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Top 101-150 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   jzChat
This is a chatroom developed on HTML or Java Script client side. You can enter in to the chatroom as a guest user by giving a nickname. The root user can choose the chat rooms name, maximum users, open, close features. Root user can also use direct HTML.

102)   ZeroHour
ZeroHour is a customizable countdown timer for the web browsers which are well versed in java. It can provide the countdowns starting from years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

103)   Spotlight Banner
Create fantastic eye-catching lighting effects with the Spotlight applet.

104)   dac
dac Java applet is a digital alarm clock that displays both time and date with simple animation effects. It allows customization of features like background color, font, date location, delay etc.

105)   Software Architekt's JSlide Menu
Software Architekt's JSlide Menu is an efficient online navigation utility capable of creating unique slide menus with customizable icons similar to the popular MS Outlook.

106)   SwatchITime
SwatchITime displays internet time invented by Swatch. The update of time depends on the time delay set in the parameters. You can also use a image and also it offers customization of font images etc.

107)   SCWCD@Whiz
This is a mock text for web component developer certification based on the pattern of SCWCD certification. It supports 5 mock tests of 295 questions and also 85 interactive quiz questions. It can test you on Deployment Descriptor, elements, interfaces/methods from Servlets/JSP API etc.

108)   Java Calendar Component
This is an useful full featured calender software designed with java components. You can view the calender by the month or year, select dates, look for era etc.,

109)   tinyFader
tinyFader displays two 12 line blocks of content text message implementing a fading effect. The text message in this applet is configurable. The other customizable parameters include font color, font size, background color, foreground color etc.

110)   DS Wormhole
This applet can creates a wormhole effect in your web pages. You can create a wormhole of any radius and position it to the left, right or center. Supports additional scroll text and image. The HTML code generator helps to configure parameters easily.

111)   Forwarding and Including Response from other Servlets.
With this article you will learn how to pass control from one Servlet to another and how to include response from another Servlet within the caller Servlet. The article also explains about setting and getting attributes from HttpServletRequest object.

112)   Scrolling Text Applet
Scrolling Text Applet can scroll text in your web pages with background images. You can fit the applet in the available area by configuring the parameters like height and width properties of the applet tag.

113)   TinyPlayer
This applet plays any MP3 file in your web pages. This requires a JavaSound 1.0 compatible browser. It can either automatically play the file or when you chose it to play.

114)   ChatServlet
ChatServlet is a chatroom with WAP/WML support enabling the mobile users to chat through it. As it is a pure HTML implementation this chat is free from any firewall’s restriction. It relies on a configuration text file.

115)   JFS
This program permit the users to save and upload files on a server located anywhere and to print documents and send email through the JFS server.

116)   EzClock
This java bean is a tool to get the exact time by querying a timeserver. It queries an atomic clock, returns the current time or also can convert it to your local timezone.

117)   ICEMail
ICEMail is based on the new Java Mail API to implement an email client. It also supports latest email standards, including SMIME. It provides access to IMAP, POP and other mail services.

118)   SnowFlakes
This is a visual effect java applet that displays numerous snowflakes falling over an image. The animation is displayed at random center or at mouse location. You can customize the background image, number of snowflakes, speed of snowfall etc in this applet.

119)   ZeroHour
ZeroHour is a customizable countdown timer for the web browsers which are well versed in java. It can provide the countdowns starting from years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

120) Free Java Collection
This site contains a collection of Java applets and tools, which can be downloaded for free. It includes multimedia, slideshows, animation and other java utilities etc.

121)   Advanced Scrolling Text
This applet is very efficient and as a result will enhance your visitors viewing experience. Supports Text, Images & Hyperlinks. Features include setting Colors, Fonts, Indents, vary the Pause between pages, Links, Scroll Speed, Background Image, Margins & more.

122)   Image Intelligence's Magic Animated Buttons
Image Intelligence's Magic Animated Buttons is a powerful java applet program with which you can create web based animated buttons for the navigation menu system.

123)   jspImage
jspImage is an image display servlet supports GIF and PGN image files and it can dynamically create an image in the server. It can read external file to get draw command. Can also change the font size, color, various shapes etc.

124)   2D/3D Stacked Bar Graph Software
This can take multiple series of numerical data and display the information as either a 2D or 3D Stacked Vertical Bar Graph and supports both the client and server side for integration of bar charts into web pages.

125)   DS StarsMenu
DS Star Menu implements a menu system either horizontally or vertically over an image animated with a star field effect. The Number of stars in the animation and the direction of stars can be customized.

126)   Linear Equations Solver Applet
A Java applet which helps you solve linear equations.

127)   jlGui
jlGui can play audio files in the formats - WAV, AU, AIFF, MP3 and OGG VORBIS. It provides audio streaming support for IceCast/Shoutcast servers. It is also WinAmp Skin 2.0 compliant.

128)   FrettJC
This is a java chat application that runs without any additional software installation except an HTML browser. The messages can be edited and can also be stored in memory for faster access.

129)   DateChooser
DateChooser is an online java application with which webmasters and website owners would be able to integrate unique date input dialog for all their visitors to enter dates.

130)   Using JavaBeans with JSP
This tutorial teaches you to integrate JSP with a bean that already exists. Java Beans is similar to the ActiveX components. With the JavaBean’s architecture you can build components in Java. A JavaBean can be used either as a visual or non-visual component. The article also supports examples.

131)   DS Rainfade
This program allows users to display raining effect over the image and the users can use any image as background. They have ability to change the default settings.

132)   FreedomAudio
This plays any MP3 sound file with stereo effects in your web pages especially in the background. Also it can record MP3 files and can be controlled by the javascript.

133)   slidewipe
Slidewipe displays a wipe through effect with different images. With this slide show / banner Java applet, you can supply your own photos in to this applet and configure the parameters.

134)   Dieselpoint Search
Dieselpoint Search is a search tool for huge amount of data and text. Like a search engine it can implement a full-text searches, also like a SQL database it can perform parametric searches.

135)   Scrolling Text
Scrolling Text is a Java applet that creates an animated look and feel to your web pages by allowing you to scroll text. It allows you to configure parameters including: Background Color, Title, Font Size and Style, Text Color, Border Width and Color, Scroll Speed, and Display Time.

136)   1st Class Star Wars
This applet displays a scrolling text using an array of images. 1st Class Star Wars includes a package of three applets and each applet contains a detailed description of the scrolling effect and picture description.

137)   Advanced Fading Text Software
This applet can create a fading effect while displaying multiple messages within a specified area. It can provide a hyperlink and target frame for each message. The fade effect speed of the applet can be customized.

138)   WebMail servlet
It is a Java servlet allows you to support web-based mail service including mail-lists. So all mail (private, and mail lists) will be saved and distributed within your server. This servlet offers user interface to read/send mail, create and maintain mail lists etc.

139)   Quick start - using Apache digester
Quick start - using Apache digester is a tutorial that teaches the users how to utilize the Apache digester for the generation of Java objects.

140)   Image Scroller
Image Scroller is an applet built on Java which can be used to scroll the images smoothly and perfectly. It is easy to use this script on any server.

141)   DS SnowMenu
DS SnowMenu implements the menu items either vertically or horizontally over a background image animated with snowfall effect. The speed of snowfall and the number of flakes can be configured.

142)   Applets by Jpowered
Applets by Jpowered enables web developers to build web and intranet tools. Offers applets in Java like Menu applets, Graphs, Special Effects applets, Data security Tree applets, Tables etc.

143)   POJO Generator
POJO Generator is a program which provides database connection for the users by generating plain old java objects and methods to remove, update and insert POJOS.

144)   Winter Snow Applet
Winter Snow Applet is built on java which can be used by the users to share the animated image with their friends and relatives with this winter snow effect.

145)   Bridge2Java
Bridge2Java application makes communication between Java programs and ActiveX objects with the help of a proxy generating tool. With this application Active X objects can be integrated in to java environment very easily.

146)   MailBoard
MailBoard is a multi purpose servlet that can implement a classical message board. It provides all discussion to be locked in your mailbox with the help of a mail client that supports HTML message.

147)   tinySlideShow
TinySlideShow is highly useful when as many as 5000 images are required to be run in a slide show. This features a customizable button bar, background graphic, delay, optional "loading" indicator, audible feedback, and so on.

148)   VisualEffectFlag
VisualEffectFlag is an applet built on java which can be used by the webmasters to create effect to the image of any flag. In this applet users can find a wave effect to suit their flag image.

149)   Inserting Records into the Database using Java Servlets.
This is an article that tells you how to use Java Servlets and insert records into a database. Using a JDBC class ‘PreparedStatement’ is more efficient than using INSERT method. The article provides step-by-step instruction to insert the records and an online demo too.

150)   WebDBQuery
WebDBQuery is a servlet based program where the users can extract data and present data from the databases which are standard. This program has enhanced features for users.

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