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Top 51-100 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

51)   eForum
With eForum, geographically distant participants can share ideas and can improve the teamwork through the web. eForum enables a project moderator to manage feedback and discussions. It is based on the Expresso Framework shared standard.

52)   100% Free Java Tree Applet
This is a Java applet which can build a tree menu in your web sites, intranets, documentation, help systems etc. It is highly configurable and supports hyper linking, mouseover effects, variable node text colors etc.

53)   VisualEffectWave
VisualEffectWave can be used by the webmasters to create a live motion to the image which makes the image look as if bottom half of the picture has a lake or a big water body.

54)   Webmatic applet effect
This is a package of Java applets. The collection includes Starfield, Rain, Snow and Fire. The image can be linked to URL. A scroll text can be included.

55)   DS Lake
DS Lake creates a lake effect on the image that can be customized in the parameter. It allows you to insert an image and scroll text over the animation. You can configure the lake height apart from other parameters.

56)   2D, 3D Line Graph
2D, 3D Line Graph is a java applet line graph that helps users to represent their data either by 2D or 3D line graph method. This program gets data from different types of sources such as databases, files, html parameters etc.

57)   EnhancedCountdown
EnhancedCountdown is an applet that starts to count down seconds, minutes, hours, days and years from a specific target time and date. The foreground and background can be customized.

58)   Verticalscrolly
Verticalscrolly is a java scrolling applet that can scroll text vertically. You can configure the applet’s width and height. The horizontal position of the text, the delay time of the scroll etc. can be configured in the parameters.

59)   RealChat Software
Realchat is a chat room applet, which is very easy to use and very flexible. Supports console and file logging, multiple rooms, private messages, colored text, sounds, emotions, pictures, user created rooms, hidden rooms, administrative manager etc.

60)   slideblock
This is a wonderful java applet. This applet copies blocks from adjacent images that are sized variably. You can supply the images as per your desire and link them with URLs.

61)   KavaChart
KavaChart provides a variety of tools for generating dynamic charts and tables in your webpage. The script is compatible with Unix, Windows, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX operating systems.

62)   Card Mind Reader
This is our JAVA version of this popular mind reader trick/game. The applet creates the illusion of having read the mind of the player by removing a chosen card from a deck of 6 cards.

63)   JADC (Java Advanced Digital Clock)
JADC (Java Advanced Digital Clock) is a Java applet with 255 ready to use images in 17 sets. The applet either works as a digital clock or as a time counter. The applet can work on a browser that supports Java 1.1. The time zone and input and output time format are customizable in this applet.

64)   LED Countdown Timer (icltimer)
LED Countdown Timer (icltimer) is a java applet that implements a countdown or lapsed time of an event specified by you.

65)   MP3 Player Applet (WinAmp clone)
With JavaPlugin 1.3 or higher you can play music from any MP3 or M3U files. It has features like playlist, pause, resume, volume, balance etc.

66)   SlideOnDemandFilm
SlideOnDemandFilm is an applet which shows slides of photos and images. This applet produces a film strip effect in showing slides and which can be used on any website to show even the slides which are variable in size.

67)   EasyCharts
EasyCharts includes bar charts, line charts, and pie charts and are configurable. The charts are compatible with JDK 1.1 or newer so it works on all major web browsers with no additional addons.

68)   LightningBoard
LightningBoard is a discussion board servlet written fully in java. It supports features like Speed-optimized database design, unlimited forums and posts, multiple language support, easy customization, words filtering and much more.

69)   Jicra
Jirca is a Java Chat Room written to participation of users in the discussion of IRC. There is no complexities unlike the usual IRC clients and does not require the users to anything to use it.

70)   JWIRC multi-channels IRC applet
This java applet enables chatting via several channels simultaneously. The applet is highly customizable in terms of it colors, fonts, images, language pack of any countries etc. You can give any number of channels in the applet.

71)   WWWboard Servlet
This is a classic message board, which also supports WAP/WML. You can save your data in flat file (files) or database based persistence through JDBC. It saves all the data in one table and the name, which has to be included in your configuration file.

72)   Webmatic starfield
Webmatic starfield displays a rotating star over a background image. The background image can be any of your favorite images. The rotation speed of the stars can be configured. The applet can have a scrolling over text and an over image.

73)   JSP templates
This article explains a template mechanism for JSP that allows layout to be encapsulated and reused. JSP templates minimize the impact of layout changes and encourage modular design. With JSP templates you can encapsulate Webpage layout and encourage modular design.

74)   Snow Drift
This program is used for generating an image with snow fall effect and also they can scroll any text in between image. Users can customize the effect.

75)   Paging Records in JSP
Paging Records in JSP is a tutorial that guides the users to split the results of the database into a number of pages. This script works well with MySQL.

76)   JVMail
JVMail is an SMTP mailing client that can be executed from the command line. You can send email from the command line, application or from a batch file or script. This can read inputs from either command line options or text files or template files.

77)   Basics of J2ME
Basics of J2ME as the name suggest is an article about Java 2 Platform Micro Edition, which provide tools for porting the devices which are network-centric and platform-agnostic worldview down to memory- and processor-limited devices in the Java platform.

78)   Jsp file browser
You can now remotely manage files on your server. The allows you to perform operations on your server like upload, download (also as zip), copy, move or edit files.

79)   SimplyView
SimplyView is an efficient online image gallery software with which you would be able to organize your own image galleries with the ability to view images in any desired format.

80)   Sothink SlidingMenu
Sothink SlidingMenu creates multi-level sliding menu with various special effects like sliding Tree, radio buttons etc. The menus can be built very easily with templates available in the applet. Supports audio and images.

81)   XP Drop Down Menu
This is a Java applet that implements a drop down menu. The applet is capable of overlapping the HTML contents and it can work on the top of any form, flash, frame etc. The applet supports features like word-wrapping, configurable fonts, image background, and much more.

82)   Flame
Flame can display text messages burning away in fire. You can give your own messages and can change the color of the text effect by double clicking the color button that appears on the right side of the applet on mouseover.

83)   jGallery
jGallery is an effective java application and is a servelet image gallery program that helps users to display photos on their websites. This is an easy to use program.

84)   WebForum
WebForum is a fast and responsive and fully threaded discussion board servlet that can build professional web boards with web forms for administration by caching all disk access for optimal performance. The look and feel of HTML pages can be modified through CSS.

85)   ConsultTicker Horizontal Text Scroller
ConsultTicker Horizontal Text Scroller scrolls the text horizontally. It reads the text from a text file. Supports a background color, customizable fonts, font styles, font colors, and font sizes.

86)   slideshift
Slideshift displays images with a shifting effect. Your favorite images can be subjected to wonderful visual features. The parameters of the images and text can be altered as per your requirement.

87)   slidefade
This a slide show Java applet can create a fade through effect with images of different size. The images can be supplied by you for display and can be specified with URL links.

88)   BannerManPRO!
BannerManPRO displays images supplied to it with amazing special effects on transition from one image to another. It allows you to configure the parameters like delay timing, special effects etc.

89)   Calendar Servlet
Calendar Servlet is a java servlet that can implement web-based calendar. It relies on a text configurable file. This configuration text file can be passed to the servlet as a parameter or as an initial parameter

90)   SigmaChat
SigmaChat is a chat applet based on java, which allows the users to have professional chat program on their servers. It provides three types of services to the users as free basic, platinum, enterprise and professional to suit the needs of the users.

91)   Advanced Graph and Chart Collection
Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications. With the advanced graphing package you will be quickly adding impressive dynamic charting capabilities bringing your data alive.

92)   Andrey's Applet Morph
This program is used for morphing any picture. Users can use their own images to get this effect. It is a very simple program and easy to use.

93)   MP3SPI
MP3SPI is a simple and effective java beans tool capable of configuring MP3 audio support on java platforms through java service provider interface.

94)   Mastermind
This Mastermind game is a Java Applet and is a new version of the traditional Mastermind game. This game is available with source code for download.

95)   David Reilly's Countdown
David Reilly's Countdown counts down to a specific target date/time in seconds, minutes, hours, days and years. It takes a specific target date as a parameter and implements the countdown to that date.

96)   DS FireTunnel
DS FireTunnel can create a fire tunnel like animation. Also it supports an overtext and over image, which can be inserted over the animation. The direction of the tunnel, the direction of the rotation of the firetunnel, the speed etc can be customized.

97)   Writing Your First JSP
This Tutorial teaches you to make pages in JSP. All valid HTML documents are also valid JSP documents. HTML files could be added to the document hierarchy of a Web server configured to run JSP. The explanations are supported with examples.

98)   1-2-3 PieCharts
1-2-3 PieCharts creates 3D piecharts of hyperlinkable pieslices. This can be customized to a great extent, including piespeed, displaying a demo intro sequence, pie angle, pie explosion, labels, pie chart height etc.

99)   FadeScroll
FadeScroll implements a fading effect of the text at the boundaries of the applet. The colors and fonts of the text can be customized. It also supports a shadow effect to the text to be displayed.

100)   TypeWriter
TypeWriter types texts horizontally within a specified area. Long lines of text are auto-wrapped on reaching the border of the applet. Can read the text to be scrolled from the parameter or from a text file.

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