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Top 1301-1350 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1301)   Touchup
Touchup displays images and supports linking the images to URLs. This can handle images in GIF or JPEG and allows visitor to adjust the image to their computer’s viewing conditions.

1302)   CSDateTime
CSDateTime is a java servlet that displays the current date or time using JSP or SSI (Server Side Includes). It is very simple to set up and provides a powerful format description method.

1303)   1945
1945 is an arcade shooter game which has sound effects. This game is designed as a top down shooter game. This game has a high score list which can be viewed by other users.

1304)   tBBar
tBBar applet can create a navigation button bar, image map and much more in your web pages. This applet can have a background and border and also different texts.

1305)   TabbedPanel
TabbedPanel can create a java tabbed panel with java components and assign a name to each of the tabs. The tabs can be positioned at the top, bottom, left, or right side of the panel with configurable background and foreground.

1306)   DS Fade
DS Fade applet displays an attractive fade effect between few images supplied by you. The user can insert a customizable scrolling text and an image over the animation. The applet pauses the fading effect on mouseover.

1307)   DS Plasma
This java applet displays a real time plasma effect over any of your favorite image. When the mouse is moved over the applet the animation is paused and original picture is displayed. You can give a scrolling text and an image over the image.

1308)   Swiftchart
Chart applet with wide range of charts and parameters: Bar, Pie, Line, Stacked, multiple Bar all in 2D and 3D.

1309)   Java TreeView tliste
Java TreeView tliste is a simple and easy to use light weight java applet with which you can create tree style navigation menus for your websites with background images.

1310)   3D Multi Series Line Chart Bean
This java bean enables you to add line charts to your application with 3D effect. The data objects, which are the grouped features of this java bean, enable simpler and flexible implementations.

1311)   Demystifying Extreme Programming: Just-in-time design
Demystifying Extreme Programming: Just-in-time design is a tutorial that teaches the users how to develop the Just in time codes. This tutorial requires the users to have an intermediate level of Java knowledge.

1312)   pb Mail o Matic
pb Mail o Matic is an applet that can be used by the webmasters on their websites to avoid the spam spiders from collecting the email addresses from their websites.

1313)   ElegantJBeans - Network
ElegantJBeans - Network is a simple online networking software with which you can build your own web based applications featuring FTP, e-mail, socket communications etc.,

1314)   M-pack
M-pack is a package of menu programs like CompactMenu, mimbounce, mimdesc, mimring, treemenu, textbuttongrid, iebb, jam, mselight, msetint, msetwirl, mseconvex, which can use images as background in web-based applications.

1315)   DS FireWorksMenu
FireWorksMenu builds a menu that displays a background fireworks show over an image. The menu is displayed in the foreground. You can use your favorite images and can also control parameters like gravity of fire works, speed etc.

1316)   tCalDate
This is a small Calendar applet which supports live connect technology for JavaScript applet communication. The dates can be linked to a URL.

1317)   Drop Down Menu Applet II
DropDown menu with java script support, multi level, sounds, and all languags support.

1318)   Sensomap Menus Express
Sensomap Menus Express is an online java applet program with which you can generate customizable image menu maps with multilevel popup submenu systems that supports sound effects.

1319)   Applet Burn
Applet Burn is a java based program which can be used by the users as a slide show for their websites. It shows slides photos with burning effects.

1320)   nntp//rss
With nntp/rss application, you can read your favorite RSS associated content within the existing NNTP based newsreader. It thus bridges the gap between RSS feeds and NNTP clients. It features a switchable content type, more efficient channel poller thread pool etc.

1321)   ChartBarVertical
ChartBarVertical enables you to view data through a 3-D vertical bar chart. Supports customization of features like Bars, gridlines, images, fonts and text colors.

1322)   DS WaveScroll
DS WaveScroll is a java applet the text can be scrolled in a waveform. It reads the text from the parameter. The wave period and scroll speed can be configured. The waving text can be linked to URL. The text fonts, size and scroll speed can also be configured.

1323)   Duality
Duality is an online java application with which you would be able to securely work with JDBC in transfering and exchanging data to and from your server and the web servers.

1324)   DimDom
DimDom can be used as a web-designing tool. It separates the web site design from code by merging a XHTML compliant template with the commands of DimDom. It processes the template by itself, so no code is required to be written.

1325)   TextSlider
TextSlider is a java applet chart and ticker helping users to display latest news on their websites. This is a simple and easy to use program.

1326)   RelataSync for Palm
RelataSync allows one to synchronize their contacts, date book events, and to do items on their Palm with Relata and the Palm Desktop.

1327)   NewsTicker
NewsTicker is a very simple and easy to use java applet vertical text scroller that helps users to scroll text vertically. They can use it on their websites.

1328)   RReport Visual Builder
Java library/tool for printing reports. It supports preview, printing and export to PDF and DHTML.

1329)   P2Pmobile
This application enables file sharing. You can search files on the net and download them. All the searchers and people with data are pooled together by a server.

1330)   Webmatic Rain
This program is used for creating rainfall effect over any image. Users can use any image as background to get this rainfall effect. Users can set and customize the effect as they like.

1331)   htmlPX
htmlPX is a web developing tool that allows you to build websites by combining template files and other auxilliary files to produce HTML files that can be uploaded to a website. htmlPX produces HTML codes that can work with all browsers.

ANOTHER ONE OF THEM LAKE APPLETS is an animated lake that has an animated big cat lapping water.

1333)   jTask
jTask can perform a task scheduler for any DBA, Network Admin or System Admin. The scheduling in very simple as entering information in a control panel.

1334)   DS Explosion
DS Explosion creates an explosion effect whose explosion intensity, number of particles of the explosion can be configured. Additionally you can include a scroll text and over image over the animation.

1335)   Introducing JMS (Java Message Service)
This tutorial shows how to develop programs that use Java Messaging Service (JMS) and also gives an overview of JMS. It provides an intermediary known as message oriented middleware (MOM) for Java programs to enterprise messaging system.

1336)   Migrating web application from websphere 3.5 to 4.0
This is a tutorial on migrating application like Servlets, JSP, JavaBeans of Websphere 3.5 to Websphere 4.0. WebSphere Server 4.0 is a J2EE 1.2 compliant application.

1337)   apMenu
apMenu can build menus with tiled background and mouse and click sound effects. It also supports 12 fade animations, fonts, word wrapping etc. The menu items can be loaded from a text file.

1338)   iPopper Pop-Up Menu Applet
iPopper is a popup menu builder that includes a 3-state button working as a mouseover and also changing state when the menu is popped up. The menus can popup anywhere on the applet or even outside the applet.

1339)   RBarcode
Barcode java bean and servlet. Supports all major 1D & 2D symbologies: EAN, UPC, code 128, code 39, PDF417, codabar , maxicode, datamatrix....

1340)   One$DB
One$DB is an Open Source version of Daffodil DB, an commercial Java Database.

1341)   Software Architekt's SmartMenu
Software Architekt's SmartMenu is a java beans that allow webmasters to implement web based menu systems on their website with standard swing menu components.

1342)   WebSiteRobot
WebSiteRobort is a web server tool that creates your web site and updates it timely on any PC connected to the Internet by using the files in MyWebSite directory. Here the PC is turned into a web server.

1343)   PUNCH ME
PUNCH ME is a three-image rollover with sound and image-change on mouse-click java applet. This can also be put to good use as a tri-state rollover button. This applet can also be linked to URL or target.

1344)   Configuring Slide with Catalina
This is a piece of writing based on the use of Slide and Catalina, which are used for building applications with Servlets and JSP. Slide; mentioned in this article is a project with multiple modules tied together using WebDAV and Catalina is a servlet container.

1345)   Auscomp eNavigator Suite
This navigation applet provides the ultimate control center for webs, Intranets, Extranets, DVDs etc. with immediate ActiveX (.net) technology. The applet supports multi-level tabs on the top, bottom, left or right.

1346)   Webmatic Pixelize
This program is used for providing image with visual effect. It helps users to create pixelize on the image. It displays images like pixels.

1347)   Java programming code page considerations
Java programming code page considerations is an article that explains problems of code pages vis-ŕ-vis Java Unicode and its drawbacks and sample solutions with the help of which the programmers can generate a more real platform-independent and code page independent applications.

1348)   Rad Upload
Rad Upload is a Drag'N Drop file upload applet with progress indicator.

1349)   Webmatic Applet Clock
This program allow users to create a clock image with visual effect. It displays time, the words moves accross the clock from left to right and vice versa. It has customization facility.

1350)   JET Net
JET Net is a package of communication tools using standard internet protocols. This Java API supports internet email via SMTP and POP3. Supports HTTP allowing full support for all HTTP headers and a cookie API.

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