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Top 301-350 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

301)   RSMS for Java
Java component for sending SMS messages using a SMSC (Short message service center). It supports the UCP and TAP protocols and can deliver messages using an existing tcp/ip connection or using a dial up connection (analog modem).

302)   AEA MMBarChart
AEA MMBarChart enables you to make bar charts of your data. This applet supports unlimited number of bars and it automatically calculate axis ranges. The features like the wonderful initial animations and the option to put a background image will impress your website visitors.

303)   WebHelper
WebHelper is a java application tool that can display JPEG picture in any static web pages. This application automatically creates combined pages for each set of pictures, which are prearranged in separate folders.

304)   MXServer
MXServer is a simple online java application capable of searching MX records from the domain name system(DNS) to ensure that all emails are send to the correct host as mentioned.

305)   Bribble's Chat System
Bribble's Chat System is an efficient online chat script that allows webmasters to integrate chat boxes on their websites to create a chat room for their website visitors.

306)   JHTML
JHTML is a HTML editor with basic and advanced text editing abilities like File, Replace, Regexp, Capitalize Tags, etc. It also features basic and advanced Syntax highlighting. It shows tabbed and internal windows like MS Interdev, MS Visual C++ etc.

307)   Java Applets from is a website that has a collection of Java applets thst can be used by the users to make their websites attractive. These applets can be used by the web developers very easily.

308)   Editlet
This is a WSYIWYG html text editor that can create and edit html pages. This program can publish output to database and displays output in XHTML file format. This program could be customized to user's needs.

309)   EzSMTP
EzSMTP is a java bean that can be used to send electronic mail to a single or multiple recipients. It uses SMTP protocol to send e-mail. It can send simple and HTML messages.

310)   Webmatic starscroll
This is a java applet, which can display a 3D text scrolling effect like starwars. The applet is highly configurable and this applet can be used in a website that is built with Webmatic.

311)   Happy Codings - Programming Code Examples
Programming Resources & Code Examples

312)   Website Chat Room Generator
Website Chat Room Generator is a powerful online program using which you would be able to create your own chat rooms with specific name.

313)   AdJuggler
AdJuggler is an advertising solution for online publishers, media properties, retailers, and other Internet-centric enterprises etc. This advanced ad management system provides distributed architecture, geo-trading and SSL delivery.

314)   Auto Scrolling Image Menu
This applet in Java can scroll images up or down automatically. The scroll speed can be adjusted and the scrolling can be paused between ads or continuously scrolled. The images can be specified with a hyperlink.

315)   Connect Daily
Connect Daily, a web-based calendaring system, allows multiple users to add and edit calendar events using a web browser.

316)   Village
Village enables interaction with JDBC compliant relational database easier. Without writing even a single of SQL, you can execute and control the select/insert/update/delete SQL statements using Village.

317)   Secure On-line Ordering System
Secure On-line Ordering System can encrypt credit card numbers and send them on the internet safely. With this the users can order via email with a secured transmission of their credit card number.

318)   Saké Mail web-mail servlet
A high performance Web-based email Java servlet system.

319)   Toejam
Toejam is an intelligent answering machine, which can deal with different callers in different ways, and can SMS important messages to mobiles. It implements this with a Voice Modem as the base of an IVR system.

320)   Jigsaw
Jigsaw is an applet which allows the users to convert their desired digital image into a jigsaw. This applet scales the images in the template according to the area specified by the users. A good puzzle game to place on the websites.

321)   Build interoperable Web services with JSR-109
Build interoperable Web services with JSR-109 is a tutorial that guides the users how to build interoperable websites in the Java environment. This tutorial can be used by persons who have an intermediate level of Java knowledge.

322) website offers you tons of java applets which is useful for the web designers to use in their web projects. These applets helps to design the web sites with better look and feel.

This is a set of 4 applets illustrating, in the simplest terms, how sequential animation is acheived via loaded images. Each successive applet building upon its predecessor. If you want to learn how to do it, then this tutorial is the quickest, surest way there is; an invaluable learning-tool for teacher and student alike.

324)   Rotateinfo
Rotateinfo displays message within a specified area one after the other. Messages are required to be specified in a text file. These messages can be linked to be URL.

325)   NavTool
NavTool is a versatile scrolling menu. It can be configured to be a double-column menu with the menus scrolling out between the columns or a single column vertical menu with the menus scrolling out on the right. NavTool can be used both as a horizontal or vertical menu.

326)   MessengerXM
MessengerXM is an online java application that allows you to communicate with other online communities with multiple chat sessions at a time.

327)   Big Faceless PDF Library
The Big Faceless PDF library is a Java class library for creating and editing PDF documents on-the-fly. It's small, fast, easy to use and integrate into your projects, and is completely written in Java.

328)   Zmei Advanced Slide Show
Zmei Advanced Slide Show is a program which can be used by the webmasters to have their slide show by using their own images. It is very easy to use this tool on any website.

329)   Bar Chart
This is a simple java based bar chart applet where users can represent their values in corresponding bar charts. This program offers users the ability to customize colors and fonts.

330)   JCDatabase
JCDatabase supports cross-platform data access and can access your local database without any database server or require you to configure your system. It can be accessed by many users if installed on a server.

331)   One$DB
One$DB: Open Source Java Database

332)   XPeedoMeter Bandwidth Test
XpeedoMeter can perform a bandwidth test to your domain. This indicates a meter for speed in bits/second and loading in percentage.

333)   Activedit Online Web Editor
ActiveEdit is a content management tool. Like the text area does, this ActiveX DHTML editing component embeds in to a HTML. It features extended CSS support, content cleanable paste buttons, editable image properties, active scan integration, Horizontal Rule Button etc.

334)   Diagnosing Java Code : The Orphaned Thread bug pattern
This tutorial discusses detecting, fixing, and avoiding this bug pattern faced when using multithread code, in which when using the master thread to send messages they are queued for processing by other threads. This may freeze when the master thread puts up an exception.

335)   Melati Boards
Melati Boards is a program which enables the users to store messages with melati SQL database. This program is useful for the users and can be handled by them easily.

336)   Site Instant Messenger
Site Instant Messenger is a java based chat system, that helps the users to run an online chat program on their websites. Users can create their own layouts, images etc., in this program.

337)   RFax
RFax is an application to send fax to any group 3 fax machine without caring about the details of modem/fax communications. It requires an analog modem and does not work on ISDN.

338)   slidedot
slidedot implements a random dot effect with images of different sizes. This is a slide show as well as a banner applet as each image can be specified with a URL.

339)   Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) Application Development : MIDP Programming.
This tutorial explains you about the Mobile Information Device Profile programming in three steps. The first step gives you detailed introduction of the MIDP application. In the second step the high-level user interface API and in the third level low-level API has been explained.

340)   Encapsulate reusable functionality in JSP tags
From this article you can learn to encapsulate the common functionalities in JSP tags and put them to effective use. This article teaches you to use using the Servlet/JSP reference implementation, Tomcat to build, deploy, and use your own custom JSP tag.

341)   HSQL Database
This is a java based relational database tool which supports Ansi-92 SQL's rich subset. The database tables are based on two types like, disk based or memory based.

342)   FormMail Servlet
You can email html forms using FormMail Servlet. This obtains data and processes based on its configuration file. You can set addresses of your SMTP port, SMTP relay, domain and describe contents of the letter in a text template file.

343)   Page Expired
Page Expired can be used in your web pages to redirect the visitor to the current location after the specified time on the site of the page has expired.

344)   J-Painter
Online image editor that allows to draw pictures directly in a browser and upload them to the server in JPEG PNG, and GIF formats.

345)   What are JavaBeans?
This article tells you what Java Beans are. JavaBeans are Java classes that conform to certain coding standards namely, Implements interface, Provides no argument constructor, Provides getter and setter methods for accessing it's properties.

346)   Java sockets 101
From this tutorial you can learn all about sockets and its usage in Java programs. It teaches you sockets that can be employed to handle different situations. The tutorial supported with examples ranging from single server/client communication to a pooled collection of clients accessing the server.

347)   Mantaray
This tool is used for sending message to others without server messaging utility. It supports JMS operation for such function with security.

348)   Advanced Scrolling Text Software
Advanced Scrolling Text Software is a java applet scroller that helps users to get contents from a text file and scroll them vertically. They can scroll even hyperlinks and images on their web pages.

349)   XBrowser
XBrowser is a web browser with Plugins/Extensions, which will increase the functionality of the browser. It supports features like JavaScript and Cookies as well as page caching, printing and print preview, flexible searching among history and much more.

350)   ABCMachOneMessenger!
ABCMachOneMessenger enables you to make slide shows with amazing special effects and full customization. The presentation display is automatically timed.

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