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Top 1451-1500 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1451)   DS WaterSurfMenu
DS WaterSurfMenu implements a menu over an image with water surf effect in the background. The parameters for water surf like water density, horizontal and vertical speed can be customized.

1452)   Qoppa DataMorph
DataMorph is a data conversion tool that supports database, XML and ascii files. DataMorph allows structural transformation and data manipulation. The user interface is friendly and no coding is required. DataMorph is built using the Java language.

1453)   apMenu2
apMenu2 can create menus both horizontally and vertically with tiled image background and supports 12 color-fade effects. The menu structure can be loaded from an external text file.

1454)   CS Email Package
CS Email Package can send emails from Java application, applet or servlet very easily. It uses the SMTP to send email. Supports CC and BCC fields and also supports Reply field. It can be easily included in any Java app, applet or servlet.

1455)   Bug Rally
Game that simulate horse racing but with beetles.

1456)   T-Pack (bundle of Time Applets)
This program is helpful for webmasters to display web based time on their site. This software is included with HTML examples for testing.

1457)   Tag Conventions in JSP
This article describes the tag conventions in Java Server Pages. Java Server Pages has two primary conventions: Scripting-Oriented Tags and XML-Based Tags. Scripting-Oriented Tags contain all information relevant to the tag within the individual tags themselves.

1458)   Rad Inks - Java FTP Applet
Rad Inks - Java FTP Applet is a program that helps users to perform uploading or downloading files and folders. This program supports unlimited number of uploads and downloads.

1459)   aipvibrate
aipvibrate creates a shaking effect of any image customized in the parameters. The image can have a hyperlink. The animation pauses displaying the original picture when the mouse is moved over the image.

1460)   Advanced AWT Floating Menu Applet
Advanced AWT Floating Menu Applet is a navigation menu applet, which can add a professional floating menu bar in to your web page. The menus items can pop up even outside the browser window and also over the HTML content and frames.

1461)   Daffodil Replicator
Daffodil Replicator v1.8 is Open Source data synchronization software that ensures high availability of data in environments that make use of heterogeneous databases.

1462)   DropDownMenu
DropDownMenu implements a dropdown menu and supports configurable applet background color, list background color, text color, font face and size. It can also be configured to play a .au file when an item is selected.

1463)   Filtering tricks for your Tomcat
This is an article based on filtering provided by Tomcat 4. The article explains the ways to make productive use of filters in projects and also explains the filtering in Tomcat 4. Filtering is an important feature of Servlet 2.3 and can be implemented in all J2EE platforms.

1464)   ElegantJBeans - Data Access
ElegantJBeans - Data Access is an online database tool that supports JDBC and protocols like FILE, FTP and HTTP so that webmasters can easily handle all data available on the source files.

1465)   Installing and Using the Java Servlet SDK
With this article you can learn to install and use the Java Servlet SDK. At first, the web server has to be installed enabling it to support Java Servlet SDK. This article also describes the ways and means to implementation of debugging and development.

1466)   Instant logging: Harness the power of log4j with Jabber
Instant logging: Harness the power of log4j with Jabber is a tutorial that teaches the users how to use the extension ability of log4j that enables instant messaging of distributed java applications.

1467)   aColoring
aColoring is a Java image editing applet that provides a coloring book to the user. The applet supports coloring tools like pencil, gum, fill function, erase all drawing, change size line for pencil and line functions etc.

1468)   Reengineering Tool Kit for Java
Reengineering Tool Kit for Java is a XML tool application that generates XML document by parsing source code and class file of Java for complicated analysis, software metrics calculations etc.

1469)   Website Poll Trick
This is a simple JAVA applet that implements a website poll that asks your website visitors whether they think your site is the best they've ever seen or not. Only 'YES' is allowed since the 'NO' button moves away from the mouse cursor.

1470)   tinyType
tinyType scrolls text character by character like a type writer types. Supports a configurable background and foreground color. Also a background image can be included.

1471)   ChessSteps
This easy to play game programme is written in java and can be integrated into the users website that entertains visitors and also increases the number of hits to the users website.

1472)   Popup Video!
Popup Video creates popup image with sound effects. You can view the popup text by moving the mouse over the image or over the menu location.

1473)   DS Tunnel
The applet performs a tunnel effect in your web pages. A scrolling text and an image can be inserted over the image. The tunnel effect speed, direction, rotation direction etc can be customized in the properties.

1474)   DS Roll
DS Roll rolls images horizontally with the effect of the incoming image unfurling horizontally. It also supports scroll-text over the animation. You can specify the direction and position of appearance of the scroll-text.

1475)   DS TunnelScroll
DS TunnelScroll can scroll the text creating a tunneling effect with the text over an image. The color of the text and font type and size can be adjusted. All the parameters can be easily configured with the HTML code generator.

1476)   IP*Works! SSL Java Edition
IP*Works! SSL Java Edition is a development tool with 15 java beans for Internet programming. It supports features like Secure Client, Secure Mail, Secure Web browsing and much more. This java bean enables extreme portability across platforms, as it is developed purely in Java.

1477)   Apycom Java Menus and Buttons
Create professional menus and buttons for your Website!

1478)   ColorBook Java Applet
Colorbook is a Java applet that allows you to interactively fill in colors for the various objects inside of it. You can design graphics of your own and fill colors using Colorbook.

1479)   Advanced AWT Pop-Up Menu Bar Applet
Make a professional java web menu bar for your site with the Advanced AWT Pop-Up & drop down Menu BAR ! Menus can pop up over HTML content, frames and even go over the browser window. The Advanced AWT Pop-Up Menu Bar can even execute javascript functions. Source code also available

1480)   GUTENBERG Text and Image Presenter
GUTENBERG Text and Image Presenter is a collection of features like image presenter, story board, news ticker etc with sound effects. Supports a drawing tool for rectangular boxes and overlays.

1481)   Aspose.Pdf For Java
Aspose.Pdf For Java is a Java Pdf document reporting component which enables you to converting an existing XML file stream(.xml) plus a style-sheet file (.xsl) to a new a PDF file stream;etc.

1482)   Diagnosing Java Code: The Liar View bug pattern
This article discusses the employability of the Liar View bug pattern to detect bugs that go undetected in the automated tests. While using the model-view-controller in designing GUIs, the view is separated from the model, which causes great problems in automated testing for bugs.

1483)   DS Applets
DS Applets is a collection of wonderful java text effect and visual effect applets. This package contains 114 wonderful DS Applets and all of them are highly customizable and include HTML code generator.

1484)   Building dynamic Web sites with mathematical content
This is a simple chapter that explains how JSP pages and custom tags provides LaTeX-formatted formulae onto the Web, which can run without any special client side software. This article also helps the mathematicians and scientists for online science education and research.

1485)   Documentation Enhancer for Java
Documentation Enhancer for Java is a tool to add information to the javadoc files. This adds information about the behavior of classes to their javadoc files by statically analyzing the java class files.

1486)   WaveScroll
WaveScroll can scroll text in both vertical and horizontal directions with a wave effect. Converts all text into uppercase and scrolls them. 6 types of wave type can be specified and the wave speed be configured.

1487)   Building Bricks
Building Bricks is a game application fully written in Java. This nice looking game is a duplicate of original Tetris game and can run of Java Runtime Environment 1.3 or 1.4. This java game has several MIDI compositions.

1488)   KaaBlitz Crossword!
This game allows you to easily add crossword games with special effects to your website. This supports customization for sounds, colors, scoring etc. This is has horizontal words and vertical word features and is extremely easy to install.

1489)   AnyFontH horizontal scroller with 261 fonts
AnyFontH horizontal scroller with 261 fonts can read the text from any text file or from the parameters and scrolls the text horizontally with multiple font support. The text can scroll from right to left, bottom to top and appear with a type writer effect.

1490)   Advanced News Scroll Java Applet
A highly configurable vertical text scroller featuring smooth scrolling, highlighted URL links, optional border, background image, and more.

1491)   WobbleMenu
WobbleMenu wobbles the background image and menu items once when activated. It also can have an animated effect on mouseover over the menu buttons.

1492)   VirtuallyFit
VirtuallyFit is a java applet that can enhance your website with a virtual fitting tool in which a background target is overlaid by a correctly-transformed transparent and draggable object. The background color, foreground color, image etc. in this applet are configurable.

1493)   DS TunnelMenu
DS TunnelMenu implements a menu system over an image with a tunnel effect in the background. The tunnel rotates in the background, the direction of which can be configured in the parameters.

1494)   WizzLabel
WizzLabel is a program which enables any scripting language to the users for showing text. This applet is capable of displaying text for each menu options.

1495)   aipconvex
aipconvex displays a convex lens effect on any image. You can supply your favorite image into this applet. The animation is displayed at random center or at mouse location. The image can have a URL.

1496)   Common Controls
The Common-Controls form a Java Presentation Framework based on Java Servlets, Java Serverpages (JSP) and Struts. The Presentation Framework contains the most common control elements like lists, trees, tabfolders, menus and forms.

1497)   JM3DBarChart Applet
JM3DBarChart Applet is a graph and chart script that offers 3D statistic bar chart view, animated starting show, bar hightlighted on mouse over, and tip show on mouse over.

1498)   OpenCube's 3-State Image Buttons
OpenCube's 3-State Image Buttons is a powerful menu system utility designed to generate customizable buttons to easily navigate throughout the website pages.

1499)   tov (Three-D Object Viewer)
This can display a colorful 3D object viewer and supports wireframe and shaded features. It uses simple back-face culling, depth cueing, and z-buffer for hidden surface removal. Additional parameters include initial position, spinning mode, etc.

1500)   Webmatic Lake
The script implements a lake effect to any image. You can configure the lake height, lake wave speed, lake noise etc. The moving of the lake can be switched on/off.

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