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Top 851-900 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

851)   AllJ Java IDE
This is a development application that uses Java technology for Java programming. AllJ Java IDE features easy one click compiling and running, Java source file editor that can perform multi tasks and much more. For creating larger projects the application supports multi-threading software build.

852)   News Servlet
News Servlet can be used as a common source of news information. News forum - a set of messages with subject and body is implemented by this servlet. WAP or WML facility is also provided in News Servlet.

853)   RealApplets
RealApplets offers resources to make websites more appealing.

854)   U-Upload
U-Upload is a program which allows the users to perform file uploading process through a web based browser. The users can browse directories which has mutliple files for uploading.

855)   searchTHIS (Applet)
This Applet searches for words or phrases entered by the visitors in your web site. It searches the db.txt file for the words or phrases when a user wants to do a search. Appropriate links corresponding to the words and phrases are associated by the search and listed.

856)   OpenCube's Infinite Menus
OpenCube's Infinite Menus is an online menu building script with which you can create custom menus supporting unlimited submenus with animated image background.

857)   JSearch Applet
JSearch can implement site search. It supports keyword options like “all words”, “any word” and “phrase”. Jsearch also supports search of keywords through the site tree-shaped contents or in some index files or through CGI.

858)   ElegantJBeans- Data Report
ElegantJBeans- Data Report is an easy to use java beans collection with which you can create detailed sales and inventory status reports in any desired format.

859)   NewsManPRO!
NewsManPRO can display text messages or news listing, scrolling on your web page. This applet includes features like galaxy wipes, automatic scrolling etc.

860)   BlueMoon Wireless Application Server
This enables to remotely manage complex entries systems by providing mobile applications that can run on any device and on any network. It can SMS messages, which are transparently sent and processed in the background. Blue Moon can also integrate with J2EE Servers.

861)   apPulseMenu
apPulseMenu is a menu system that creates menu with 14 throbbing pulse effect supported by sound effect of your choice and tiled background image.

862)   DS PageFlipText
DS PageFlipText is a applet which is capable of showing pageflip effect between texts to the users. Different text effects can be seen through this applet.

863)   Drawing Fast 'n Easy
Drawing Fast 'n Easy offers several unique drawing tools and is an interesting drawing game for the kids. It does not require a kid to be an artist and any novice can play a great drawing game. It can help create great drawings in just few minutes.

864)   Struts Developer Forum
Struts Developer Forum is a place for interaction of struts developers. Anybody interested in struts development can register here and interact with others.

865)   Secure FTP Applet
Secure FTP Applet is a FTP client program that runs on users web browser, which is capable of encrypting the users data swaps between the server and client with the SFTP protocol support. Users can transfer files and directories.

866)   iic
iic is a java stand-alone application, which allows you to play international chess on the Internet through a TCP/IP client/server. This controls activities on the internet by interacting through the Message window and text fields.

867)   DS CrossRotate
DS CrossRotate animates your images with crossrotate effect between the images. You can add your favorite image and a scroll-text over the animation in this applet.

868)   Daffodil DB - Java Database
Daffodil DB is a J2EE certified, SQL-99 and JDBC standards compliant 100% Java RDBMS. It helps you build comprehensive, efficient and powerful relational database applications in Java to handle complex needs. It comes in two editions- Server and Embedded edition.

869)   Webmatic rain
With Webmatic rain you can display a rainy effect over a background image in your web page. The background image may be of your choice. The applet displays two levels of rain falling. The applet can have a URL link.

870)   Cyber-Pilots Papyrus
Papyrus integrates content management and publishing and lay outing by using OO method to maintaining data. It supports external content editor like HTML, XML, XSL, JSP etc. With Papyrus the complex layout and content data can be represented as a tree structure.

871)   Boulderdash
This is a thrilling game where you play by grabbing diamonds and save yourself from falling rocks. Look out as well for the scary creatures. You can create your own images and levels of the game.

872)   Chad Edward's Calculation
Chad Edward's Calculation is an excellent games software written in java with object orientation allowing users to play with cards with a graphical interface.

873)   Hijry Clock
Hijry Clock display both the Gregorian and the Islamic dates along with local time. As known to everyone the Islamic Hijry calendar is not fully accurate and depends on the moon setting.

874)   jBackup
jBackup is an online file management utility software that allows webmasters to have easy file backups by storing them as archived files.

875)   ElegantJBeans PDF Library
ElegantJBeans PDF Library is an efficient java beans capable of generating PDF documents from a java components with encryptions and compressions through graphical interface.

876)   verveJEdit - Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor
VerveJEdit is an online what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) HTML authoring tool written as a client-side java applet. It is ideal for inclusion in custom e-learning applications, online forums, or any similar application where a consistent, easy to use user interface is required across platforms. .

877)   Scripto
Scripto is a text effect applet that uses ASCII characters to convert a text into a signature. A text field and a Scripto button are provided in this applet. Enter a text in the text field and press the Scripto button. The applet will display the signature form of the text entered.

878)   Introduction to WBEM and the CIM
Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) can standardize the description and use of managed resources in enterprise networks. This article describes the components that comprise WBEM, which can be practiced using the technology with an example.

879)   gil (generalized image locator)
Gil is a java applet for locating images that will help realtors, virtual tours security systems etc. This applet has customizable parameters. You can supply your favorite map or related images to this applet and configure the parameters set to it.

880)   IntelliJ IDEA
IntelliJ IDEA is a development tool that can implement simple code completion and is an integrated compiler and visual debugger. It supports highlighting of unimported class usages and easy insertion of required import statements, global usage search of any code element etc.

881)   Introducing Scripting Variables in JSP Tags.
This article describes the scripting variables in JSP tags and the ways to make use of it. The scripting variables as described by this article is a page level variable declared by JSP tags.

882)   HttpRevealer
HttpRevealer helps to learn more about Http Protocol by revealing the communication of a web browser with a web server. It shows the entire HTTP headers and cookies sent by your browser as well as the web server.

883)   TickLeft
This applet can be used as a versatile java ticker applet for your web pages that can read and reload a unicode supported text file at a specified rate. This applet can also read from images too. You can configure the ticking speed by configuring the parameters.

884)   Webmatic Applet Flag
This script is based on java applet by which users can generate a flag effect image. It swings like flag and the users can customize it.

885)   Cartolina Servlet
Cartolina Servlet can be used in any web site to add e-cards services. It allows users to configure few parameters and choose an image and send an e-card to anyone they want.

886)   DS Dust Image Effect
This applet is built on java and it comes with the ability to show slides of users photos and images. The webmasters can use this program to show slides with dust effect.

887)   JCodeBox
JCodeBox is an online java based developement tool with which webmasters would be able to construct and build powerful J2EE and java web applications on the fly.

888)   Java Web development sans JSP pages, Part 1
This is an article that tells you about an alternative to the Java Server Pages (JSP) technology i.e., Tea. The article mentions some problems that occurs while using JSP technology and explains the need of using Tea.

889)   DS WobbleText
DS WobbleText can create a wobbling effect of the text. A background image can be used and additionally a scroll text and image. The applet is interactive and includes a HTML code generator that allows you to change the parameters easily.

890)   y-notes
Y-notes allow users to annotate notes on your web site by indicating note points. The notes will be identified by a pin icon. You can also make the note shared by including a private or public option in your web page.

891)   Simple JSP Navigation TAG
Simple JSP Navigation TAG is a JSP navigation Bean/Tag to implement a hierarchical drop down menu. The menu items can be arranged either horizontally or vertically. Each and every menu item can have an icon and arrows.

892)   DS Fire
This visual effect java applet displays a fire effect in your web page. The applet can have a customizable scrolling text and an image over the animation. The fire height can be configured in the parameters.

893)   An Introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans
EJBs are group of Java classes, interfaces and XML files conforming to given rules. This article teaches you what the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) are, and the different types of EJBs and the reasons to use EJBs in your application.

894)   DS FadeToCube
DS FadeToCube displays a FadeToCube effect on changeover of images supplied by you and also generates codes to change parameters. You can change the fade delay, and include an optional scroll text and indicate the directions.

895)   Bankoi Helpdesk Software
Bankoi Helpdesk Software is a program which is capable of managing emails using logging response and built in tracking facility. This applet allows multiple users and staffs.

896)   tMail
tMail is a simple applet that allows the users to send mails through an application. It provides the source which is simple and easy to learn.

897)   JavaShare
With JavaShare you can safely share files on the internet. It is important that you and the person with whom the files are shared must have JavaShare and use the same internet port. When connected to another user, you can browse the shared directories of the host.

898)   Math Writer
This implements equations and formulae of Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering kind. MathWriter is highly useful for producing notes, reports and test papers.

899)   Plasmize
Plasmize can with the inclusion of required html code take two images and creates a plasma cloud type fading effect between the images. This supports linking the images to URLs.

900)   DS Dissolve
DS Dissolve implements a dissolving effect between the images while rotating images. You can configure the dissolve speed of the images. A scroll text and image can be inserted over the animation.

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