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Top 1201-1250 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1201)   aipmotion
aipmotion is a visual effect java applet to display a blur effect motion on any image supplied by you. The animation is displayed at random center or at mouse location and can have a URL.

1202)   Bocazas WebChat
Bocazas WebChat is an IRC applet which lets the users to have a chat system on their servers. It comes with advanced features to work with any registered IRC network.

1203)   MenuNav
MenuNav builds versatile menus with menu items that can have multiple highlight colors, multiple text colors, background colors, font characteristics, status window messages, and URL linking.

1204)   Applet Glide Navigation
Applet Glide Navigation can build a sliding menu with infinite level menu support. This menu is fast, simple, neat, efficient navigation menu and can be customized without any knowledge of Java. It generates applet parameters automatically.

1205)   Menu applets and navigation scripts
This offers 40 commercial site navigation menus and 12 free applets for managing the intranets and web sites. The commercial versions can be downloaded and tested before buying it.

1206)   Magic Image
Magic Image creates wonderful visual effect, which displays a foreground image and scrolling background image. The applet supports linking the image to a URL.

1207)   apImageMenu
apImageMenu creates a 3-state i.e. normal, mouseover, click images for each menu item in both horizontal and vertical directions. This supports menu structure to be loaded from an external text file and 3D text effects.

1208)   DevX Discussion Groups
Active discussion groups of professional developers for .NET, Visual Basic, Java, C/C++, Database, Enterprise, Security, Wireless, Open Source/Linux, and Internet/intranet developers.

1209)   OpenCube's Smart Tree Menu
OpenCube's Smart Tree Menu is an online menu system with self positioned tree style menu layout that suits the needs of active websites with complex navigation systems.

1210)   Type Writer Java Applet
TypeWriter Java Applet is a single line news ticker that displays number of custom messages with a typewriter effect in your web pages. Also, every message can be linked to a specific URL.

1211)   mimbounce
mimbounce is a menu system which can take as many images as you want and bounces them around. On selection it reduces the bouncing speed. The number of menu items and the bounce steps can be customized.

1212)   City Simulator
This Java application can simulate the motion of up to 1 million people and simulate a scalable, three-dimensional model city. The output is produced as a comma-separated Values (CSV) text file.

1213)   DS Interleave
This program is used for creating interleave effect over images. Users can use different image and they can set time delay to change image from one to another. They can scroll text in between image.

1214)   Overview of Servlets and JSP
This tutorial gives an overview of Servlets and JSP. Servlets are comparable to CGI programming, which run on web server and builds web pages. Java servlets are highly efficient, easy to use, more powerful, more portable, and cheaper than traditional CGI.

1215)   DS PageFlip
DS PageFlip can create a page flip effect between two or more images. The speed of page flip can be controlled by you. Allows an additional scroll text and image over the animation. The HTML code generator allows you configure parameters easily.

1216)   uCertify SCJP - 310-035, Exam Simulation
435 Questions with detailed explanation, Study notes, Articles and How tos. Intractive Exam simulation, for Java 2 Platform 1.4 Exam. Based on Latest Sun Exam pattern.

1217)   eFAQ
eFAQ is a FAQ and knowledge base component in which an authorized user can ask questions or answer questions depending on security. With the help of eForum and eHelpDesk systems eFAQ can create a knowledge base.

1218)   Webmatic Plasma
This program allow users to create a plasma effect on the image. Users can control and customize the plasma effect. Users can use any image as background.

1219)   Smashing
Smashing enables linking of images and on clicking produces a smashing effect. The image break into parts on clicking coupled with sound effects.

1220)   XML@Whiz
XML@Whiz is a collection of 5 mock texts comprising 285 questions to test your knowledge in XML. Supports detailed explanation to each and every question. Evaluates your performance and gives quick revision tips.

1221)   DS NegativeScroll
DS NegativeScroll scrolls text with a negative effect. Supports a background image and a scroll text. The text to be scrolled can be mentioned in the parameters. Also the text size, text style, scroll speed etc. can be configured.

1222)   wao
wao is a web address organizer with hot buttons that will take you to display the original size photo, send email or visit the selected URL. All these are stored in a separate data file.

1223)   Accessing EJBs through firewalls
Accessing EJBs through firewalls is a tutorial that teaches the readers about Java Secure Socket Extensions. This tutorial can be used by Java developers.

1224)   Java authorization internals
Java authorization internals is a tutorial that tells the readers about the Java authorization architectures. This tutorial can be used by the users who have an intermediate level of Java knowledge.

1225)   MUMail
MUMail allows you to read your mail when there is no mail reader available. It can work both online and offline. It features an extremely easy GUI and supports POP3, SMTP, MIME. It also Supports texts, multipart, image, audio, application-octetstream etc.

1226)   Tree Menu
This program is helpful for the users to display menus on their website in a tree format. This program is easy to setup and to use.

1227)   Color Chooser
Color Chooser increases the color options you can specify to you web pages or applications, if you are working with java.awt or html or other programming language. You can set the background and foreground colors with ease and adjust finer shades by adjusting the red, green and blue values.

1228)   Daffodil DB v3.3
Daffodil DB is a J2EE certified, SQL-99 and JDBC standards compliant 100% Java RDBMS.

1229)   Take a shine to JRuby
This is a easy to learn tutorial in which the author gives you a brief explanation about the JRuby which is an object oriented alternative language for the Java.

1230)   ColorPicker
ColorPicker allows you to specify colors from RGB palettes of your choice and generate hexadecimal color code. Also it passed the RGB values to the Javascript, which can then be used to change the colors on your web page.

1231)   NavBar Deluxe NE
Sleek and intuitive navigation menu bar interface supporting multiple rows of menus, unlimited levels of submenus.

1232)   FTP Applet
An applet that breaks all the rules. To start of with it's multi threaded, then it opens socket connections to third party servers and worst still it reads from and writes to the user's hard disk.

1233)   indexTHIS
indexTHIS is a java Indexer applet that will acquire titles, keywords, descriptions, and text from your html files and this can be run at the command line of your computer.

1234)   WizzComputers
WizzComputers is a program which is capable of offering several IT skills to the organisations and international markets for developing the business.

1235)   rap-X
rap-X is an application that can enable companies to develop better productive relationships with their customers. It helps make money without selling product licenses by linking customer support with sales & marketing.

1236)   ElegantJBeans - Chart and Graphs
ElegantJBeans - Chart and Graphs is an online java beans that helps webmasters to create performance charts for their research analysis with graphical interface.

1237)   AEA MMPieChart
AEA MMPieChart creates pie chart of your data with which you can easily specify your number data with text labels. You can also specify the pie and marker size. In this chart you can include the text and title with desirable font type, font size and font style.

1238)   Headline Java Applet
This is a client side applet to display news headlines or any messages on your web pages with scrolling effect. It makes your website more interactive.

1239)   Ds SwirlMenu
DS SwirlMenu creates a menu over a background image and causes a swirl effect on the menu items when engaged by the mouse. You can adjust the swirl speed and swirl angle of the menu items can be adjusted.

1240)   Applet Appear
Applet Appear is an applet built on java to be used as a slide show on any website. This program provides an appearing effect in between two slides.

1241)   An introduction to neural networks
From this article you will get introduced to neural networks, which is considered as the future of computing. Neural nets can be understand well when put to solve a puzzle. This explains the basic features and approaches to constructing neural nets.

1242)   PAW
PAW as the name implies is an online pro active web server containing unique server and GUI's for implementing HTTP filters with brazil frameworks.

1243)   NewsMaker
NewsMaker can read messages and links from an external text file and scroll them. To change the messages and links scrolling on your web page, just change the text file. This applet has features like smooth scrolling, background images, sound effects etc.

1244)   KLMenu
This menu applet creates a menu structure, which supports a background image and highlight of menu items on mouse over. The menu highlight fades with a color that can be customized apart from the fonts, frames etc.

1245)   J-LiveSupport
Live Chat SOFTWARE is a live help and live support chats with your site visitors. We DO NOT offer a chat service. We develop, sell and support a Live Chat Software for your customer support and sales department.

1246)   aipemboss
This applet shows an embossing effect of an image. You can supply your favorite image in this applet. The image can have a URL link. The animation is paused when the mouse is moved over the image.

1247)   DS FogMenu
DS FogMenu creates a fog effect over an image in the background and displays the menu items in the foreground. The applet includes a HTML code generator that allows you to easily configure parameters without any knowledge of programming in HTML or Java.

1248)   tMButton
tMButton can display horizontal or vertical tabs with a background image. It can have different image when it’s active and another when it’s inactive and a different one on mouseover. It operates on browsers compatible with JDK 1.02.

1249)   nassnow
This applet that takes one image as input and performs a snow effect on the image. You can use of your images of any dimension and can also link the image to a URL optionally.

1250) contains all that you want to know about Java Virtual Machine. It provides an overview of Java virtual machines (JVMs), Java development kits (JDKs), Java runtime environments (JREs) etc.

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