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Top 1101-1150 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1101)   Visual Application Builder
Visual Application Builder is a tool that can be used by basic learners to present interactive and powerful J2EE applications in an easy and simple way.

1102)   CORBA@Whiz
CORBA@Whiz is a tutorial and also supports a question bank of 125 questions. Includes a diagnostic test to test your weakness and strength. It provides detailed explanation to each and every question. Generates reports after every test.

1103)   Animated Shuffle Menu
This is a java navigation applet with a two-level menu, in which you can give infinite top level menus and up to 10 sub menu options per top level. The applet can be set to any animated level of speed you want. The applet supports curved edge or rectangular buttons and is highly customizable.

1104)   AutoNavigator
AutoNavigator adds filtered files and folders from the content of index files into a menu. The number of menu items is limited to 160, the depth of file paths to 6. The applet uses Java 1.1 instructions and is compiled with JDK 1.3.1.

1105)   Daily Calorie Needs Calculator (JSP Version)
Daily Calorie Needs Calculator is a health advice content, which will show you how many caloriers you should be consuming to maintain your weight at your gender, age, weight, height, and the activity level. This component is available in PHP, ASP, JavaScript, JSP versions.

1106)   eXpand
eXpand is an eye-catching smoothly animated 2-level menu. This highly configurable applet dynamically expands sub-menus as you move over top-level menu items. The purchased version comes with a superb selection of 10 pre-defined menu graphic sets.

1107)   DS FireScroll
DS FireScroll can scroll text messages with a fire effect animation over any image in the background. You can control the speed of text scroll and fire intensity.

1108)   Crazy Button
Crazy Button is a program for animated text effect which has the ability to alter the colors, tremble range, speed, text size and text when the text moves and on fly effects.

1109)   LinkBar
LinkBar implements a menu system that is based on the taskbar introduced in Windows 95. The intuitive graphical interface in LinkBar enables even a novice to create menus that looks very professional. Mouse-over messages, fonts etc. can be customized.

1110)   JavaWorld
JavaWorld is an online Java Community that offers tutorials and other references.

1111)   RUE - Resource Utilization Explorer
RUE - Resource Utilization Explorer is a java applet that can be used in any java based server like Tomcat, Tyrex, Enhydra, JBoss, JOnAS, etc as a general, local or remote, monitoring tool. It features data visualization plug-ins, a standard AWT GUI, JNDI-based sensor lookups etc.

1112)   WireFusion
WireFusion can create interactive web presentations, which can be plug-in free. This includes versatile tools to produce advanced 2D and web3D tools. It allows the developer to build visual presentations by simply connecting together the pre-programmed objects.

1113)   DS Stars3D
DS Stars3D creates a starfield animation. The starfield’s direction of rotation can change with mouseover. The number of stars, the rotation speed and the direction of rotation can be determined by you.

1114)   GraphViz Java API
GraphViz Java API is an efficient online program designed as a handy tool for all java programers to search for 'dots' in their java based graphical charts.

1115)   SQL Uniform Lite
SQL Uniform is a database client, graphical user interface (GUI), a helper application to relational databases of various types regarding query, maintenance, data comparison, export (convert), import.

1116)   DS Swirl
This java applet displays a swirl effect of any of your favorite image. When the mouse is moved over the applet the animation is paused and original picture is displayed. You can give a scrolling text and an image over the image.

1117)   JDBC wrapper: A quick data access solution for simple programs
You can access databases from a Java program with JDBC, which provides an interface to implement it especially for a big project. This provides information on a simple wrapper library that makes basic database simple to use.

1118)   tFunction
tFunction allows you to draw mathematical function on your web pages. Supports all f(x) functions. It runs on all browsers that support JDK 1.02. It can also run on Windows 3.11.

1119)   StarZone
StarZone is an animation applet that displays star blast passing around you. You can give a background and a foreground image and also a scrolling text over the animation. The scrolling text can have a URL link.

1120)   Use the Element Construction Set to create formatted logs
This is a simple tutorial intended to give an introduction for the java programmers about Jakarta ECS, its usage in generating reports from server loog files etc.,

1121)   BabbleNet
BabbleNet is a chat program that allows users to implement a temporary chat network without connecting to a central server or installing one. This is a totally decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) chat program.

1122)   DS LightningMenu
DS LightningMenu implements a menu over an image under the lightning effect. The lightening frequency, the flash frequency of the lightening can be customized by configuring the parameters.

1123)   aiplight
aiplight can stimulate a real-time moving light effect on any image specified in the parameters. You can supply your favorite image into this applet. The animation is displayed at random center or at mouse location.

1124)   a4j
a4j is a simple online java application programming interface designed as an excellent utility to work and search for the products of without using XML.

1125)   User interface logic in use case modeling
This article describes requirements gathering through use case modeling and also ventures into the gray area between modeling and method. It basically describes the relationship between user interfaces, system interfaces, and use case descriptions.

1126) - The java menu specialists - The java menu specialists is a web menu site that offers the users a large collection of java menus. This site offers basic to complex java web menus.

This is a java based games and entertainment website which offers you a media library which contains java games, ringtones, software for your cell phones.

1128)   Ease Swing development with the TableModel Free framework
This is a java based tutorial in which the author explains you aboutthe use of TableModel Free framework in Java Swing. The TMF framework improves the MVC relationship between the JTable and the TableModel.

1129)   NavABC!
NavABC can display animated menu items. This applet can have a number of menu items and have automatic special loading effects and sound effects. The applet starts animation when you move the mouse over the menu items.

1130)   J-Ads 2
This is a Banner management applet in the 468 x 60 screen. Each banner can be linked with a URL. Supports JPEG images that can be used as either banner or its background. It can handle up to 256 banners.

1131)   apTabMenu
apTabMenu creates a tabbed interface for your visitors in your web site. The tabs can be of different types that ranges from a simple border tab to 3D tabs of Windows. It can include a background and sound support.

1132)   IBM Lightweight Services
IBM Lightweight Services is a wonderful tool for developing personal services, which are server-side applications that operate on behalf of individual users. This application is a JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition to provide lightweight services an event driven hosting environment.

1133)   DS PlasmaImage
DS PlasmaImage displays a wonderful plasma effect over any of your favorite image. Over this animation you can give your own scrolling text message and an image. The applet pauses its animation on mouseover.

1134)   ToDo servlet
ToDo servlet can be used to provide a “to do” service in your web based office as this supports a collection of “to do” notes. The service can be extended to mobile users as this servlet supports WAP/WML also.

1135)   DS CrossRipple
This java applet displays a cross ripple effect between images supplied by you. The applet can have a scrolling text and an image over the animation. The amplitude, frequency and pause time of the cross ripple animation can be customized by configuring the parameters.

1136)   Menu graphique
Menu graphique is a program based on java which can be used by the webmasters to let their visitors to draw their own drawings and to view drawings saved by them.

1137)   Andrey's Applet Lens
This program is used to display image with lens effect. It has fully customizable facility that allows them to adjust the speed and movement of lens.

1138)   Lumberjack Web logger
Lumberjack Web logger is a web logger with multi-user support and it is based on Java Servlets and JSP technology. It provides JSP tag library for freely customizable page design and web based configuration.

1139)   Andrey's Applet Fire Effect
This program is used for creating fire like visual effect on the web pages. It has customization facility and it looks good to view.

1140)   Quiz Cards
Quiz Cards is an education application which implements a quiz with flash cards supported by sound files. You can quiz yourself either on the cards in a set or on all the cards in the stack. When are finished with a card, you can drop it and continue with the others.

1141)   aipflag
Aipflag is a java applet which can perform a real time flag waving effect on the image supplied by you. You can supply your favorite photos as input image and you can configure parameters to it.

1142)   Tag Conventions in JSP
This article describes the tag conventions in Java Server Pages. Java Server Pages has two primary conventions: Scripting-Oriented Tags and XML-Based Tags. Scripting-Oriented Tags contain all information relevant to the tag within the individual tags themselves.

1143)   Bar Chart and Graph Software
Bar Chart and Graph Software is a java applet graph and charting tool that helps users to add chart or graph into their web pages or java applications.

1144)   havChat
havChat is chat room applet in Java. It supports Public and Private Rooms, Whiteboard, Priv Levels, Moderation, Remote Admin, Private Chat, Local and Server-side Logging, URL Push, Bookmarks, Popup Messages, custom User Auth & Chat Bots etc.

1145)   Almond Personals
Almond Personals is a client applet program which permit the users to place advertisements on their websites with multimedia file and photos through a web based browser.

1146)   JProxy
The application provides connectivity solution. JProxy supports a generic HTTP(S) Tunnel for J2EE APIs. This can operate over any firewalls, proxies and restrictive network configurations on the Internet.

1147)   VisualEffectImpress
Web masters can show their selected photos and images as animated pictures with the help of an impressionistic effect from this applet VisualEffectImpress.

1148)   The IBM developerWorks Toolbox
The IBM developerWorks Toolbox offers a lot of resources and tools for reference and download. This is a subscription-based service permitting access levels like guest level access, professional level access and enterprise level access.

1149)   AEA MMShiningMessage
AEA MMShiningMessage makes a magic light to make appear each letter of the message and also makes the letters disappear. This also supports a background image and linking of the messages to URL.

1150)   JFastTemplate
With JFast Template HTML can be separated from Java code while developing Internet or Servlet applications. It also enables the developer to have a HTML test code, which will give an idea of final HTML output.

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