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Top 151-200 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

151)   RichTextArea
RichTextArea is applet-based editor for html. It is replacement for classic html textarea. Editor supports clipboard operations, undo/redo, style's operations (bold, italic, underline), manipulations with fonts and colors, text alignment.

152)   WireFusion MP3
WireFusion MP3 is an application to play MP3 files. Supports audio streaming and requires no browser plug-ins. It is compatible with Java 1.1. All WireFusion features can be used in your audio presentations.

153)   DS Water
DS Water is a visual effect java applet to display water effects over the image supplied by you. You can also supply an image and a scroll text over the animation. You can configure the density of the water by setting the parameters.

154)   JspCart
JspCart is a java applet program developed on jsp running for general shopping cart. This script runs on MySQL and tomcat. This program provide fully functional admin control panel.

155)   ArtistScope i scroll
i scroll is a program which can be used in displaying and viewing catalogue by scrolling its images vertically or horizontally at users own choice.

156)   The Slider
The Slider can scroll texts both horizontally and vertically. It scan scroll the text in any direction. The scrolling text can be created in a text file. Supports Change of color of text on scrolling and features like fade effect from dark to light etc.

157)   JChat Servlet
JChat Servlet is a simple, fast and form based chat, which stores all information i.e., settings and objects in cache. To use JChat Servlet you need any web browser that supports Forms, Javascript, but it works best with MSIE 4.x or higher & Netscape version 3.x or higher.

158)   DS Snow
DS Snow is a visual effect java applet that can display a snow falling effect in any image supplied by you. You can also supply an image and a scroll text over the animation. You can configure the number and speed of flakes of the snow effect by configuring the parameters.

159)   Digital LED Ticker Tape
Digital LED Ticker Tape scrolls text horizontally like the glow of multiple LEDs forming a character. The text can be read from the parameter or from a server side text file. The speed of the scroll and URL can be controlled.

160)   ALOV Map
Publication vector and raster maps to Internet and interactive viewing on web browsers can be implemented by this application. Web mapping is possible in two approaches with the help of ALOV Map. They are standalone and client or server. It supports hyperlink and can attribute data.

161)   APG
APG is an online java application that offers customizable solutions for all webmasters to generate HTML based photo galleries using swing GUI components.

162)   E-Gantt
E-Gantt is lightweight generic charting applet that can display interactive Gantt Charts. The key features in this include: Clean Model View Controller design; Realtime event support; Simple integration with JTable. Designed for easy integration into project planning and scheduling systems.

163)   JavaZOOM
JavaZOOM free applets, servlets, open source projects and free web services. The main open source project is a pure Java real time MP3 Decoder/Player.

164)   esCHAT irc applet
esCHAT can connect to any IRCD server from web with mIRC like features. 79kb, multi language support and cross-platform compatibility. esCHAT has more than 40 parameters, you can change everything from appearance to settings

165)   Connecting to a MySQL Database using Connector/J JDBC Driver.
A tutorial on how to connect to a MySQL Database using Connector/J JDBC Driver. Explains all the code in detail.

166)   Filtering tricks for your Tomcat
This is an article based on filtering provided by Tomcat 4. The article explains the ways to make productive use of filters in projects and also explains the filtering in Tomcat 4. Filtering is an important feature of Servlet 2.3 and can be implemented in all J2EE platforms.

167)   Softslate Commerce
SoftSlate Commerce is a highly flexible shopping cart program written with 100% Java and JSP. It is designed to be the platform for a robust ecommerce solution tailored to a company's unique business needs. SoftSlate Commerce utilizes the best practices of open standards and technologies such as Struts, J2EE design patterns, Apache Commons technologies, the Tiles templating framework, and more—making it highly accessible to developers and designers. Best of all, the entire SoftSlate Commerce source code comes included with the product, along with a license allowing you to modify it to suit your exact requirements, without restrictions of any kind, in perpetuity. Features include: Product catalog. Products are completely searchable and browsable. Products may be placed within a category tree of arbitrary depth. Product attributes. Custom attributes that shoppers select, such as size, color, or any other field, may be defined, for individual products or groups of products. Customer accounts. Includes complete support for customer accounts, including saved addresses, lost password retrieval, and customer order history. Administration. Comes with a web-based administrator allowing you to manage your store online, and integrates with the NetPush Order order management system. Multiple databases. Runs out of the box with SQL Server 2000, MySQL 3.x, and MySQL 4.x. Complete control of HTML and CSS styles. The entire HTML output is accessible through JSP pages for complete flexibility. Multi-tiered architecture. The architecture provides complete separatation of Model, Controller, and View components. J2EE patterns. Uses J2EE patterns in the Model component, providing a highly recognizable platform to build on.

168)   CRSMail
CRSMail is an e-mail server that handles e-mail and offers Web based interface for users to check their email. It supports SMTP, POP3, Plugins, Can listen on multiple or non-standard ports, Log's everything to a log file etc

169)   WebReminder
This Java applet is a calendar and reminder. It can be used as a personal calendar in a standalone PC or as a multi-user server system in the internet and intranet. It supports 24 hours advance alarm setting.

170)   actiTIME
actiTIME is an online java application designed to track time periods especially for billing and management tasks based on both customers and projects.

171)   JChop
JChop is a web development application tool that can split large GIF or JPEG images into any number of panels or sub–images and can show them in HTML table. It also generates scripts to display alternate images and status bar text on mouse over and mouse out events.

172)   JSci: An open-source alternative for Java 2D graphing
This tutorial discusses in details JSci as an alternative to Java 2D graphing. JSci is an open-source package, which allows you to create 2D bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs in Swing.

173)   SOMA
SOMA is an open source web-messaging engine. The site is powered by SOMA (Suckage Open Message Architecture). SOMA is fully written in Java on top of Sun’s Servlet API 2.0.

174)   Smart JPrint
Smart JPrint is a java class library that allows the programmers to create PDF documents from J2EE and from Swing GUI programs. Preview and printing facilities are also included.

175)   Coding Ground - Java Tutorials
Coding Ground - Java Tutorials is a website that can be used by the java learners to gain complete knowledge of programming in java.

176)   JSP Fractal
This is a wonderful image manipulating servlet that demonstrates how you can use scriptlets in a JSP page to create versatile virtual graphics in HTML.

177)   J@Whiz1.4
J@Whiz1.4 simulates Java Certification Test. It includes 10 Mock Tests with 610 questions and an interactive quiz with 112 questions. It is designed on the basis of latest pattern of SCJP1.4. It provides detailed explanation and quick revision tips.

178)   VisualEffectVibrate
VisualEffectVibrate is a java based applet which produces a vibrating effect to the loaded images and shows them as animated pictures. It can be used by the webmasters to increase the attraction of their websites.

179)   MultiShow
MultiShow is a multipurpose file viewer for audio, video, images and text. It is entirely written in Java and runs on a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Macintosh, Solaris and Linux.

180)   Camzor Webcam Applet
This webcam applet auto refreshes at a specified amount of seconds, add a text overlay, and open a document or image on click for use in thumbnail display. With this applet the visitors will never see broken images.

181)   JFTP - The FTP Client For Java!
This is a graphical FTP client allowing easy interface to FTP servers on the internet or intranet. This supports cross-platform operations with Java 1.1 support. This also supports viewing, deleting, renaming, changing local drives etc on the local and remote computers.

182)   World Population
World Population counts the population of the world. This counts in a realistic manner and is based on the ‘odometer’ class developed by the same author.

183)   Bokai Barcode Image Generator Java component (Barcode/JSP)
Bokai barcode image generator Java component generates barcode images in PNG or JPEG format without requiring your web server to run in graphics mode (X-Window). Your HTML pages can embed a bar code image URL (sevlet or JSP file) without programming.

184)   Lazy load using dynamic proxy
Lazy load using dynamic proxy is a tutorial that teaches how to implement the lazy load mechanism using dynamic proxy concept.

185)   VorbisSPI
VorbisSPI is based on JOrbis Java library and it supports OGG Vorbis audio format. Ogg vorbis is a non-proprietary, fully open, patent and royalty free, general purpose compressed audio format for high quality sound output.

186)   Thumbnail Slide Show
Thumbnail Slide Show is a java applet that presents all your images in a thumbnail view. The images in this applet are configurable.

187)   ImageInfo
ImageInfo basically duplicates a PHP function. This optimizes the site's load time by coding in the dimensions of the image being loaded. The class will return the height and width of the image when the path of the image resource is passed to it.

188)   Swing's new JFormattedTextField component
This article is a guides you in using JFormattedTextField component to prompt for numbers, dates, and formatted input. The article also describes about the swing components such as JSpinner and JformattedTextField, which is available with J2SE, version 1.4.

189)   Glowing Messages
Glowing Messages is a java text effect applet that displays different glowing message scrolling horizontally and vertically. The text message can scroll from left to right direction and from right to left direction. Each message can be linked to a URL.

190)   JasperAssistant
JasperAssistant is an efficient and easy to use online report designing software working only with "JasperReports" to create visual reports with graphical interface.

191)   DS Clouds
This visual effect java applet can implement a real time cloud effect. You can also supply an image and a scroll text over the animation. You can customize the density, speed and direction of the clouds by configuring the parameters.

192)   VisualEffectWater
VisualEffectWater is an applet, through which users can show their images as if under clear water by causing a water effect.

193)   J@Whiz
This is a series of 11 mock tests of 649 questions checking you on the Latest Pattern of SCJP2 exam. It also supports a diagnostic test to reveal your strengths and weaknesses. Also supports interactive quiz on 100 questions veering all topics.

194)   Happy as a Lark
Happy as a Lark is an online game same as the classic nibbles game. This game can be added on any type of website and it is more interactive and fun for users to play.

195)   smsDumper
smsDumper is a simple and effective online communication tool designed to assists users to send online SMS messages for GSM mobiles with just a double click on the coresponding mobile number.

196)   DS Rain
DS Rain can use any image in the background and implement a rain effect over the image. You can customize the image, number of raindrops, speed of rain etc in the parameters. You can also insert an image and scroll text additionally over the animation.

197)   Forms
This is a brief note based on the creation of forms and the process of acquiring information from the customer of a particular web site. This article includes a short example, which displays the creation of a simple color survey and producing the results back to the user.

198)   WAP builds Java applications
This article explains the method of connecting your existing enterprise Java infrastructure to a wireless network by using modified servlets and new WML and WMLScript pages with a minimum expense.

199)   DS Ripple
DS Ripple is an image effect applet that displays a ripple effect over an image supplied by you. You can also insert a scrolling text and an image, which are highly customizable in this applet. You can configure the frequency and pause time of the ripple effect in the parameters.

200)   Bocazas Light
Bocazas 1.2 Light is a simple IRC web chat client which lets the webmasters to have a chat system on their websites. It has several enhanced features and supports multiple languages.

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