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Top 351-400 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

351)   DS FireWorks
DS FireWorks can create a firework visual effect. The number of particles of the fire, gravity of the fire can be configured. Supports an image and a scroll text whose parameters can also be easily configured.

352)   JSP-XML DataGrid I
This is a JSP based program which shows how to display the XML data in the datagrid control using JSP. The author shows it with a sample program.

353)   Password Manager
This application can securely manage your user id, password, URL in data files in tabular form with password protection. The Data files can also be encrypted and supports unlimited data files and records.

354)   MagicCube
Create amazing 3D photo cube with this Java Applet. MagicCube is fully configurable. Supports use of any image, so you can supply your own photographs and turn them into a visual cube display.

355)   News Distribution System
This is a news publishing application, which supports three main functions like host news, edit news and read news. It can also be used an educational tool to learn Java, Java Threads, synchronized procedures etc.

356)   jPDFPrinter
jPDFPrinter is a java bean that creates the PDF documents by extending the standard java method which handles printing, and thus follows a java technology based printer job and its behaviors.

357)   Servlets and JSP
This article explains you the basics of Java Servlets and Java Server Pages and their advantages. Servlets are comparable to CGI programming. With JSP technology you can mix regular static HTML with dynamically generated HTML.

358)   nasfire
This animation button applet in Java applies the fire effect on any image supplied to it. To work it out, click the image to land on to the URL specified if any. You can supply your favorite may be *.gif or *.jpg. images.

359)   i Zoom by ArtistScope
i Zoom is a program which lets the webmasters to display perfect JPG and GIF images. Zooming out and zooming in can be performed with the help of right and left click respectively.

360)   Lotto
Lottois a java Applet that is a game of picking six numbers from 1 through 53. The selection of the numbers is purely random without any duplicate checking. Its like a lottery and easy to play.

361)   Smart Slider Menu Applet
Smart Slider Menu Applet is an online java applet program that allows webmasters to implement sliding menu systems on their website with automatic mouse highlight effects.

362)   ToolTipMenu
This is a simple applet in HTML source which displays tooltip for the items on the menu list in both horizontal and vertical mode whenenever the mouse runs over it. This tool offers basic and advanced parameters for integrating various menu items in the external files.

363)   PJIRC
PJIRC is a java based web client and IRC applet which can be used by the users to have a chat system on their websites. Users can have a facility to view away messages in both status and many more in this system.

364)   ScrollIt
ScrollIt horizontally scrolls the text. It has a pause, forward and rewind buttons, which allows you to control the text scroll. The text can be linked to URL.

365)   Advanced Multiple Advert Banner
This applet displays one ads after another at a specified location and can take upto any number of advertisements. Supports special effects like scroll from top, bottom, right and left. The ads can be specified with a target window and can also have a hyperlink of its own.

366)   goURL
goURL displays the list of names of website and URLs specified in the parameters in the form of a drop down menu for the visitors to click and use. Supports use of background image, color etc.

367)   DS Wave
This creates a wave effect over an image. The wave period and the direction of the wave in either horizontal or vertical direction can be decided by you. An additional scroll text and image over the animation is supported.

368)   DS Blobs
DS Blobs can implement a blob effect on an image. The blob size can be determined by you in the parameters. Also you can control the speed and blob palette. You can also include a scroll text and image over the animation.

369)   AEA MMMotionblurMessage
This applet applies displays incoming and outgoing messages appearing from a distance with a blur effect, which can be configured. The messages can also be linked to an URL. Supports a background image and other font style, size etc.

370)   Headline Newsticker Java Applet
Headline Newsticker Java Applet scrolls any number of text vertically line by line. The delay of scroll can be adjusted. It pauses the scroll on mouseover. Supports a background image and aligns the text to either right or left or center.

371)   Horizontal Menu Scroll
Horizontal Menu Scroll implements a menu, which scrolls the menu items horizontally from left to right or right to left. On mouseover the menu item is highlighted in a different color, clicking on it will take you to the linked URL.

372)   Simple JSP Navigation TAG
This is a versatile JSP navigation tag, which can generate a hierarchical drop down menu system. The various browsers supported are: NS4.05+ IE4+ Opera5+ NS6+ Mozilla09+.

373)   CMS WebCal
A Java applet based calendar that can be customized to match your site. WebCal lets you highlight Sundays and weekdays in seperate colors. WebCal can also display the calendar with a different picture for each month and much more

374)   RMenu
RMenu creates Horizontal, dropdown, vertical and trees menu with icons and a background. It creates menus using the RTree Visual Designer, which requires no knowledge of HTML.

375)   PhotoServlet
PhotoServlet is an image display servlet with which you can index and view images. You can allocate a photo album on different machines and process them. You can configure the viewing style of the photo in this servlet.

376)   aipcube
aipcube maps an image and creates a cube of the image and performs real-time rotation. The applet shows the original picture when the mouse is moved over the image. The image can have a URL link.

377)   WireFusion 3D
WireFusion 3D can create a 3D web presentation. You can implement a touchscreen or can play a movie on a 3D model in realtime. It requires only a Java enabled browser and requires no browser plug-ins.

378)   JavaPowered
This offers free downloads of hundreds of Java applet and also supports previews before addition to your web page. It also offers information and tips on Flash/SWF contents also.

379)   Portal Servlet
Portal Servlet is a portal building tool. You can develop a set of portals that looks like a grid of portals and also run them. The portlets have their own set of attributes and URL source.

380)   Counting Active Users on your web site using JSP
This article is discusses about building JSP pages and session listener class with which the number of users of a particular site can be determined. The article provides a detailed description about the Session, how to count active sessions, and the requirements for it.

381)   JS SCROLL
JS Scroll can scroll text horizontally and is specifically designed for JavaScript Junkies. This applet can have limitless messages and each message can have a link. This can automatically sizes message text and centers it vertically in the applet space.

382)   Schmortopf Java IDE
This java application is an integrated Java development environment. It supports multi languages and a language translation editor. The application is freeware and is compatible with Windows operating systems.

383)   Esvon Java Chat
Cusomizable real-time java chat server software for web sites. Esvon Java Chat has features like skins, avatar icons, pictures and sounds, multiple rooms and private messaging, administrative control, and more.

384)   Java Applet Source Code
Offering a java applet source code, menus and more.

385)   nconnect
This Java applet is board game, which is configurable to a great extent. To win the game you have to connect horizontally, vertically, or diagonally the same N specified objects against the computer.

386)   AurigaDoclet
AurigaDoclet is a powerful development tool designed to compose and create customizable java API documentation with headers and footers text along with a XHTML cover page.

387)   SlidingPuzzle
This is a Java Applet with which you can play a puzzle game using your favorite photos. The photo is divided into segments and converted into a puzzle.

388)   Java SPSS Writer
SPSS Writer is a java class library which helps you to create SPSS files. You can easily generate dynamic reports from any data source using the classes of SPSS writer.

389)   Web Application Events
This is an article that explains about two important web application events like Application startup and shutdown, Session creation and invalidation. This article also details the special "listener" classes that are created to make use of the web application.

390)   RData Matrix
RDataMatrix is a java applet program which allows the users to create data matrix barcodes for their HTML pages or java programs. This applet is a two dimensional matrix symbology.

391)   PacText
PacText is a wonderful java text effect applet that displays a pacman eating taglines one after another. You can supply as many taglines as you want. The size of the pacman depends on the height of the applet.

392)   DbVisualizer
DbVisualizer is a cross-platform database visualization and management program. Supports different databases like Sybase, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, InstantDB, McKoi, SAP DB, Cloudscape and Mimer.

393)   Tip: Set up SAX Parsers
Tip: Set up SAX Parsers is a tutorial that assists the users how to use XML from the programming language, Java. This tutorial can be used by the basic learners of Java.

394)   Download4J
With Download4J you can download files from any folder, Zip archive or from databases like MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, etc. This 100 % java-written download system can be integrated in any JSP or servlet application.

395)   Applet Site Content Searcher
This program is used for creating a java search engine on your website. It helps them to search any content on the webpages or on the website quickly.

396)   jFM
jFM is a file management program and is a servlet based script with which users would be able to copy, move, rename, delete files and directories on their websites.

397)   Andrey's Applet Flag
This program allows users to create an flag effect image. Users can use their own pictures to get this flag effect on their images.

398)   StarGaze
StarGaze displays a flowing starfield effect. The applet contains a configurable scrolling text with a hyperlink. You can also supply a background and multiple foreground images that can move or stay still.

399)   J-Ads Pro
J-Ads Pro is a banner rotation applet for displaying ads anywhere on your web page. It rotates banners from all four directions of your web page with transition effects like color fade or circle effects.

400)   Online HTML Editor Applet
This is a java program to edit html pages on any server from a browser based interface. This program is highly customizable to user's needs and even command the applet through customized java script.

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