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Top 1501-1550 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1501)   aDraw
This is a drawing tool is a java applet that can work on all browsers having support of JDK 1.1. Through this applet you can include a wonderful drawing applet in your web pages.

1502)   Whizlabs SCBCD Certification Simulator
This is one of the simulator certificate exam for SCBCD. Through this the beginner can know how the simulators conduct exams and how much questions are available in that particular SCBCD topics.

1503)   SlideOnDemandDial
SlideOnDemandDial is a Java based applet which can be used by the users to show their photos on their websites. This slide show produces a dial wiping effect between slides and it supports variable size of images.

1504)   Advanced Graph and Chart Collection
Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications. With the advanced graphing package you will be quickly adding impressive dynamic charting capabilities bringing your data alive !

1505)   Concurrent programming in the Java language
The Java language supports multithreaded programming. This tutorial helps you understand the proper use of multiple threads in a Java program. It assumes that you are familiar with the concepts and terms of Java language.

1506)   aipvanish
This is java applet that can vanish your favorite photos or any images supplied to it. The input image gets vanished at a random center or mouse location. You can insert the images of your own desire and configure the parameters.

1507)   Quick Java programming with FESI
This article explains you in details the FESI (Free EcmaScript Interpreter), in which the norm is to deploy the Java language in a quick-and-dirty fashion rather than the exception. The article also supports code snipets.

1508)   JBillboard
JBillboard is an online java based utility with which software developers would be able to create professional billboard java applets for your webpages.

1509)   Introduction to JavaServer Pages
You can have an introduction to the features of Java Server Pages (JSP), its target users and its employment. JSP is discussed in detail vis--vis Netscape technologies like SSJS and NAS's presentation markup language.

1510)   aipblossom
aipblossom can display real-time blossom effect on an image supplied by you. The blossom effect can be displayed either at random center or at mouse location. The image can have a URL link.

1511) - java technologies technologies is a website that offers the users with a large collection of java related information. This site can be utilized by any people who like to gain knowledge in java.

1512)   Zmei NewsScroller
Zmei NewsScroller is a vertical text scroller applet. The text supplied is vertically scrolled within a specified area and supports several customizable parameters like font type, size etc.

1513)   Webmatic Applet Scrollfade
This program is used for scrolling letters infront of the webpages in any directions. This package has full of scrolling options. Users can handle this scrolling program easily.

1514)   NavFavorites (Nite)
NavFavorites (Nite) creates a menu that lists the webpages stored in the Favorites folder for the user to easily navigate. This operates in a popup window and quits when the visitor closes the browser.

1515)   JMMorph Button Applet
JMMorph Button Applet creates a slow and smooth morphing of the menu items. It allows you to control the morph speed and the number of frames per second.

1516)   Extending Ant to support interactive builds
This is an article about Apache Ant, which is used to create automated builds. The article also explains how the Ant can be adapted to produce builds that are interactive at run time by changing the parameters.

1517)   XdebugX WordSearch
XdebugX WordSearch is an applet game, that is very interesting to play. This is a very simple and powerful game, and can be played by anybody of any age group.

1518)   Applet Soft's Professional Slide Menu Builder Applet
Applet Soft's Professional Slide Menu Builder Applet is a simple online menu building software that allows admin to generate website navigating menus with several icons.

1519)   Easy Filter
Easy Filter Applet allows image processing work done by people like students, scientists, engineers etc to be displayed in a web interface. The width and height of the applet can be changed in the parameter setting.

1520)   eva 3 Application Builder
This is a powerful online developement tool bundled with RAD integrated on eclipse development environment to assist webmasters in creating their web applications.

1521)   Image Mind Reader
This is our JAVA version of this interesting mind reading trick/game. The applet creates the illusion of having read the mind of the player by displaying the image the player selects after a couple of mathematical operations.

1522)   Trita
This application can decorate your codes based on the samples that you have. It can format codes ranging from C#, CSS, Java, Javascript, JSP, and HTML.

1523)   SlideOnDemandWipe
SlideOnDemandWipe is a java based applet which helps users in showing slides of their own photos on their websites. It displays slides with a wipe effect in between each slide.

1524)   Little Brick Out
Little Brick Out is a game, which provides a paddle to break stones that pass over you. You can control the paddle with the mouse in all four directions. To stay on in the game break as many stones as possible.

This is a website with information about programming language, internet technologies, operating systems, hardware. The main objective in this website is to know about the client side javascript, core javascript and serverside javascript.

1526)   Free online games is a site that presents the users a lot of online games for entertainment. These games can be played by anybody with any level of skills. It has many category of games for all age group.

1527)   Webmatic LakeMenu
With this script you can create a vertical or horizontal menu and implement a lake effect to it. The lake height, wave speed of the lake. The menu color, spacing, URL etc can be configured.

1528)   eSearch
This provides a simple search feature on the web. It includes expert system behaviors and intelligent agents apart from its basic capabilities.

1529)   NavButton
NavButton implements multiple menu levels for graphical buttons with automatic text placement and alignment. This menu applet does not require a gif or jpeg file for each button, so it loads very fast.

1530)   DS BlobsMenu
DS BlobsMenu displays the menu items over an image under the blob effect. The menu items can be displayed either horizontally or vertically over the image. The menu text, links, blob speed, blob size, blob palette can be customized in the parameters.

1531)   Babbage Home Page Search Applet
This script is based on java applet that allows site users to search their required contents or words from web pages. It has customization facility and users can receive the result quickly.

1532)   Logger
Logger is a simple and efficient online software designed to serve as an efficient tool for logging text files by using two vectors simultaeously.

1533)   Quoter
Quoter is a text effect applet that displays a list of quotes. You can supply your favorite custom set of quotes into this applet. You can click on the applet to view the next quote, otherwise the applet shows a new quote after a settable time delay.

1534)   Servlet Essentials
Servlet Essentials is a tutorial that tells the aim of the servlet's usage. It gives some detailed explainations about how to write HTTP servlets with full source code and more usages of servlets.

1535)   DS DissolveText
This applet can show a dissolving text over any image. The applet is interactive and includes a HTML code generator that allows you to change parameters without any knowledge of Java and HTML programming.

1536)   Advanced Pop-Up Side Menu Bar
Advanced Pop-Up Side Menu Bar implements a popup menu that can popup over HTML content, frames and even popup outside the browser window. No knowledge of java programming is required to configure the html parameters.

1537)   Second Menu Java Applet
Second Menu Java Applet is a simple online menu building program that provides customizable solutions for the webmasters to create menus for their websites with attractive special effects.

1538)   Best Practice with Expresso Framework
This is article explains the uses of Expresso Framework, which is a large tool kit of classes. Expresso Framework is a database-driven tool kit, which can use databases like Mysql, Sybase, Oracle, DB2, and Postgres etc.

1539)   Weighing in on Java native compilation
This article explains the basic means to compile codes and an overview of the popularity of Java native compilers vis--vis the JVM. The Java native compilers have a long way to go before it is mature enough to resolve the Java performance issues.

1540)   Horizontal Menu Scroll Java Applet
Horizontal Menu Scroll Java Applet is a scrolling menu for users website to make visitors navigation easy and perfect. This can be integrated into any custom websites.

1541)   DS FadeToFire
DS FadeToFire can rotate your images that fades on fire from the bottom of the image. Supports parameters like, fade speed, fire height etc. It also supports scroll text over the animation.

1542)   Jeyes
JEyes implements a menu that can have a maximum of four items- one on all the four sides. This has an animated image with two eyes that follow the mouse pointer.

1543)   DropSmart
You can implement a tetris like game with this applet. The height and width of this applet can be customized to suit your requirement. The actions can be supported with a sound file and displays a score at the end of the game.

1544)   Time stamp your JSP pages and personalize your Web site
Time stamp your JSP pages is a program which enables the users to add time stamps to their JSP pages for improving their websites.

1545)   Double-checked locking and the Singleton pattern
This is an article gives an overview of the idioms used in programming languages and discusses the double checked locking idioms which is one such idiom that the article says should never be used.

1546)   DS WormholeMenu
DS WormholeMenu implements a menu over a background rotating wormhole effect similar to a tunnel effect. The direction of the rotation of the wormhole. Its color, speed can be configured in the parameters.

1547)   P-pack
P-pack is a java applet that contains a bunch of java presentation programs like scrollup, newsflash, Tickleft, rotateinfo and Type Text.

1548)   Barcode Image Generators, Server Editions
Barcode image generators and server editions is a program which is capable to create bar code images on the server in formats like PNG, GIF and JPEG.

1549)   Webmatic Zoomfade
This visual effect applet implements both a zooming and fading effect while transition from one image to another. You can include a background and foreground image. The zoom direction can be controlled.

1550)   DS FireMenu
This Java applet implements a fire effect over a navigation menu. When the mouse is moved over the menu items the applet displays text message on the status bar. The intensity of the fire effect is customizable in the parameters.

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