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Top 1351-1400 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1351)   Mass Mailer
Mass Mailer is a program which allows the users to send their newsletter to their mailing list subscribers. The users have an option to select the character set.

1352)   msetint
msetint is a java applet menu which takes a single image containing the menus items and effects a shade changing animation in real-time. The tint angle step is customizable in this applet by configuring the parameters.

1353)   Perl to Java regular expressions tutorial
This is a tutorial which guide the user, who is familiar with perl can easily convert the experssion of perl to java. Some of the expression in perl has the equivalent java expression , which leads the user to learn java easier.

1354)   DS Applets
DS Applets is a collection of wonderful java text effect and visual effect applets. This package contains 114 wonderful DS Applets and all of them are highly customizable and include HTML code generator.

1355)   Working with preferences: the Preferences API Specification
You can manipulate user preference data and configuration data by the Java 1.4 package due to the addition of java.util.prefs. You can have access to implementation-specific registry like the windows registry on windows platform.

1356)   Advanced Installer For Java
Advanced Installer For Java 1.4 is a Windows Installer authoring tool with built-in support for Java.

1357)   Introducing JavaServer Pages
This article gives a detailed introduction to Java Server Pages. It also gives a detailed explanation about running JSP, JSP Architecture, using JavaBeans with JSP etc. The article provides few examples, which will enable the user to know more about JSP.

1358)   DS ScaleText
DS ScaleText implements a scaling effect of any text over any image in the background. Supports inclusion of a scroll text and image over the animation. Allows customization of the text to be scaled and displayed and also its other features like fonts, image etc.

1359)   DS Wobble
This java applet displays a wobble effect of any of your favorite image. When the mouse is moved over the applet the animation is paused and original picture is displayed. You can give a scrolling text and an image over the image.

1360)   DS Cylinder
DS Cylinder applet displays a visual effect by plotting one image supplied by you over a cylinder. You can supply a scrolling text and an image over this animation. The direction and speed of the animation can be configured by setting parameters.

1361)   DS RainMenu
DS RainMenu uses an image background animated with the rain effect and displays the menu items over it. The rain speed and the number of raindrops can be configured in the parameter setting.

1362)   Advanced Web Ranking
Advanced Web Ranking is an advanced search engine software capable of ranking active websites according to their positions in major search engines.

1363)   aipimpress
aipimpress creates an impression like effect over any image. The image can be any one of your favorite ones and has to be specified in the parameters. Can be linked to URL. The animation follows the mouse on mouseover.

1364)   How to lock down your Java code
This tutorials is helpful when you want to access open-source libraries on the you have to spend a lot of time on sifting through codes not written by you. This tells how to smoothly handle that and at the same time protect your codes from being accessed.

1365)   Java Ranch
Java Ranch is a fun different Java community.

1366)   GoodPair
GoodPair is a java applet which allows the webmasters to add an online interactive game for their site users. This applet provides a picture group matching game, which is fully configurable.

1367)   XdebugX eGraffiti
XdebugX eGraffiti is an online entertainment tool, which allows the users to draw the images of their own like the paint application. This game can be placed on any type of websites.

1368)   fTextScroll
fTextScroll can implement s smooth scroll vertically. It auto-wraps long lines of text. Each and every message can be specified with a link. Supports color change of text and a background image and pauses on mouseover.

1369)   Rutil Tag Library
Rutil Tag Library is a database tool that allows you to create data input forms, reports, and more.

1370)   Java Programming Resources
Java programming resources offers resources for java. Includes books, tutorials, and an online archive.

Flashline is the base that provides all the necessary components needed to develop the business using IT. Many organizations depend upon this flashline to manage their software development.

1372)   Gutenberg Applet
Gutenberg Applet is a versatile java applet that can be used for presentation work and news ticker applications etc. This program supports text and image presentations.

1373)   Colorfader
Colorfader uses an image and implements a color change and also effects a smooth fading of the previous color. The image can be linked to URL.

1374)   Creating a text adventure game in Java
This tutorial teaches you how to implement an object oriented adventure gaming system. Though the interest today in text adventure games are lost, this tutorial rekindles interest and enables you to relive the monochrome days, when text adventure games were popular.

1375)   Data Wizard for Java
Data Wizard for Java is a tutorial that teaches the users about the tool Data wizard for Java, that helps in constructing simple GUI interface. This tutorial clearly explains about this tool and its operation.

1376)   ODP Data Parser
ODP Data Parser can parse the ODP structure data and also incorporate it into a MySQL database.

1377)   JDDM
JDDM is a java based applet program that provides optimum solutions for all website owners and developers to generate customizable drop down vertical and horizontal menus.

1378)   Building your first JSP custom Tag
This tutorial assumes that you have no prior knowledge of JSP tags and teaches about what custom tags are, and how to build a JSP tag. It teaches you how to build a custom tag and pack it with useful functions and provide it to the end-user.

1379)   PictureRight
PictureRight is a script based on java which helps the webmasters in adjusting picture properties by providing a tool bar to display their images perfectly.

1380)   tButton
tButton can implement a 3D menu navigation in your web pages. The menu can have borders that appear on mouseover and can be of different colors specific to individual item.

1381)   CodeBrainNews
CodeBrainNews is a java applet scroller that helps users to scroll the text. This program supports unlimited number of lines and items etc.

1382)   SlideOnDemandDot
SlideOnDemandDot is slide show built on java which helps webmasters in showing slides. This applet causes a random dot effect in between each slide and supports various sizes of slides.

1383)   edtFTPj - SSL
edtFTPj - SSL is an online java beans with which webmasters can integrate secured file transfering modules on their software projects with socks firewall support.

1384)   aipscroll
aipscroll can scroll an image both horizontally and vertically at random color channel speeds. The image can be configured with a URL and the animation can be set to pause on mouseover.

1385)   RBarCode
RBarCode is a java applet program which permit the users to add barcodes to their websites and java programs. This program provide features like 1D and 2D standards for the users.

1386)   NavBar Deluxe
NavBar Deluxe is a menu system that can display multiple rows of menus and sub-menus. When placed with a mouse over a link, it highlights each link as you move the mouse over the menu. It can also have an optional background image.

1387)   JOODA
JOODA is an efficient integrated development environment for java with which you can develop object oriented online java applications on the fly.

1388)   slidepush
slidepush is a which implements a 3-D perspective effect and pushes through a sequence of images in all directions. The images can be linked to URLs and can have a background color.

1389)   ezgui
Ezgui is a package containing lots of GUI APIs in Java for use in programming. Supports use of JPG or GIF images.

1390)   DS XBlur
This applet displays few images with a blur effect between them. You can supply your favorite images into this applet. The blur speed and pause time between each image can be customized in the parameters. You can insert a scrolling text and an image over the animation.

1391)   JVMine
JVMine is a puzzle game that has been developed using java applet. This game is interactive and interesting to the users and can be played by anybody.

1392)   Onlisys EZ-J Java Toolkit
This is an useful java applet which can be used to improve the style and interface of web based applications on a JRE with JDK support.

1393)   SlickTree
SlickTree is a simple and yet an effective menu tree building software that can construct attractive and eye catching website menu maps on the fly with animations.

1394)   MightyLinks
MightyLinks uses a simple layering technique to implement an easy to use hyperlinks. This can recognize and react to mouse action automatically.

1395)   Jakarta Lucene Search Engine
Jakarta Lucene search engine is a program which acts as a full featured text search engine library which perform the operation of searching text.

1396)   Applixa Scroller
Applixa Scroller can horizontally scroll texts. The messages can be specified in the text parameter. The scrolling animation delay and the background color can be configured.

1397)   nasfog
Nasfog implements a fog effect over any image provided as input image and can link the image to URL. Supports adjustments of the fog speed and fog level and the delay of fog.

1398)   DS DoubleSplit
DS DoubleSplit is a java based applet which allows webmasters to have their own slide shows on their websites. It shows slides with split effect.

1399)   StelsEngine JDBC Driver
StelsEngine - Java SQL engine for storing and fast data processing.

1400) Chameleon Java Menu Applet
It is an extremely powerful full-graphical menu solution for your web site navigation. Due to its highly user-configurability you can fully adopt an applet's appearance to fit you web site needs.

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