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Top 1051-1100 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1051)   Pixcalendar
Pixcalendar displays calendar with your favorite images in the background. Supports parameters like main panel, button colors, images and much more which can be customized.

1052)   VisualEffectRain
Users can load their selected images and photos to this java based applet VisualEffectRain to create a rain effect all over them. This makes webmasters to have their own animated pictures on their websites.

1053)   NavMenu Pro NE
NavMenu Pro NE is a powerful menu building system that offers customizable solutions for all website developers to create and integrate vertical navigation menu systems on their websites.

1054)   Java Servlets
This is a simple chapter that gives you a detailed introduction to the Java Servlet and tells you how to write, compile and serve a servlet. The article provides an explanation of the benefits of using Java Servlet on the server side of your Web applications.

1055)   Software Objects
Professional software development services for project and web development.

1056)   tOnglet
tOnglet is a menu applet that buttons supported with an image in either vertical or horizontal direction. This supports inactive and active color of menu items and various fonts, separators etc.

1057)   Introduction to Java Server Pages
This is an article on Java Server Pages that gives you the introduction to Java Server Pages; discuss the Java Server Pages architecture, explains the elements of JSP etc. It also provides a detailed example using JSP, which shows a standard web application architecture.

1058)   DS LensFilter
This image display applet can display over any of your favorite images a lensfilter effect. This supports insertion of an image and a scroll text over the animation.

1059)   EzWhois
This networking tool queries Whois server and returns the details regarding the domain. You can set the address of the Whois server and the Whois server port. Also you can specify the timeout to connect to the Whois server.

1060)   DIG
DIG is a desktop database query tool that can accomplish data analysis and can handle advanced ad hoc queries. You can import data from text files, Excel, Access, or any database and also export to them also.

1061)   Everybuddy Java
Everybuddy Java is a messaging applet. This uses a client/server model internally apart from the servers at the messaging services like ICQ, AIM etc. This is formed of an applet and a server used to log in to existing messaging services like AIM, ICQ, etc through a combined interface.

1062)   eHelpDesk
eHelpDesk is a web based reliable system that uses Java for database interface and is designed to provide external/internal customer support needs as well as for call/bug tracking. It provides support system to track for problems, requests, issues, resolutions, bugs, notes, procedures etc.

1063)   HotEdit
This application can associate data with specific areas or shapes drawn on an image without altering the image. It can handle multiple images at one time and can copy, cut and paste the areas. The default plugins in this application can create Clientside and Serverside XHTML/HTML.

1064)   ConsultTree Site Explorer
ConsultTree Site Explorer can create a site map of various links in your web pages in the style of a Windows Explorer using very less space in your web pages. This uses two simple text files to create its structure and folder links.

1065)   Happy Menus
This applet can be easily installed to implement a menu system that makes navigation of your web site easy, attractive and friendly. It can automatically personalize the requisite files and mail the results to you.

1066)   Open Reference Management
With open reference you can turn a public server to function as a private one. It can manage your references or your group’s research references. This supports comments by users in references and allows them to form journal club discussion groups.

1067)   Die Javaquelle
This is a German site with Java applets and its source code, which can be accessed online and tested. Documentation includes ways and means to handle HTML.

1068)   Webmatic
Webmatic is a program which allows the users to create websites. With control panel support the users can make access to all the contents on their website.

1069)   Big Faceless Graph Library
A 100% pure java class library for creating graphs and charts. Backed by a 3D engine, output includes transparent backgrounds to GIF & PNG, PDF. Free 30 day trial.

1070)   SearchBlox
Searchblox is a J2EE Search Component designed on robust Java architecture. It enables you to deploy search on your Intranet/Internet sites, focusing on presentation of content rather than diving into details of search technology. Results are delivered in a fast and relevant manner.

1071)   DS ExplodeText
DS Explode Text uses any image in the background and implements an exploding text over it. You can configure the image, text, font, speed pause etc. The parameters can be configured with the HTML code generator.

1072)   AcuteShifter
AcuteShifter shifts the entire message from all directions. Displays one message after another. Supports use of images. Works on browsers supporting Java 1.02.

1073)   2D/3D Pie Chart & Graph Software
2D/3D Pie Chart & Graph Software designed to take multiple series of numerical data and this applet can obtain data from various sources like files, databases, JSP, ASP etc. The Chart Canvas of this applet can incorporate up to 10 free form images and up to 10 free form lines of text.

1074)   eChineseChessboard
EChineseChessboard written in java is a web-based electronic Chinese chessboard. It supports background image and also sound effects. The size of the chess board can also be adjusted.

1075)   zJSP
zJSP is a page compiler, translating JSP pages into Java Servlets, which are then run using a Java Servlet environment and works in conjunction with Sun’s Java Servlet Developers Kit.

1076)   Posted Request Java class
Posted Request Java class is a program which permit the users to receive data as byte arrays. This program use requests which provide support for file uploads.

1077)   MBH Random Image Tag
The MBH Random Image Tag can select an image randomly from a specified directory or from an XML resource. The tag in this servlet can be used just like any html tag and it supports all the html img tag attributes.

1078)   Auto Home Page
This is an useful program for the webmasters that allows them to set their webpage URL as home page on their visitors browsers.

1079)   Secure iNet Factory
Secure iNet Factory is an effective online development tool that allow admins to construct and build web based applications with advanced technologies.

1080)   AcuteScroller
AcuteScroller is a vertical scroller java applet. This applet will help you to increase the functionality of your web site. The customizable parameters of this applet include, images, borders, rulers, text, bullets and much more.

1081)   VisualEffectStars
Users can produce an effect of stars and moon to their images by using applet VisualEffectStars to be used in creating their own animated pictures on their websites.

1082)   SMSAuthenticator
SMSAuthenticator obviates the problem of password guessing and password sniffing. It takes over where the usual username and password login fail. It can generate passwords conforming to the FIPS 181 standards.

1083)   Stop Email Spam with Java Applets
This is a tutorial about email spamming. This tutorial guides the visitors, how to stop the email spamming with the help of Java Applet. This is an useful tool for the beginners.

1084)   VasReadMail
VasReadMail uses the POP3 read mail protocol to read your email. It requires POP3 as your mail server for this to work in your web page.

1085)   Net Imaging
With Net Imaging image editing tool you can load a JPEG or GIF image from the server and can process it, crop, resize, rotate, flip and then can upload the processed image in same (JPEG or GIF) format back to the server.

1086)   RFax
Java package thats sends faxes. It can fax to any group 3 fax machine using a fax modem. It requires java CommAPI.

1087)   Intelligent data keeps Swing simple
This is a tutorial that explains you about the intelligent data (iData) architecture with which you can build a central storage house of data with in your application to enable the development of complex GUI.

1088)   HTTP tunneling with servlets
This article shows how to employ Java Servlet technology to create a tunnel to the business layer of your corporate network to overcome firewalls. This article also explains a substitution to SOAP and the use of Java objects over HTTP.

1089)   Zmei Multi Color Text
This Java applet displays text messages with a color cycle effect in your web pages. You can specify a background color and also configure its font features.

1090)   OpenCube's Web Effects
OpenCube's Web Effects is a simple online java applet program designed to assist webmasters in creating navigation systems with unique presentation and animation effects.

1091)   DS BumpMap
DS BumpMap implements a bump effect over an image that can be customized in the parameters. The horizontal and vertical speed of the bumps can also be controlled by you. Supports additional text and scroll text.

1092)   ChartPie
This is a java applet that can display a pie chart data viewer. The pie pieces can be highlighted by moving the mouse over it. The applet supports customizable features like Pie pieces, images, text, colors, fonts, gridlines etc.

1093)   Improve the performance of your Java code
This article shows the means to improve the performance of Java code. Compilers can automatically transform algorithms expressed concisely as tail recursive methods into loops and thereby improve program performance.

1094)   nasrain
This Java applet is an animation tool animates rain over the image coupled with sound effect. Parameters like length of the rain, image dimensions can be specified. This supports linking the images to URLs.

1095)   Xedit for Java
Xedit enables you to switch from mainframe VM or CMS 3270 terminals to an e-business environment. This simulates the old XEDIT editor interface of VM/CMS in a modern e-business environment.

1096)   Generate certificate chains for testing Java applications
This is a simple tutorial in which the author has explained the method of using 'OpenSSL toolkit' of java to generate digital-certificate chains for testing your java applications.

1097)   Mandomartis
Mandomartis is a website that offers java tutorials, applets, courses, and more.

1098)   RMail
Rmail is an email applet and supports SMTP authentication, and uses SMTP for sending email and POP3 for receiving email messages. It can send html as plain text, images, videos and much more.

1099)   JavaLayer
JavaLayer is a decoder for Java MP3. This is also a simple player and a WAV converter. This is an open source project.

1100)   JMTxtMsg Applet
JMTextMsg Applet offers features like: Text messages show with fire effect. Set your target page or frame, and link. Set a background image, fire color .... And more ...

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