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Top 201-250 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

201)   Lucene
Lucene is a text based search engine. It is suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search like searchable e-Mail, CD-ROM-based online documentation search, web site searching etc.

202)   JavaBeans FAQ
This tutorial is a compilation of frequently asked question in JavaBeans. This concise FAQ gives an overview of covering various aspects with questions like What are JavaBeans?, Are JavaBeans a standard?, On which platforms can I use JavaBeans? etc.

203)   Billboard Java Applet
Billboard Java Applet is a banner rotation applet with amazing transition effects. It supports up to 8 transition effects. Each and every banners can be hyperlinked.

204)   jMailComposer
You can send emails from web browser with jMailComposer. Supports, replyto, CC, BCC fields etc. Also supports file attachments, message priority and return receipt. This server-side component can be integrated in any JAVA/JSP/Servlets application.

205)   Java Calendar Component
This is an useful javabeans utility that helps users to design date pickers for their online calendar softwares. This program supports multiple drawing styles for selecting and highlighting the dates.

206)   Digital Clock
Digital Clock implements the digital clock and caters to 24 hour time zones and a 24 hour clock or you can also select a AM/PM option. Customizable parameters include font style, size, color etc.

207)   ChartDirector (Java Edition)
A fast and powerful charting component for creating professional and clickable charts. Supports all major chart types - pie, bar, line, spline, trending, area, bubble, scatter, polar, box-whisker, finance, gantt. Easy to use, highly flexible and customizable. Comes with numerous sample codes.

208)   3D Multi Series Column Chart Bean
This Bean can create 3D column charts. The data objects, which are the different grouped features of this java bean, enable simpler and flexible implementations. Supports different text, label colors, axis colors etc.

209)   Infomentum AppletFile
AppletFile is a set of Java applets that can be used to enhance file upload and download capabilities on your Web site. Using standard Web browsers, users can upload and download multiple files using predefined paths to automate the process as much as possible.

210)   Simplest Database Sorting (Up & Down) in JSP
Simplest Database Sorting (Up & Down) in JSP, in here the author dicusses about a simplest code that can be used in categorising in JSP.

211)   Ad Server Solutions
Provider of ad management software and hosted ad serving solutions.

212)   Netvision
Internet video surveillance. Stay closer while being far away!

213)   Java Date Picker
Java Date Picker is an online date selecting utility with which users can view and select specific dates from the calenders through an intuitive interface.

214)   DigiCalendar
Implements a digital calendar with customizable background and foreground colors. You can configure the applet height and width, the text and border.

215)   Java Sheet
Javasheet is a simple java applet based database tool that permits users to create interactive excel spreadsheets on their web pages.

216)   Zmei NewsTicker
Zmei NewsTicker can display news messages or links. It can scroll the messages vertically and link them to individual URL. Supports color change of the text scrolled on mouseover.

217)   XdebugX Sliding Puzzle
XdebugX Sliding Puzzle is a simple sliding puzzle game, which is more interesting to play. This game can be placed on any type of any type of websites.

218)   Java4Less
Java4less is a site that offers lots of Java applets, which can be used to create reports, charts, build menus, create barcodes, fax, emails etc. These are ready to use applets with source code, which gives it high flexibility.

219)   iText
iText is a java bean which is useful for generating read only platform independent documents having text, table, images etc. It can generate PDF, XML, HTML, and RTF files etc. To run iText JDK 1.2 or its later version is required.

220)   Accessing Database using Tags in JSP Pages
This tutorial teaches you how to access database and display records from it's tables using JDBC in JSP tags. It explains how to use JDBC in JSP tags and then more importantly how to iterate in JSP tags and display all the data.

221)   Webmatic Rain Menu
This program is used for creating a rainmenu. Users can use this program to get rain effect over the image. Users can customize applet parameters as they prefer.

222)   SpiceCharts
Webmasters can use this java library to create and integrate different styles of 3D and 2D graphical charts on web applications.

223)   Andrey's Applet Snow
This program is used for generating snow effect image. It displays image with snowfall effect. Users can customize snowflakes and color of snow.

224)   Wobble
Wobble creates a wobbling effect on a logo or on a graphic in a sine wave form. It can even wobble large images line by line at high speeds on low end computers quite satisfactorily, as it has low execution times.

225)   TES
This application written entirely in Java is an iRCX chat server. This can be used as an alternative to existing IRCX servers as this is platform independent.

226)   Oids
Oids is an online multi player game just as asteroids. This is a shooting game where users can create their own levels for the fun of the game. The main objective of the game is to eliminate other oids and proceed to next levels.

227)   DS Stars
The applet performs a star moving effect in your web pages. A scrolling text and an image can be inserted over the image. The number of stars, moving direction etc can be customized in the properties.

228)   BrainCode's SLIDEWAYS
This applet scrolls images in any of four directions and can handle up to 100 images. SlideWays features smooth scrolling and flexible parameters for stunning layout effects, and works well with larger images.

229)   World Wide Live Counter
World Wide Live Counter is a simple java counter, that can be used by the webmasters to count the number of users in real time. This counter can be added on any websites.

230)   Cerebellum
Cerebellum implements a 2D menu with a tree structure. This supports feature like highlight bar color, text color, an optional GIF or JPEG image in the background etc.

231)   RubikPlayer
RubikPlayer applet can be used to display an interactive model of Rubik's Cube on your website. Main features includes, face twists, mid-layer twists, slice-twists, two-layer twists and cube rotation.

232)   Tetrix
Tetrix applet resembles the TETRIS game. You can play this game with a Java compatible browser. It is currently available in English and Italian version. It allows you to modify the values of width and height where the game is displayed.

233)   CSRandomQuote
CSRandomQuote uses Server Side Includes (SSI) to display random quotes. You can print random line from a text file by embedding commands in your html documents.

234)   Website Login
Website Login is a fast and efficient user authentication servlet to provide login authorization to your website. It can manage large number of simultaneous requests. It features maximum reliability and it is very simple to setup and install.

235)   Java Language Essentials
Java Language Essentials is a tutorial of Java language essentials. It presents an overview of the Java programming language comparing it with ASP.

236)   DS FireText
DS FireText is a wonderful text effect java applet that displays a burning effect of the text. This also supports an overtext and overimage that can be inserted over the animation. The text can be specified in the parameters.

237) is a site in which you can access free java applets, reference, resources etc. It supports a lot of links that connect you directly to the sites offering freewares on Java.

238)   Vote Servlet
Vote Servlet can be used in any web site to quickly build and operate surveys and polls. You can design and deploy the servlet with your own HTML(WML). This can be used with mobile users as this supports WAP/WML.

239)   JAScroll
JAScroll is a java applet that provides a horizontal scrolling text to your web pages. This applet is compatible with all browsers having java support. The width and height of the message box can be customized by setting the parameters.

240)   Counting Records in MySQL by JSP
Counting Records in MySQL by JSP is a tutorial that guides the users to count the number of records in the MySQL database. This tutorial provides the SQL codes.

241)   Authentication
Authentication can enable you to implement registration of applications with private passwords and attribute for performs a simple login process.

242)   XML generation with JAVA
This article provides you with code samples, which are used for generating XML with JAVA/ JAXP. The sample codes provided in this article are downloadable as a JBuilder project.

243)   Simian
With this application you can view images of any format. Supports features like clipboard interaction, resize, transparency handling, magnify etc.

244)   ConstantWobbleMenu
ConstantWobbleMenu implements a menu over a background image and constantly wobbles the image and menu. The image and menu items wobble even when engaged by the mouse. The length and amount of the waves can be adjusted.

245)   IconTreeMenu
It is a simple java application which can be integrated into users website inorder to create icon tree menu in their websites.

246)   Zmei Slide Show
Zmei Slide Show is a slide show applet that creates a kaleidoscope effect. Supports parameters to configure the image and animation settings.

247)   MailWebForm
MailWebForm is a program which permit the users to send an email from a website. This program performs email composing and html form processing.

248)   EzPOP
EzPOP is a java bean that enables to retrieve e-mail from a Post Office Protocol server by implementing a POP3 client. It can set a user password for authentication with the POP Server.

249)   Pictures Publishing
Pictures Publishing is an image servlet that builds a photo album with .gif, .jpg and .pgn files. The display of pictures and the settings of various interface files are described by a configuration file provided in this applet.

250)   JaVi - Java Vigenere
This is a GUI based cryptography of vigeneres algorithm within java applet. It requires java development kit for standalone application.

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