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Top 1251-1300 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1251)   ImageViewer
ImageViewer displays JPG image files in a grid and can be customized to suit your needs. You can display all the images at one time and adjust its size between 1 to 100.

1252)   JM Tree Menu Applet
Make it easier for your website visitors to navigate your website with this java based tree structured menu script.

1253)   ABCNavUltimate Menu
ABCNavUltimate Menu is a simple online menu building software with which you can generate nested navigation menus for your websites with attractive special effects.

1254)   OpenCube's Horizontal Image Switch Menu
OpenCube's Horizontal Image Switch Menu is a powerful and easy to use website navigating utility with which webmasters can create menu systems with sublevels that slides horizontally from the main menu.

1255)   Matchit
Matchit is a picture matching game with sound effects. You can use any pictures of your own. It includes customizable parameters like: audio files, photo filenames and number of rows and columns to divide the display area etc.

1256)   DS RippleText
DS RippleText creates a ripple effect with the text to be displayed over a background image. Also supports an overimage and overtext that can scroll in from different directions both horizontally and vertically over the animation.

1257)   VisualEffectScroll
VisualEffectScroll is an applet that generates a scroll effect by channelising colours of the loaded image. This applet increases the attraction of the websites.

1258)   CORBA@Whiz
CORBA@Whiz is a tutorial and also supports a question bank of 125 questions. Includes a diagnostic test to test your weakness and strength. It provides detailed explanation to each and every question. Generates reports after every test.

1259)   P3P Policy Editor
P3P Policy Editor uses the P3P language to post an organizational web site privacy policy in XML format. It uses standard data types for easy update of policy. Supports locating missing elements from policy through error-checking.

1260)   tinyImageCycle
This animates your website with adjustable delay both initially and between the graphics, and can link the images to URLs. Supports upto 100 images.

1261)   SSH Factory
SSH Factory is an advanced utility that provides an easy platform for you to communicate with SSH and telnet servers while building complex web based applications.

1262)   OutBlaze Chat
This is a real time java based application which can be integrated in to users websites. This application provides tracking facilities for viewing the activities of visitors.

1263)   Akmin's Online Site Creator for JSP
Akmin's Online Site Creator is a website designing tool for hosting companies like ISPs, ASPs & DotComs etc and other service providers. Three version of this application available are: JSP, Active Server Pages & ColdFusion.

1264)   AEA MMRollOffImage
MMRollOffImage is a slideshow applet. This applet uses a 3D shading effect and rolls away one image over the other. Images can be linked with URL and specified with descriptions.

1265)   Applet Magicfade
Applet Magicfade can be used by the users to create their own slide show on their websites. Users can show their slides with various fade effect in between them.

1266)   OpenCube's Menus and Messages Java Applets
OpenCube's Menus and Messages Java Applets is an online java applet capable of producing eye catching web based effects while navigating through the website pages.

1267)   AEA MMImageSelector
AEA MMImageSelector displays a set of images with URL links in a thumbnail view generated automatically. When you click on one of them, the image will rotate towards you and enlarge itself using an advanced 3D effect.

1268)   UploadServlet
With UploadServlet you can upload files to the server and to the specified e-mail address. A configuration file has to be set to the servlet that describes various settings for your uploading like where to save file, how to notify by email, what page should be next after uploading etc.

1269)   JMPieChart Applet
JMPieChart Applet is a java based pie chart script that allows hot keys handling other features.

1270) - Java Resources
This is a webpage to provide Java Certification Resources - Mock Test for SCJP exam, study notes, links, a few useful Java applets namely Alphabets and Digits, Color Chooser, Arithmetic etc.

1271)   DS WobbleMenu
WobbleMenu can display the menu items either horizontally or vertically over a background. The menu items wobble when engaged by the mouse. The wobble speed can be configured in the parameters.

1272)   2D 3D Line Graph Software
2D / 3D Line Graph provides both Client & Server solution for adding line graphs

1273)   Getting started with Java
The Java programming language has virtually become the industry standard for developing portable applications and interactive dynamic content for web pages. With this tutorial you can learn programming in Java.

1274)   Rotating Imagemap
Rotating Imagemap makes letters rotate on an imaginary vertical wheel, and each letter can be linked to a URL. Also supports use of graphical images.

1275)   slideflip
This wonderful java applet can flip through among a series of images. The images can be linked to URLs and can different background colors, different fonts and sizes etc.

1276)   DS Fog
DS Fog can take any image as input and implement a fog effect. Also supports inclusion of an image and a scroll text that can be scrolled from left, right, up or down. The speed, direction, intensity etc can be customized.

1277)   DS ImageScroll
This applet can show a scroll transition effect between any images. This supports background color which can be customized and change other parameters without programming knowledge in Java or HTML.

1278)   VisualEffectEmboss
VisualEffectEmboss decorates the users images and pictures automatically by its embossing capacity. Users can add an embossing effect to their images with the help of this java based applet.

1279)   Compiere
Compiere is a java application that provides ERP, CRM & POS business solutions for small medium enterprises. It enters sales records, records supplier records and invoices, create invoices and records shipment and it manages inventory and automates the accounting properly.

1280)   DS XBlurText
This Java applet can be used to implement an XBlur effect between texts. The speed of the animation can be controlled through the parameters. Supports a background image and insertion of a scroll text and image over the animation.

1281)   aTicker
aTicker is a ticker text scroller. It reads data to be scrolled from a text file, which has to be specified in the parameter. The texts can be specified with a text delimiter and the scrolling speed can also be adjusted.

1282)   StelsCSV v2.2 - JDBC driver for CSV files
StelsCSV-JDBC driver for text files (CSV, tab-separated, fixed length etc)

1283)   Saké Mail
Saké Mail is a carrier-class server-side web site tool that provides robust, full-featured email capabilities to both web users and wireless users with WAP devices.

1284)   CodeBrainVoice
CodeBrainVoice just requires that you include voice anywhere on your web page and specify a sound file. It plays the audio whenever the page is opened without requiring any further setup or installation.

1285)   VaerData Weather Statistics
VaerData Weather Statistics is a Java Application that can display the weather statistics of cities of user’s choice in the forms of graphs. It collects the weather data of the cities and then stores them in a database to create the graph.

1286)   AnimMenu
AnimMenu can run an animation behind each option of the menu. The animation can be viewed when the mouse is moved over the menu. This applet provides customizable features like frames colors, sub menus, fonts etc.

1287)   2D/3D Horizontal Bar Graph Software
2D/3D Horizontal Bar Graph Software is a powerful tool to make graphs. This can take multiple series of numerical data and display the information as either a 2D or 3D Horizontal Bar Graph. It caters to both a client and server side solution for the incorporation of bar charts into web pages.

1288)   BSCOutline
This is a Java navigation applet that can display a menu, which can show the last viewed document by highlighting it. The applet supports features like configurable target frames for documents and on and off icons for icons and tree lines and much more.

1289)   City'O'Scope
City'O'Scope can visually analyzing prices and earnings around the world to enable you to pay less and earn more. It can provide overview of the global relationships between objects: Multiple views show the different aspects of the data at the same time.

1290)   SQLServlet
SQLServlet accesses the database using HTML forms. It doesn’t require an expensive server. All what it need is a ODBC driver or a pure JDBC driver for your database and it can run on any platform supporting Java Virtual machine.

1291)   CodeBrainSlider
This displays multiple images from left to right or right to left with sound effects. Supports upto 100 images and each of them can be linked to a URL. Images can be of different sizes and widths and can have its own borders.

1292)   Using Java Server Pages (JSP)
This article gives you an introduction to JSP. It explains the features of JSP like support for server-side scripting and tags, reuse of components and tags, web access layer for N-tier enterprise application architectures etc. It also includes examples and some JSP related links.

1293)   Another one of them Lake Applets
This applet implements a visually appealing lake effect. The effect is based on the WYSIWYG with sequential image effects.

1294)   VisualEffectLine
VisualEffectLine shows all images with a revolving line effect on the websites. Users can create their own animated pictures by using this applet.

1295)   Reading and Parsing XML Files with Enterprise JavaBeans
This tutorial teaches you how to use Java and read XML files. It teaches how to create a Session Bean (EJB) with the feature to read the given XML file and return the values read from the XML file as a Java object.

1296)   J Scape's FTP Applet
J Scape's FTP Applet is a simple online file management system with which you would be able to exchange data with FTP servers with fire wall support.

1297)   DS AllLights
DS AllLights is a simple java game which can be added on any type of website. This easy game can also be used for the purpose of presentations.

1298)   Java Boutique
The Java Boutique is a collection of java applets, games, scripts, and tutorials. Learn programming and download free java applets and source code. You can also find news about java and jini.

1299)   VisualEffectLayer
VisualEffectLayer is an applet which produces a multi layer effect to the image which is loaded in it, by doing so it creates animated pictures on any website.

1300)   LoveMeter 2
LoveMeter 2 based on the names, assesses how much of a stud or babe one is or how much a couple is meant to be together. The results can be configured to any requirement. It also different skins.

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