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Top 901-950 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

901)   VisualEffectHole
VisualEffectHole provides an effect of a moving hole to the images on the websites. Users can utilize this applet to create some animated pictures on their websites.

902)   Andrey's Applet Fire3 Effect
This program is used to create an fire image effect. It displays like real fire effect over the images. It has customization facility and users can use their own images.

903)   MBH Image Servlet
The MBH Image Servlet can make simple X by X images from a url. It can also create transparent or filler images on the fly. This servlet posses extensibility features like encoder and AWT Component Generation.

904)   Search Servlet
Search Servlet can be used in your web server to search files. Also supports conditional searches like search for specific extensions of files. This servlet can be configured as the action parameter for html form.

905)   H-Sphere 2.0
H-Sphere is a Java servlet that enables scalable multiserver web hosting solution. This easy to use web hosting control panel has an extensive user interface, billing solution, and integrated trouble tickets system. It provides web hosting for Linux, Win 2000 platforms and BSD.

906)   Jigsaw Java Applet
Jigsaw Java Applet is an online game to be put on any site.

907)   OpenCube's QuickLink Image Menu
OpenCube's QuickLink Image Menu is an easy to use java based applet designed to create quick navigating menus for all available web pages.

908)   Java SpellCheck Applet * COM Server
XDE is a multiple language spell checker with dictionary support from Word 97 or Java. It can be used as a client side JavaScript with GUI interface or as a COM server code with an html front-end.

909)   ToDo servlet
ToDo servlet can be used to provide a “to do” service in your web based office as this supports a collection of “to do” notes. The service can be extended to mobile users as this servlet supports WAP/WML also.

910)   X-debug-X CustomPuzzle
X-debug-X CustomPuzzle is a sliding puzzle game, which has been created using animated pictures. This game is more interesting to play and can be played by anybody.

911)   Res-Comp Chat
Res-Comp Chat is an applet which can be used by the web owners to have chat system on their websites. Users find this chat system in two packages to meetout the needs of their clients. MySQL database is used for this chat client.

912)   AEA MMFallingImage
AEA MMFallingImage is an applet built on java which can be used by the webmasters in showing slides of their photos. It shows each slide like dropping a leaf from a tree.

913)   Appletcollection Vertical Menu Applet
Appletcollection Vertical Menu Applet builds menu with buttons arranged vertically. It supports visual features and a background to the buttons, which can be customized.

914)   Webmatic Snow
This program allow users to create a snow fall effect on their own images of their webpages. It has customization facility and easy to configure.

915)   DS FireTunnelMenu
DS FireTunnelMenu implements a menu over an animated firetunnel background. The fire tunnel rotates in the direction specified in the parameters. The firetunnel direction, speed of rotation can also be configured.

916)   Hodoman Timer
This script is a client-server and web based software. It will maintain the regular customer's details and offers many features to them. It offers bulk pack hours, membership accounts and card based account to access the world-wide-web.

917)   FreeMarker
FreeMarker is a generic tool that can be used for generating any kind of text: HTML, XML, RTF, Java source code, etc. You can use it by summarizing the HTML in templates, which will be compiled into template objects, which can dynamically generate HTML.

918)   aipfade
aipfade displays a fading effect of an image. You can supply your own image into this applet. The image can have a URL link. Moving the mouse over the image will display the original image.

919)   tinyScramble
tinyScramble jumbles the string to be displayed through a group of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation marks selected at random and displays them. The speed of display can be configured.

920)   DS CrossZoom
This applet is slide show presentation Java applet that can show a CrossZoom effect between any images. The applet is interactive and includes HTML code generator for changing parameters.

921)   PopUpURL
PopUpURL can be placed anywhere on the web page and it implements an easy popup menus containing URL locations. The background color and label color can be changed.

922)   Codeline
This is an open source java application to organize the coding and placing them on various categories. This application uses no database.

923)   Notepad Servlet
This servlet is a collection of notes, which can save a list of Notes on your server and also manage them. This Notes collection can be accessed by your mobile users as well, as this supports WAP/WML.

924)   JDE for Emacs, Java Mode, and Hilit Java
Emacs is an article that studies three of the best tools to modify your Emacs environment into a Java-language integrated development platform - Java Mode, Hilit Java, and showpiece, which is the Java Development Environment for Emacs.

925)   RSSChannel
RSS Channel is an Enterprise Java Bean as well as a Servlet that displays the content of a RSS channel file with the help of an application client. It uses XParse-J 1.1 classes to display the RSS channel file on the web.

926)   PureTest
PureTest is a development tool for debugging and snooping of web applications. It can test a variety of applications. It can also perform generic verification of HTTP requests and web content checking with the HTTP Recorder and Web Crawler.

927)   Advanced News Ticker Java Applet
Advanced News Ticker Java Applet is a java applet that can get contents from a text file and scroll them horizontally or vertically. This program comes with configuration features.

928)   WireFusion SlideShow
WireFusion SlideShow is an add-on to Wire Fusion supports 16 appealing transitional effects enabling you to make animated and interactive slide shows. You can stream movie as a slide or create a Web3D presentation.

929)   KLBanner
KL Banner is a text effect java applet that displays a text message fading in and across the banner. It shows attractive color change on text if a link is provided in the text. Each line can have a URL link.

930)   popupURL
PopURL implements a drop down menu and requires an image file for the users to click. The image must be stored in the same directory and has to be named as ‘image.gif’.

931)   ZoomChart
This applet can keep chart your financial data like daily prices, funds, investment trusts, unit trusts, indices etc. You can facilitate your website users to analyze, chart, compare and zoom in and out of your data interactively.

932)   XdebugX Defender
XdebugX Defender is a simple game that is more interesting to play. This game can be placed on any type of websites and it is easy to play.

933)   DS ExplosionMenu
DS ExplosionMenu displays menus over an image supported by animation of explosion. The menu items can be arranged either vertically or horizontally. The explosion intensity and particles can be specified.

934)   Ad Serving Solutions
Java Servlet Ad management ad serving software solution to manage and rotate your online advertising.

935)   Applet Fade
Applet fade is a java based program which helps the webmasters in building a slide show on their websites. This is an applet which creates a fade effect between two images.

936)   XMLtoANY
XMLtoANY uses XML source and XSL stylesheet to provide contents like HTML, WML and XML etc with the help of XSLT. XMLtoANY can run on a servlet engine compliant with Servlets 2.1 API and a JVM 1.2 or higher.

937)   DS InterleaveText
DS InterleaveText is a program which has the ability to show sprinkle effects between the texts. The text scrolling effect can be viewed by the users on their client applet.

938)   Souvenir
This implements a fading in and out effect to the images and runs them as a slide show. The images can be linked to URLs. The list of images supplied is to be specified in a text file as it reads the list of images from a text file.

939)   Ds RippleMenu
DS RippleMenu builds a menu in which the menu items creates a ripple of the menu text. The ripples can be controlled in terms of the intensity and speed in the parameters.

940)   Opinio
Opinio is a program which allows the users to generate and publish surveys through a web based browser fastly. This program permit unlimited number of questions per page.

941)   Andrey's Applet Fire2 Effect
This program is used for creating an fire image effect. It has customization facility and they use their own picture at the background.

942)   AEA MMContourScroller
AEA MMContourScroller uses an image and by means of an image filtering technique traces the contour of the image and scrolls the text along its borders. Supports customizable font type, font size and font style.

943)   MJS (Mandrixx Java Slideshow)
Mandrixx Java Slideshow enables the user to display thousands of GIF or JPG images of any resolution and color depth as a slide show in the web page in a pop up window or in a full screen. The applet displays a control panel on mouseover. It accesses the images from .php list or from.txt file.

944)   DS Explode
DS Explode implements an explosive effect while rotating images. Also an image and a scroll text can be inserted over the animation. The speed of the animation can be configured and also a pause setting specified.

945)   UcWebFiles Servlet
ucWebFiles Servlet is a file management program and is written in java that helps users to create, edit or delete files and folders on their websites.

946)   Third Menu Java Applet
Third Menu Java Applet is an easy to use menu building software capable of designing quality rich menus supporting target frame and RGB formats in their animations.

947)   LAB Asprise's Image Acquisition UI Components
LAB Asprise's Image Acquisition UI Components is an online java application that provides advanced tools to easily deal with image manipulating techniques.

948)   JBidwatcher
This enables you to monitor auctions, track your auction site, submit bids or snipe (last moment bidding) etc. Supports currencies like US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Pound, Yen and Euro. Runs on Linux, Windows, Solaris and MacOSX.

949)   3D Multi Series Stacked Column Chart Java Bean
This Bean can create Stacked Column Chart with 3D effect. Supports configurable image position, text, label colors, axis colors etc. The data objects, which are the grouped features of this java bean enables simpler and flexible implementations.

950)   Aspose.PDF.Kit for Java
Aspose.PDF.Kit for Java is a Java Pdf document manipulating component which allows developers to Edit the existing pdf documents; Show and change the meta information of a pdf file;etc.

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