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Top 801-850 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

801)   NavWinButton
NavWinButton can build a horizontal or vertical navigation menu that can have multiple layers of sub-menus. The menu items can be a combination of images and text. It also supports a background image and built-in rollover image effects.

802)   kwsEZDB
This is a database handling applet that displays data as a spreadsheet. You can sort the data by just clicking on the title of the column. This can also display detailed description if it is available.

803)   WebMacro Servlet Framework
WebMacro is a web page development tool, which does not clutter program code with HTML and vice versa. It allows programmers and template authors to work in parallel, and at the same time does not interfere with each others work. A worthy alternative to JSP, PHP and ASP.

804)   PersonalSearch
This program is helpful for web site owners or for developers who wants to generate their site with searching facility to allow their site visitors to search.

805)   WebPop Servlet
WebPop Servlet supports the post office protocol and allows you to access your mail box. You can use WebPop from your JSP pages by initialializing paramters for this servlet. Features like background color, foreground color, font face, font size etc can be specified.

806)   SlideOnDemandInterleave
SlideOnDemandInterleave is java based applet which helps webmasters in showing their slides to the visitors. It supports any number of images for slide show.

807)   NAVAJO
Navajo implements a menu system that can include unlimited number of menu items with sound effects and neon looks. It includes a special header box feature for techno-panel look and feel.

808)   How to import Excel, Access or XML data into MySQL database by using a MySQL Client Tool Navicat?
This article discusses a solution to import MS Excel, MS Access, XML data to local or Remote MySQL databases by using a famous MySQL Admin Tool called Navicat.

809)   MoneyToys - Entire Collection
The Entire Suite of MoneyToys(tm) Financial Calculator Applets.

810)   Anibal's Essential Applets
Anibal's Essential Applets is a java website that provides a collection of useful applets. Besides applets, you will also be provided with navigation menus, text messengers, charts etc.

811)   Examining Java Server Pages in detail
In this article you will be taken on a tour of what the anatomy of a JSP page is and teaches how to use these elements. A JSP page consists of Directives, Scripting Elements, JSP Tags. JSP pages are Java Servlets as they are compiled in Java Servlet classes.

812)   TreeServlet
This uses a data file for describing your tree and performs a HTML based tree control. You can describe configuration file as an initial parameter for this servlet. The configuration file is a text file with each line describing one parameter.

813)   DS WormholeScroll
DS WormholeScroll can scroll the text creating a wormhole effect over a background image. You can control the scroll speed and transparency in the parameters. The text can pause on mouse over.

814)   Java Search Engine
This is a server-side search engine, in which can find their requirement on the site in an easy and quick manner. It supports a common Java API interfaces like servlets and EJB and also can be used by any other programming language or environment.

815)   EasyMenu2
EasyMenu2 is a menu system that manage menu. The menu items can be specified in the parameters. The menus items can have icons, font, color, menu items height and width etc.

816)   SLIC Browser-Irc Client
This is a communication tool for web pages and application interaction. This facilitates you to switch from browser to IRC panel. It runs on Sun and Microsoft (IE4+) edition of java.

817)   jChatBox
jChatBox is a java chat software that provides a user to control multiple chatrooms in which he or she can open, close, update, transcript, monitor each chatroom, backup each chatroom and manage black list. Chat message can include commands like /help, /time, /kick etc given by the user.

818)   Reystar CoolBanner
Reystar CoolBanner displays images as banners and also links them to URLs. The banners are rotated with appealing transitional effects. You can also specify a border and also configure the colour.

819)   Advanced Banner Rotation Software
The Advanced Banner Rotation software enables you to display all your adverts in just one area. Loads all your banner adverts and rotates them in a single area of your page, leaving room for the real content. Free Trial and Source Code available.

820)   KLCC Development Companion
KLCC Development Companion is a set of interpreters and formatters that helps you to enter data correctly in the required format. This supports dates, currency, years, percentages etc.

821)   Nacho
Nacho is a java applet program which has the ability to generate interactive contents, custom web applications, content management systems and business applications.

822)   Daffodil CRM
Daffodil CRM is an open source customer relationship management software that enables seamless coordination between sales, marketing, customer service, field support and other functions that handle customer contact for an enterprise.

823)   Building your first JSP custom Tag
This tutorial assumes that you have no prior knowledge of JSP tags and teaches about what custom tags are, and how to build a JSP tag. It teaches you how to build a custom tag and pack it with useful functions and provide it to the end-user.

824)   PhotoSlotMachine
PhotoSlotMachine can take some of your favorite photos and converts them into a fun slot machine. You can play both with the mouse and the keyboard.

825)   Fifteen
Fifteen is a wonderful java game. In this game the player will be provided with fifteen number stones and one free squire. The player has to line up the stones according to numbers. This game can run on Java Runtime Environment 1.3.

826)   CounterServlet
CounterServlet maintains counter for individual web pages. By invoking the CounterServlet as a Server Side Include (SSI) the web page hit count is displayed.

827)   Introducing the Reflexive User Interface Builder
This is an useful tutorial that focusses and points out the use of 'Reflexive User Interface Builder' of java in creating, testing, debugging, and evaluating Java GUI's.

828)   3D Stacked Horizontal Bar Graph
This is a java applet horizontal bar graph that can represent user's data in 3D bar graph mode. This program also gets data from different types of sources like, html parameters, databases, files etc.

829)   Java Bullseye Zip Code Locator
With this you can mark an area of one mile radius within a particular zip code and locate any particular address. It integrates with any JDBC database. Works on both the Unix and NT servers.

830)   Jyve
Jyve is built on the Turbine framework and implements a Java Servlet based FAQ-O-Matic system. Items stored in the FAQ are defined as HTML or Plain Text. It supports user login, authentication and tracking.

831)   DS Melt
This program is helpful for users to create an image with melt effect. Users can scroll text in between image and they can use any image to get this effect.

832)   Transitions
Transitions is a slide show applet that rotates the images with more than 50 transitional effects. The transitions can be supported by sound effects, which can be specified in the parameters.

833)   rim (reusable interactive map)
This implements a reusable interactive map with features like draggable map, dual blinking locations, case-insensitive substring search, dynamic coordinate and hot button indicators etc. You can supply your own map image and update the data file.

834)   tinyZipZap
tinyZipZap is an attention-grabbing java applet text effect that displays messages by scrolling the text into the viewable area, one letter at a time. When the entire message is displayed, it scatters out of the viewable area and this process will start again.

835)   Log Servlet
Log Servlet gathers information about your page visitors. The reference, which you give as a graphical dot into this servlet inside your web page can collect relevant information in the given log file.

836)   THE YAK Image Animation Applet
This takes images from you and builds them into an animated presentation. Supports complete text control, sound support, three-state button action, colors, border, and control options. It can also be used as a stand-alone image animator.

837)   Build your own Java-based supercomputer
This article teaches you to use a combination of Java threads and Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) to create your own Java-based supercomputer. This article requires that you have a working knowledge of Java threads and RMI.

838)   aiptwirl
This animation button applet that takes one image as input and performs real-time twirling effect at a random center or along with the mouse location. The input images can be linked to URL.

839)   Surftree
Surftree is a simple online java applet that can rework all spreadsheet data into tree format with a maximum of 4 target frames on each node that can be easily navigated.

840)   Andrey's Applet Fire4 Effect
This software is used for creating image effects over any picture. It shows pictures with little spots around. This program is simple and easy to use.

841)   Eteria IRC Client
Eteria IRC Client is a program which can be used by the users to have a chat client on their websites. This is GUI based application.

842)   Diagnosing Java code: The case for static types
This article provides information on static type checking, which is a powerful tool against introducing and for detecting bugs. A static type is a powerful weapon that produces cleaner and more reliable code.

843)   Wyka-Warzecha Enterprises
This is a collection of Java applets, utilities, multi-media, visual etc, which can be downloaded and unzipped using any unzip tool like Winzip. Offers softwares like streaming audio software, 3D software, arcade and casino style games, Image special effects etc.

844)   VisualEffectWrinkle
VisualEffectWrinkle can be used to create animation with any image with a wrinkle effect. It is a java based applet and is very easy to use.

845)   Newsticker Java Applet
Newsticker is java applet in which you can scroll the text in a horizontal direction. This supports customizable features like scrolling speed, background color, font style, size, scrolling delay etc.

846)   SqlFun
SqlFun is a Java program/applet that allows you to experiment with SQL statements (hopefully) without having to install a SQL server or database program. *** Newly added starting from version 2.3 is undo/redo and simple syntax highlight. ***

847)   aipglass
aipglass is a visual effect java applet that displays one input image and implements a glass effect of the image. To restore the image to normal, move the mouse over the image. The image can be supplied with a URL link.

848)   Creating Java2D composites for rollover effects
From this article you can learn to create a more consistent rollover and/or selection effects in Java applications. It also shows how to construct images within Java application and to use AWT composites by manipulating them.

849)   The Java 2 user interface
This article discusses the progress in Java 2 user interface. It explains in detail the capabilities of the current version 1.3, and also describes what the release 1.4 has to offer. The graphical and user interface have developed manifold in terms of its capabilities.

850)   VisualEffectSnow
VisualEffectSnow is a java based applet in which the users can find a snow effect to suit their picture animation. By using this applet they can show their images and photos with a snow effect.

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