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Top 1151-1200 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1151)   Amazing MiniSpeak Streaming Audio!
Amazing MiniSpeak Streaming Audio! incorporates sound in your web pages. You can either choose sounds provided with the software or can record voices of your requirement and use them without the requirement of any plugin.

1152)   VisualEffectFire
VisualEffectFire is an applet built on java which helps webmasters in creating animated pictures with burning effect. It is easy to use this applet on any website.

1153)   JTurtle
This is an useful java educational application which teaches about object oriented programming. This application utilizes Bean shell scripting language for programming.

1154)   Exception Handling in JSP Pages
Exceptional events can happen anywhere in any program. This article discusses how exceptional events can occur in a JSP page and how you can detect these exceptional events and to display to the user a more purposeful message.

1155)   MessageMenu
MessageMenu implements a menu system, which can display messages, associated with each menu item. Supports a separate bar for the messages. The messages, URLs, highlight bar color etc can be customized.

1156)   Structural Analysis for Java
Structural Analysis for Java is a technology, that analyzes the structural dependencies of java applications. This tutorial explains the features and benefits of SA4J.

1157)   Java File Integrity Checking - ChkSum
Java File Integrity Checking - ChkSum uses check cum algorithm like MD5, SHA and CRC as a tool to implement checking and source control.

1158)   aiptint
This animation applet displays an image having a color changing visual effect. You can insert your own images in to this applet. The applet can have a hyper link. The animation pauses on mouseover and the original picture is displayed.

1159)   Playerless streaming technology review
Using this java applet program the users can stream media online without any third party media components. No software is needed either on client side and server side, to receive or stream video and audio.

1160)   aipwave
aipwave is visual effect java applet that displays a wonderful water waving effect in real-time in an image supplied by you. Moving the mouse over the image will stop the animation and the image can have a URL link.

1161)   AEA MMBrickMenu
AEA MMBrickMenu produces rotates the menu buttons within a specified area with a 3D effect. Menu items support descriptions and URLs. Multiple target frames are also supported.

1162)   Big Faceless Graph Library V2
The Big Faceless Java Graph Library is a 100% Java class library for creating graphs and charts. Version 2 of the Graph Library builds on the same full 3D platform and adds a substantial number of new features requested over the last 5 years.

1163)   iScroll Applet
iScroll Applet is a reliable java applet marquee text scroller that helps users to scroll the text horizontally. They can add it easily on their web pages.

1164)   tagColor
TagColor is a tag library that can be used in your JSP Page to colorize the Java code. You can change the default comments color and default java keyword color in the parameters.

1165)   Ircomm Java Irc Server
This powerful java application will help you to chat and communicate with other online users either through intranet or internet.

1166)   Abstract Prevent Spam
Abstract prevent spam is a program which allows the users to represent their email addresses as an image on their web pages to secure the email addresses from the spambots.

1167)   DS BackLightScroll
DS BackLightScroll is an online text scroller that helps users to scroll any text along with backlight presentation. This is an useful and handy tool for webmasters.

1168)   3D Charts & Graphs Collection
3D Charts & Graphs Collection is a package of five graphing & charting applets. By adding these great looking charts to your web or intranet pages you can impress the visitors of you web page. It’s very advanced yet both Easy and Quick to implement.

1169)   iStatsPackAnalyzer
iStatsPackAnalyzer is a program and a web based tool which has the ability to scan the oracles STATSPACK files. This program handles data structures like tree, hash etc.

1170)   MBH Encode Tag
MBH Encode Tag can be used to encode text. It supports encoding schemes like HTML, URL, MD5, and Base64.

1171)   Aspose.Excel for Java
Aspose.Excel for Java is a Java spreadsheet creation engine which supports Excel97-Excel2003 file format;supports Unicode;supports Multi-worksheets;ect.

1172)   AnimationApplet
AnimationApplet scrolls text from right to left and pauses the scrolls on clicking and holding of the mouse allowing you to read the text message. It supports just only one parameter ‘AnimationString’ which controls the text scrolled.

1173)   VisualEffectRaise
VisualEffectRaise is an applet, by using which webmasters can have images with a raise effect on their websites. This applet requires no knowledge of java.

1174)   AEA MMLineChart
AEA MMLineChart is compatible with any Java compliant browser and generates an interactive chart of your data . It provides a smooth bezier curves to your data. When the user moves the mouse pointer across the chart, the applet shows a tip text measurer.

1175)   Cayenne
Cayenne is for Java developers involved with relational databases. This is a versatile opensource object-relational framework in Java. It provides seamless integration of multiple databases into a single virtual data source.

1176)   WizzMenuTree
WizzMenuTree is a simple online java application software capable of creating tree structured menus with simple node file structures for all web based projects.

1177)   ePortal
ePortal is an enterprise information portal solution. This can integrate with open standards Portlet API and Tiles with Expresso. Integrating Jcorporate products with Apache Jetspeed, starting with the Expresso Framework.

1178)   FilesOnTheGo
FilesOnTheGo is a program which permit the users to access their documents from the remote locations at anytime through a web based browser.

1179)   Real's Java HowTo
Real's Java HowTo provides information on various Java features and provides code snippets that can assist in better understanding of Java and use of it in applications.

1180)   indear
indear is a simple mobile phone utility that helps you to integrate a full featured java calculator for unlocking your mobile phones and also has favorites list for Networks, GID and MSIN.

1181)   fdf-Converter
fdf-Converter as the name implies is an online FDF converter capable of processing FDF files to any desired format with data importing features.

1182)   NeuChat
This communication program can enable you and your end-users to communicate more efficiently with one another within or outside of your firewall securely. Users are also empowered with the ability to collaborate with one another in real-time, regardless of their location.

1183)   liu
Liu is an amazing java applet for the purpose of image editing. This applet is helpful in reading multiple local and URL images. This Java applet supports more than 90 image programs with more than 24300 lines of code.

1184)   CodeBrain's Super-Easy Image Panorama Applet Kit
This is a simple to use image panner. By moving the mouse over the image you can change the direction of the image. You can supply your own images in to this applet. But compressed .jpg's work best in this applet.

1185)   Big Faceless Report Generator
The Big Faceless Report Generator is a Java component for converting XML reports to PDF, from JSP and servlets or applications. It is built on top of the Big Faceless PDF library, and allows you to easily create formatted, paginated reports in PDF format from XML input.

1186)   SlideOnDemandShift
SlideOnDemandShift is a slide showing applet built on java to be used by the webmasters to show slides of their own images and photos. It can display photos which are loaded on demand.

1187)   AEA MMFarItemMenu
AEA MMFarItemMenu is a navigation menu applet that supports horizontal or vertical menu items that will fly in each menu item from a distance. This supports display of descriptions and links to URLs.

1188)   Meditux
This provides medical information to those basically in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for both the medical and non-medical staff. This provides an interface to MySQL and is Java servlet based.

1189)   DS Shear
This is a java applet to show a shear effect in an image. You can supply your favorite image in to this applet. The animation is paused on mouseover. Over the animation you can also insert a scrolling text message and an image.

1190)   Javalobby Discussion Forum
Javalobby offers a discussion forum and other links.

1191)   Artistscope Menu Builder
Menu Builder implements navigation buttons supported by sound features on mouseover and display a targeted frame on mouseclick. It can display one image on mouseover and another on mouse click.

1192)   Cookie Nest
This site offers various resources in Java like applets, applications, tutorials and articles etc. Contains applets covering navigation, text effects, games, utility, security sound, etc. also supports tutorials on various Java resources.

1193)   Javadoc2Help
Javadoc2Help is an online development tool that helps webmasters to easily convert all HTML output from javadoc into Java Help, HTML Help and Oracle Help for Java.

1194)   Sun's Official JSP Page
Sun's Official JSP Page offers information on the easier to use JSP technology without needing to learn the Java language. With JSP technology you can easily write and maintain pages. It supports news, tutorials, FAQ and much more.

1195)   CamImageRefresher
CamImageRefresher is a applet which has the ability to reload the image from the web address and can refresh the highlighted area at a precise rate.

1196)   DS Scale
DS Scale shows a scale effect of an image by zooming it in and out. Over this animation a scrolling text an image can be placed. This interactive java applet includes HTML code generator.

1197)   Catalog Publishing
This can be used to publish online catalog, which can be a tab separated or comma separated value (csv) text file. This file will be formatted as an HTML table. Each line in the text file contains some definition for data parameters.

1198)   tCount
tCount is a chat applet built on java and it is a simple system which lets the webmasters to have a chat program on their websites.

1199)   pdf-FormServer
pdf-FormServer is an online file manipulation software that offers customizable solutions for all webmasters to effectively evaluate and save PDF forms.

1200)   Applet Pixelize
Applet Pixelize is a java based script that allows webmasters to build their own slide show. It displays a pixelize effect in between each photo.

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