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Top 1401-1450 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1401)   Simple
Simple is a powerful web server program that provides embeddable java based high performance HTTP engines with API based components.

1402)   BRL
BRL is a Java Servlet using the Kawa Scheme compiler that makes the syntax very simple and yet powerful. The language is for server side WWW-based applications, basically for database applications.

1403)   Unclogging Server Bottlenecks with Active Containers
Unclog the server bottleneck with active containers is a tutorial that provides the users with the solution for the problem of repeated processing of data.

1404)   Java Q & A
This chapter provides few common questions and answers that can crop up in the mind of Java programmers. This article provides questions and answers in groups like Keywords, Applets, I/O & Files, Language questions, Data type issues, Operators, AWT / Graphics, etc.

1405)   Real's Java HowTo
Real's JAVA JAVASCRIPT WSH and PowerBuilder How-to pages with useful code snippets.

1406)   Beginning Java: JSPs and servlets
JSP Technology which will be usefull for the user to produce dynamic web pages. Through jsp web access layers can be created, which help the architect for their future expansion. The web site layout can be seperated from the web site content through this jsp.

1407)   Andrey's Applet Bumpmapping Applet
This program is used for displaying bumpmapping image. Users can customize several activities on this effect. Easy to handle and to use.

1408)   Net Imaging
Net Imaging is an applet intended for basic photo processing in a browser. It allows the user to crop, resize, rotate, and flip a photo and upload it to the server in JPEG format.

1409)   DS FadeToTunnel
This visual effect applet displays a fade to tunnel effect between any images. You can supply a scrolling text and an image over the animation. The fade speed, pause time, tunnel speed, rotation direction etc can be customized in the parameters.

1410)   tImage
tImage can implement special effects to your images and display multiple images in your web page. You can specify a transition effect and the delay timing between the images.

1411)   Bankoi Web HelpDesk
Web Based Help Desk Software to manage customer support through tickets.

1412)   EzMulticast
EzMulticast is a communication tool in java. It can be used to send a single message to multiple recipients. Its also allows you to send and receive UDP datagrams.

1413)   ScratchOffCard
ScratchOffCard Java applet is a wonderful lottery game, which supports images with scratch-off portions as the ticket background. You can use any images and set the parameters.

1414)   DS ShearMenu
This is a java applet to show a menu with shear effect in your webpage. The shear effect is displayed in the menu text on mouseover. You can supply your favorite image as a background image.

1415)   aiphole
aiphole implements a moving hole effect with an image with customizable radius. It can be linked to URL. The delay between animation, direction, rotation speed in degrees can be configured.

1416) - java - java is a site that offers the users a large collection of java applets, programs which helps them to make their website more attractive. This site can be used by any people who are interested in java.

1417)   Game Console
This Java is a package of games applet. This game console has a total of 30 games that can be incorporated in your web site. It supports excellent design with amazing controls, loading fast for fast startup, third-party games etc.

1418)   DS FadeToFilter
This visual effect applet displays a fade to filter effect in any image. You can supply a scrolling text and an image over the animation. The speed, pause time, filter type etc can be customized in the parameters.

1419)   DS BackLightScroll
DS BackLightScroll is an online text scroller that helps users to scroll any text along with backlight presentation. This is an useful and handy tool for webmasters.

1420)   ElegantJBeans - Indicator and Gauges
ElegantJBeans - Indicator and Gauges is a powerful online utility capable of tracking various ongoing processes with instant alerts for specified levels.

1421)   DS LEDScroll
DS LEDScroll is a Java applet that displays a scrolling text with LED effect. The applet can also have a text and an image over the animation. The scrolling speed and the pause time of the scrolling text are customizable in the parameters.

1422)   AScratchNWin!
AScratchNWin gives your website to have an easy and effective scratch and win feature. It features scratch tickets that almost looks very real, and you can also use it like a mini-casino. The evaluation version lets you specify a % chance of winning.

1423)   SSC - Somewhat Secure Communications
SSC2 is an online security program written in java assisting software developers and programmers to enhance and squeez the security measures of their online projects.

1424)   Arithmetic
Arithmetic allows children to try easily mathematical functions like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, LCM and HCF. Displays the result at the end of the practice session.

1425)   Zmei Tabbed Image Viewer
Zmei Tabbed Image Viewer is an applet based on java which lets the users to display their images on their websites.

1426)   Lucene
Lucene is a search engine which is used for searching any contents using text on the search table. This script is basically built in java.This search engine could perform across any platforms.

1427)   Build error-free apps fast: Manage beans and error validation in WebSphere Portal with Java Server F
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author discusses about the Java Server Faces and tools provided by both websphere Studio and the portal toolkit. You have to register inorder to learn using this tutorial.

1428)   A220 Mission 1 - Web Page Edition
A220 Mission 1 - Web Page Edition is an arcade style game which requires the players to kill all the enemies before destroying the pirate base.

1429)   ServletManager
ServletManager can be used with different servlet/JSP programming models as an XML-based servlet controller package. This can enable a web application programmer to declare the entire application's flow, application state rules, exception handling, authorization rules etc.

1430)   Webmatic Applet Flood
This program is used for creating an image with flood effect. Users can customize the parameters of image effect as they like. Easy to handle and to use.

1431)   Professional List View Applet
This is a database tool based on java applet program. This database tool allows users to sort header arrangement and is very simple to use.

1432)   VisualEffectMotion
VisualEffectMotion is an applet that generates an effect by creating a live motion blur effect on the images on the websites. It is easy to use this applet on all servers.

1433)   VisualEffectGlass
VisualEffectGlass is an applet built on java which shows the image which is selected by the users with glass effect to make it animated one. It is easy to use this applet on any website.

1434)   Bocazas Deluxe
Bocazas Deluxe is a chat system comes with the facilities to allow the users to draw by providing drawing table. And it has more enhanced features like, having file finder, providing perfect tool bar etc.,

1435)   Mercury ButtonMenu
Build dynamic web buttons/tabs in just minutes using Mercury Java applets. The powerful built-in graphical button generator creates impressive web buttons for you. No images required - so your pages will take less time to load.

1436)   DS FadeToStars3D
DS FadeToStars3D implements a 3D star effect on transition between the images as the previous image fades and a new one appears. you can show a FadeToStars3D effect between any images in a slide show and can also generate codes in HTML to change the parameters.

1437)   DS RotateScroll
RotateScroll scrolls the text by rotating the image from an axis within the applet. The text can be linked to URL. Supports a background image and a scroll text. The HTML code generator enable configuration of parameters very easy.

1438)   mimdesc
mimdesc implements a menu in which it can take any number of images and display their descriptions mentioned in the parameters. The images can be linked to a URL. On mouse over it displays the descriptions and on clicking the images will take you to the linked URL.

1439)   SnowMenu
SnowMenu implements a menu over a background snowing effect. The speed of snow fall, the number of flakes, the snowflakes image file can be specified in the parameters.

1440)   First Menu Java Applet
First Menu Java Applet is a powerful navigation utility software using which website owners can integrate different animated web based menu systems on their websites.

1441)   LaserEyes
This is a fun Java shooting game. Supply your own photo as the background and place the eyes wherever you want. Sprites are also completely customizable in speed and directions.

1442)   useless info
it displays: -page last updated -refering website address -did page changed since last vist -internet time

1443)   DS Blinds
This interactive java applet with HTML code generator displays any images with blinds effect between them. You can give your own desirable images into this applet. This applet supports a scroll text in front of your images.

1444)   CodeBrainQuasar
CodeBrainQuasar is a program and an animation applet with remarkable flexibility and range. This program is simple to setup by the users.

1445)   Reystar Reysteroids
This is a simple yet highly entertaining game that consists in shooting and destroying approaching asteroids from a moving spaceship. There is a time limit of 2 minutes within which one must destroy as many asteroids as possible.

1446)   NewsTicker Applet Collection
NewsTicker Applet Collection offers two types of news ticker applet such as horizontal news ticker applet to horizontally scroll news header and vertical news ticker applet to scroll the news item up or down.

1447)   DS SphereMap
DS SphereMap maps any image over a sphere. With this Java applet you can also insert an image and a scroll-text over the animation.

1448)   Table
Table can create tables in your web applications in rows and columns. It allows you to search data, sort it and filter data using a powerful filter bar. The rows or cell can be specified with a URL.

1449)   TUTOS (Servlet Version)
TUTOS (Servlet Version) provides web based tools like a calendar for users and groups, address manager for people, companies and departments, bug tracking system, product/project repository, mailboxes, etc and thus fulfills the organizational needs of small groups, teams and departments.

1450)   Falling Stars
This game lets you shoot the stars from your spaceship before they fall onto the earth. This lets you be the captain of the enterprise and take control. This game which was earlier available as a windows *.exe file has been rewritten as an applet.

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