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Top 951-1000 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

951)   HyperSearch
HyperSearch is a package of search engines. It allows you to search in various languages and also to configure applet’s behavior and set colors. It supports in creation of the applet’s HTML tag by using the online tool.

952)   ElegantJBeans - GUI
ElegantJBeans - GUI is an advanced program availing AWT, JFC and extended beans to deal with user interface through file dialogs containing two opening modes.

953)   JavaBean of Edge Detection
EdgeDetector uses a Canny algorithm to detect edges of any image with much less loss. Supports features like anti-noise, one-pixel width of resulting edges and sub-pixel level detection accuracy.

954)   Contabra
Contabra is an integrated content management application that is very easy to use and allows you to create, manage, deliver and schedule your website content. The content can be distributed anyway, anytime; anywhere it is needed on your sites by access through your browser.

955)   3D Stacked Horizontal Bar Graph Software
Web Enabled solution for Stacked Horizontal Charts & Graphs.

956)   How Bridge2Java helps expand your Java code's horizons
This article explains how the Java developers can add COM objects into their applications using Bridge2Java, which is an IBM alphaWorks technology and also explains how it works. Java platform is object-oriented in nature and supports code reuse.

957)   ap4j ( for Java)
ap4j is a java API that comes with the ability to manage the entire request which are made to and from

958)   Mailbox Sweeper
Mailbox Sweeper is an online email utility program with which you would be able to identify and acknowledge all recieved messages from your mail box.

959)   SimpleClick Instant Easy RollOver Buttons
SimpleClick Instant Easy RollOver Buttons takes three images and creates roller-over button. The buttons can be specified with links to address or frame or target. Also buttons can be displayed without links.

960)   DS LakeScroll
DS LakeScroll is a java applet text scroller helping users to scroll any text and displays it with lake presentation. This is an easy to use program.

961)   CompactMenu
CompactMenu implements a menu system in which only the top level of the menu remains active at a time to save space. This multiple level menu system is compactly arranged.

962)   ProjTimer
This Java application can calculate the time spent by you to complete a task/project. The timing once started is automatically updated. Runs on all platforms that support Java 2.

963)   mselight
mselight implements a moving light animation effect over an image containing the menu. Supports adjustment of the light radius, light motion radius, color of light etc. can be customized.

964)   textbuttongrid
textbuttongrid can build a menu system in the form of a grid. The grid can be designed by specifying the row and columns in the parameter each cell functioning as a menu button linked with URL.

965)   Multi-Pic Slide Show
This is slide show presentation applet, can link images to URLs and displays multiple images at one time moving across the screen from all directions. It streams the images so you don't have to wait for all the images to be loaded for the applet to start.

966)   Proofing Web applications for performance and scalability
In this article the need of having performance and scalability testing on web application using a combination of XML and Java technologies has been discussed. The Load, which is an open-source set of tools and a scripting language makes the testing easier.

967)   JCourier
JCourier is an online email system that allows webmasters to automate customer service and e-marketing programs on their websites through simple and intutive interface.

968)   Sliding Arrow Menu
A nice, compact menu. Infinite number of menu options, URLs and target windows. Text, background and 'arrow' color all configurable. Choose font, font style, size and spacing of text. Any size menu. Settable initial selected menu option (to signify current page).

969)   UnlimitedFTP
UnlimitedFTP is a java program which permit the users to access websites through FTP. This program provide support for macintosh.

970)   WebWader
WebWader can navigate through a tree of html pages and can rapidly check for all the web site content and displays a slideshow of each of them in a separate window. Worthwhile for webmasters to redesign their site.

971)   Video-Like RadicalWipe Java Applet
This wonderful java applet with configurable parameters displays any number of images supplied by you with a radical wipe special effect supported by sound effects. This applet provides URL link and target frame for each image and these are configurable.

972)   ECHO-Java Class
This is an open source and a secure payment gateway. This software uses the ECHO merchant processing to implement secure credit card and check transactions.

973)   Goetz's Signature Applet
This applet can sent enable users sign their orders. This applet can capture written signature and send it on the internet. The user can now sign on the form of the applet instead of just type their name.

974)   DS ClockWipe
DS ClockWipe applet can take any image as input and implement a clockwipe effect between the images. This applet is interactive and generates codes of HTML to set the parameters. Also a scroll-text can be included.

975)   Internet Document and Report Server
This is a most powerful and flexible web development system that can simplify the online reporting with the support of RML. It can set multiple data per record and it supports database connection pooling for IDRS and for connecting to IDRS report database.

976)   Rad SFTP Applet
Rad SFTP Applet is a program which allows the users to access files and servers located in remote locations. An useful program for the users and the webmasters.

977)   Java jsptListe
Java jsptListe is a program which allows the users to create a nice treeview in html format. This program returns and define treeview state. This program also define images.

978)   Community Discussion
Here you can join ongoing forums on a variety of Java topics, chat with Java experts, access community resources, and more.

979)   What's new in JDBC 3.0
This is an article about JDBC (The Java Database Connectivity), which is a vital building block of J2EE and J2SE platforms. Java language can programmatically access relational databases based on this primary standards mechanism.

980)   PriadoChat
PriadoChat is a simple online chat engine that can easily integrated on any active websites to provide online instant chat programs for the visitors.

981)   PenguinCards
PenguinCards is a simple online card game written in java. In this game users are meant to gather identical cards from the board.

982)   Secure communication between peers: SSL through JSSE
This tutorial discusses implementing secure communication between peers. An important requirement of any non-trivial P2P application is secure communication between peers. This tutorial explains how to use SSL through JSSE in P2P security.

983)   RChart
Java charts. Bean , Applet and servlet that will create charts for your web site of java application. It supports more than 18 different types of charts and combinations of them and can be used with HTML, JSP, Php, ASP , java.

984)   DS ContourScroll
DS ContourScroll scrolls the text horizontally over an image displaying only the outline of the text giving contour effect. The font and its size of the scroll text can be configured.

985)   EConnect@Whiz
EConnect@Whiz is a test stimulator based on the latest pattern of IBM’s Enterprise Connectivity with (J2EE) Certification Exam. It has 3 Mock test having 174 questions, which includes a Diagnostic Test to know your strength and weakness enabling you to prepare accordingly.

986)   NavMenu Pro NE
Compact vertical navigation menu supporting unlimited levels of submenu that is both easy to configure and maintain

987)   EJB 2.1 Kick Start : Implementing a Solution Using EJB 2.1.
This an article that explains details about preparing the groundwork on an application server to enable it to develop and organize an Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) on it. When J2SE-based classes are transformed into EJB 2.0 components, the codes are reduced drastically.

988)   S-pack
S-pack is an online java applet with which you can implement slide shows and banner rotations on the java based applications with predefined image files.

This is a java based script and is a web based XHTML or HTML content that helps users to perform WYSIWYG editing on multiple platforms. They need not to have any XHTML or HTML knowledge to use this program.

990)   Alien Menus
Organised as a three-dimensional hierarchy, this is a collection of menu can be used in any web site to implement effective navigation. This supports cross-platform functions.

991)   JET Code Generator
JET Code Generator is an industry standard XSLT based DataBase code generation system. With this you don’t have to write the same data access code over and over again. It connects to your database and exports the schema as an XML formatted file and generates codes.

992)   The MMPieChart Applet
The MMPieChart Applet is a java applet pie chart that can get number data and show them along with text labels in a pie chart method. This is simple and easy to use program.

993)   Zmei Currency Exchange Rates
Zmei Currency Exchange Rates displays currency exchange rates. The data for the display has to be updated on the info.txt file from where it reads the data.

994)   Zmei Music Center
With this Java applet, you can play music on your web page. All it requires is that the audio file has to be in au format.

995)   The J Maker
The J Maker offers various packages of Java applets, which can be used to implements image effects, animation, scrollers, text effects etc. These applets support customization of features to a great extent.

996)   ThinSQL
ThinSQL is a utility that can be used to add, remove, modify, and retrieve data from a servlet-enabled web server on the internet. Since it uses HTTP as the main method to connect, it is compatible with network firewalls and proxy servers.

997)   apChoiceMenu
apChoiceMenu is a java applet that can build a popup menu with the menu items and sound support. This applet can popup over HTML contents, form elements, frames, flash and even popup outside the browser window.

998)   Win32 Java Heap Inspector
HeapInspector is for tracing back-references and identifying links, which keep the object in memory and prevent memory leaks. It accomplishes reference browsing by navigating one of two tree controls, one for forward references and one for back references.

999)   Moon-Applet
Moon-Applet displays the actual moon phase with animated GIFs in front of the moon. It also can display optional customized messages. It supports time zones of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

1000)   PngEncoder
PngEncoder is an image manipulation Java bean that can be implemented to your webpage to provide the fastest java based PNG encoder. The chart produced by the easy chart product is used to encode the image.

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