wall paper image.

755)   JBYTE
JBYTE is a Java based template engine that can generate any type of text document from a template. This is used mostly for generating HTML from JSP or servlets. It can also be used to generate XML, RTF, WML, e-mail text, source code and configuration files.

756)   Building management applications with Jiro and WBEM
This tutorial guides you on how a management application can be created by combining Jiro technology and the Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) initiative. In a CIMOM, the WBEM client technologies can acquire and process data.

757)   tEurocalc
tEuroCalc converts European devices into Euro. This applet performs the dual function of calculator and converter. It can also do addition, subtraction, percentage, multiplication and division of the currencies.

758)   Zmei Calendar
Zmei calendar is a java calendar. It highlights today’s date and supports customizable arrow color, button color and text color.

759)   Billboard
Billboard is a banner rotation applet that can display your images vertically. This applet can take in images of different dimensions. This also automatically centers the images.

760)   BrainCode jsView
jsView is an image display applet in Java that supports an unlimited number of images. Images are loaded into the applet via JavaScript calls, on demand, eliminating typically long start-up loading times.

761)   A Brief Introduction to JDBC.
This article provides a brief introduction to JDBC. Explains what is JDBC and how it can be used to access RDBMS. Provides a brief overview of JDBC architecture.

762)   DS CubeMap
This java applet rotates images by mapping them over a cube. The applet can have a scrolling text and an image over the animation. The rotation speed of the cube, background color etc can be customized by setting the parameters. The animation is paused on mouseover.

763)   Animated Menu Two Java Applet
Animated Menu Two Java Applet displays button bars animated with different GIF or JPEG image support on mouseover, mouseclick. The position, button width and height can be configured in the parameters.

764)   Faster apps on a better machine
This is an article that provides step-by-step performance tuning tips on hardware capacity, the Linux 2.2.x kernel, the IBM Developer Kit 1.3, and your Java applications, which will enable you to run your java applications faster on the IBM Developer Kit 1.3.

765)   ImageChain
ImageChain is a java applet which provides the users with an image chaining game and it is highly configurable and interactive. This game can be added to any type of custom websites.

766)   DS CrossFade
DS CrossFade displays an attractive crossfade effect while rotating images. You can supply your favorite images into this applet. Over the crossfade effect you can insert a scrolling text and an image. You can configure fade speed and pause time in parameters.

767)   Bugzero
Bugzero is a simple online efficient bug tracking software supporting multiple projects with controlled access to track bugs in the programs.

768)   DS FogText
This applet creates a fog effect of the text to be displayed over any image. Supports additionally an image and over text, which can scroll from any both horizontally or vertically from any direction. The direction and speed can be adjusted in the parameters.

769)   Advanced Installer
Advanced Installer is an efficient development tool that helps webmasters to easily build reliable MSI packages for their programs.This program helps users with an easy to use intuitive interface that makes installations a breeze.

770)   jSNMP Enterprise
jSNMP Enterprise is an online utility that assists webmasters to communicate with SNMP devices and services by specifying the Object Identifier(OID).

771)   Webmatic FestoonsMenu
Allows you to implement menus with festoons flying in the background. Can include any jpg or gif image as the background or foreground image. The quantity of the festoons can also be configured.

772)   JFormMail
JFormMail is a form processer servlet which comes with has many formatting and operational options, most of which can be specified within each form, meaning you don't need programming knowledge or multiple servlets for multiple forms. It is 100% compatible with Matt's FormMail functions.

773)   IBM's Interface Tool for Java
IBM's Interface Tool for Java is an efficient online utility for all java programers to integrate and to work with "ActiveX objects" in their applications.

774)   Jikes Bytecode Toolkit
Jikes Bytecode Toolkit is a tutorial that tells the readers about the Java class library, Jikes bytecode kit that helps the java developers to create, write and read binary java files.

775)   Advanced Graph and Chart Collection
Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications.

776)   eChessboard
This is a web-based electronic chess board in Java. Lots of parameters in this game can be customized including main panel / button / cell / border colors, cell size, border width, audio files and background image.

777)   Magic Text Scroll Java Applet
Magic Text Scroll Java Applet scrolls text two or more text in both left to right and right to left direction. The texts can be scrolled at different speeds and different colors.

778)   Getting started with the FMA and Jiro
This is an article that explains how the Sun Microsystems's Jiro technology and the Distributed Management Task Force's WBEM provides the potential to improve the creation of the management applications. Also it explains the Federated Management Architecture.

779)   Web services and J2EE connectors for B2B integration
This article uses an insurance broker scenario to explain how J2EE connectors and web services can simplify the heterogeneous enterprise information systems and offer a way for business partners to share each other’s functionality over the Web.

780)   mimring
mimring can take any number of icons and circle them around on the ring. On mouseover it is raised to the front, embosses other icons not in focus, shows the caption, and is ready to connect to a URL in the target frame.

781)   ZoomChart - An Interactive Charting Tool
ZoomChart - An Interactive Charting Tool is a simple tool that can analyse financial data such as funds, daily prices, unit trusts etc and represent them in a chart method.

782)   VisualEffectTwirl
VisualEffectTwirl is an applet which is built on java, through which users can display their selected images with a twirling effect. It is easy to use this applet on any website.

783)   Advanced Slide Show Software
Use this applet for Product Display, Advertising Tool, Photo Album or any form of Presentation. Moving pictures attract a visitor’s eye - enabling you to convey key messages. Range of effects & multiple link areas. Source Code also available.

784)   DS RotateText
DS RotateText implements a rotating effect with the text. The applet can use any GIF or JPG image and can rotate the text over it. You can control the rotation speed and the direction of rotation.

Java resources site with applets, servlets, beans, taglibs and more...

786)   MBH Transfer List Tag
The MBH Transfer Tag is a development tool that provides advanced form elements, which can be used to handle multiple selects. Standard graphics or text manuals can be used for displaying the selection buttons.

787)   Notepad Servlet
This servlet is a collection of notes, which can save a list of Notes on your server and also manage them. This Notes collection can be accessed by your mobile users as well, as this supports WAP/WML.

788)   Wireless Java Programming Forum
The Java technology zone on the developerWorks Web site is your developer resource for information on Java-based products, programming, and happenings in the fast-paced world of Java development.

789)   Professional News Ticker Builder
News Ticker Builder is an easy to use program that helps users to create news ticker on their websites. This is a completely automated program.

790)   CopySafe
CopySafe is an efficient online java application with which webmasters would be able to encrypt their images to load them either on their webpages or on CD's.

791)   MatrixMenu
MatrixMenu creates a menu with a background in which a matrix of characters run from top to bottom. The speed of the matrix, text of the menu items, URL links etc can be configured.

792)   tPassword
tPassword defines a list of users in a data file and correlate each user to a target page and implements password protection. Supports background and foreground color.

793)   Long-term persistence: Serialize JavaBean component state to XML
In this article the method of using the XMLEncoder and XMLDecoder classes by passing serialization for long-term persistence within an XML document by saving the JavaBean component state is explained in detail.

794)   JIniFile
Application–specific details and configuration from INI files can be accessed with this application. The INI files contain information in section, which are logical groupings of application settings.

795)   IProMonitor - Integrated Project Monitoring System
This platform independent project planning tool is developed using the Java programming language. It supports multiple language. The user can send data files to HTML links while offline. We can protect files from others resources.

796)   Java Chart , tChart
This is a small java chart applet that helps users to draw lines, pie, bars, data tables etc. This is a sample of cchart component and runs on any web server.

797)   RTextPrinter
This powerful and light wieght javabeans facilitates users with an intuitive API for printing reports on a text mode with all required printer configuration.

798)   apMagicMenu
apMagicMenu generates menus with a fade effect of the text floating at the background of the menu. You can implement different animations with fade effect like snow, star, rain, bubble effects, flash-like animations, banners etc.

799)   Community servlet
Community servlet enables a specialized chat in which not only you can send messages but also can share documents like web pages, local files etc. Thus it also provides your visitors an online help. It supports WAP/WML enabling the mobile users to join the community.

800)   aSearch
aSearch is an ideal search applet, which uses a data file with search engine definitions to implement the search. In this applet you can define a list of search engines in which you can present your queries. This applet runs on all browsers with JDK

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