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Top 1001-1050 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1001)   Fission Menu
Use Fission to quickly turn an image of your choice into a stylish panel of web buttons with the minimum of effort. Create a professional themed image panel in just minutes!

1002)   Java Telnet Game Client
This web based telnet mud client will help your site visitors to access your game servers directly from your website with full ANSI support.

1003)   A three-pronged solution for identifying users
This article discusses a three-layered method to establish the identity of the user on the other end of the communication link. This article discusses with examples the three familiar approaches for establishing the identity of the users, highlight their strength and weaknesses.

1004)   XdebugX Counter
XdebugX Counter is a simple counter applet. This counter is simple and can be added on all the websites. This counter is compact and consistent to use.

1005)   Sensomap Menus-Mini
Sensomap Menus Mini is a simple online menu system capable of designing website menu maps in JPG and GIF image files that supports both polygonal and discontinuous shapes.

1006)   JMEFXAdvBanner
JMEFXAdvBanner Applet offers more than 20 advertising show styles, fast loading (small size), and is very simple to set up.

1007)   XP-Image Web Buttons
XP-Image Web Buttons is a simple online java applet with which you can create three stage image button menus with 3D image and text effects.

1008)   msetwirl
msetwirl is a navigation menu applet that performs a real-time twirl animation over any input image with all menu items. The twirl radius, twirl angle step in this applet are customizable by configuring the parameters.

1009)   Mash that trash -- Incremental compaction in the IBM JDK Garbage Collector
Mash that trash -- Incremental compaction in the IBM JDK Garbage Collector is a tutorial that discusses about the incremental compaction technique that reduces the pause times.

1010)   DS CloudsMenu
DS CloudMenu creates a menu over an image with a cloud effect over it. The menu items changes color on mouseover. The cloud intensity, cloud direction and the menu direction can be customized.

1011)   Stop Email Spam with Java Applets
This article explains all the Java code required to send emails using Java applets, thus hiding/protecting your real email addresses.

1012)   NetRelay
Moenchengladbach BrainT@GS presents a revolutionary Java Application server with NetRelay , with which both Java - and HTML developer in never dagewesener efficiency and ease complex on-line software applications to develop can.

1013)   jam
Jam can generate menus with zooming effect. The menu can have a background image. You can customize the font size, color, specify URL, delay of zoom etc.

1014)   Google on your WAP phone using Java Server Pages
Code example to demonstrate how to access Google on your WAP phone using JSP pages.

1015)   What is IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Microsoft .NET?
This tutorial is an useful guide to all those programmers who wish to integrate tivoli's enterprise security solutions on their websites so as to improve their security measures.

1016)   Vertical Menu System - Professional Edition
Vertical Menu System can generate a menu that can be placed within any specified area as it automatically resizes its display within the area. This supports variable button sizes and jpegs and gifs images.

1017)   Real Objects - edit on Pro
This is a XML or XHTML web based content authoring solution that helps users to distribute contents. They need not to have any XML or HTML knowledge to use this program.

1018)   Jump
This applet shows the text messages jumping and scrolling horizontally in a bouncing mode. You can configure the delay time between one message and the other. Each message can be supplied with a hyperlink.

1019)   World Wide Instant Messenger
This is a perl based script that will allow anyone to run his own instant messaging service. This programme is highly customizable and even can rebrand it.

1020)   Java Grand Forum
Java Grande Forum (JGF) is to develop community consensus and recommendations for either changes to Java or establishment of standards (frameworks) for Grande libraries and services.

1021)   DS CrossWobble
DS CrossWobble can present your images with the CrossWobble effect between the images. All it supports scroll-text feature and can specify the direction of the scroll of the text.

1022)   VisualEffectConvex
VisualEffectConvex is a java based applet, with the help of this program users can create a convex effect to their own pictures and images.

1023)   ABPollMaster
ABPollMaster is a java applet that can be used to create surveys, quizzes, slideshows, games etc. This supports customizable features like customized look and feel, drop down boxes, lists, customizable heading graphic and the quiz options etc.

1024)   RReport
RReport supports visually designing and printing of reports. This can also be used by web programmers to create HTML or PDF reports. It requires a data source that can be supplied from any database, arrays etc.

1025)   Application Privacy Monitoring for JDBC
Application Privacy Monitoring for JDBC is an useful article that explains the method of implementing privacy policy enforcement on online applications using JDBC and SQL.

1026)   ElegantJBeans - Printer
ElegantJBeans - Printer is an advanced java beans capable of providing printing abilities for java applications designed without the support of printers.

1027)   Configuring Slide with Catalina
This is a piece of writing based on the use of Slide and Catalina, which are used for building applications with Servlets and JSP. Slide; mentioned in this article is a project with multiple modules tied together using WebDAV and Catalina is a servlet container.

1028)   DS Warp
DS Wrap is a visual effect java applet that can wrap an image supplied by you in real-time. The applet can have a scrolling text and an image over the animation. The animation pauses when the mouse is moved over the image.

1029)   IRC Client for Java
IRC Client for Java is an easy-to-use, enhanced, Java-based IRC chat client that allows access to online chat features from a Web browser.

1030)   Weirdoz's Visual Chat
Weirdoz's Visual Chat is a simple online java application that allows webmasters and website developers to implement chat systems on their website with several avatar lists.

1031)   Diagnosing Java Code: Glass box extensibility
This article explains about an effective and safest method of extending a software system using Glass box extensibility. The article describes when to use glass box and provides few tips on how to implement it.

1032)   Snowing Slide Show
Snowing Slide Show displays your images under the smooth flow of snow fall. You favorite images can form the background over which snowfall can be animated.

1033)   Applet Wavefade
Applet Wavefade is a simple and customizable java applet using which you can apply fading wave effects on the images and pictures of your websites.

1034)   Aqua Data Studio
This is a SQL Developer and Editor, which supports an integrated database environment with just one interface to all major relational databases. A DBA or Developer can handle multiple operations at the same time from one application.

1035)   VisualScrollFx
VisualScrollFx scrolls your text and supports any color to the text and supports a 3D look to the text. It includes scrolling features like fades, swipes and many appealing visual effects. You can adjust the font, size, color etc.

1036)   Database Applet
Database Applet can display a database in tabular form on a website or on a CR-ROM. This caches the data from a text data file in a database engine and displays them in a tabular form. This makes the access of data like browse, filter etc very fast.

1037)   Apycom Java Menus' Tutorial
Apycom Java Menus is a tutorial that teaches the users how to create java menus using the applets provided. This tutorial can be used by anybody who likes to create and use java menus on their website.

1038)   DS SwirlText
DS SwirlText can execute a swirl effect with any text, which can be customized in the parameters. You can adjust the radius of the swirl, speed of the swirl and also specify a pause setting. Also you can include a scroll text and image over the animation.

1039)   Color Text Scroller
Color Text Scroller supports text scrolling in multiple colors. The scrolling text can be linked to URL. Supports use of background and foreground images. The text can be aligned to the left, right or center.

1040)   Create custom attributes for your JSP tags
This is an applet which generates attributes for users JSP tags. The users can define a simple tag which can be available for the JSP authors through a tag library.

1041)   AnnounceIT
AnnounceIT is a java applet that can display unlimited messages in your web page with different fade out effects. Supports hyperlink parameters and font customization.

1042)   treemenu
treemenu can build multiple level tree based menu system that can have a background jpg image or icons. Customizable features include background image, border, icons, colors, tree spannings, fonts, initial tree view, links, frame settings, automatic scrollpane, etc.

1043)   LogReader
LogReader is a Java Web Traffic Analysis tool to read standard Internet server log files and to display information about it in HTML files. To run this application the latest JavaSDK must be installed on your computer.

1044)   Roaming charges: Taken with BREW
This is an useful java article in which the author has dealt with the concepts of end-to-end wireless development through the centralized BREW model.

1045)   FileManagement
FileManagement is java bean tools that possess components, which will enable you to manage the file operations like copy, move, delete etc without any hand-coding programming. This java bean has many properties that can be customized by setting the values in the property sheet.

1046)   Using Java to read bar codes
This is an article that provides a detailed introduction to bar codes and Universal Product Code (UPC) symbols and explains the methods of administer and accelerating the functioning of the organization by using the UPC bar codes.

1047)   Zmei TypeWriter
Zmei TypeWriter can display text message scrolling horizontally. You can supply up to 10 messages in to this applet. Each message can have a URL link.

1048)   DS Light
This java applet performs a visual effect with a moving light effect over an image supplied by you. A scrolling text and an image can also be inserted over the animation. The light effect is displayed at random center or at mouse location.

1049)   DataDino Database Explorer
DataDino can directly edit database and includes easy to use table creation wizard, database interoperability tools, an SQL Editor with tabbed execution for multiple queries etc.

1050)   webcharts3d
webcharts3d is a program which provide support for the users for building portable and scalable applications. This system will plot different dimensional graph.

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