Sunday, 15 July 2018
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1-16 Banner Rotation (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   BannerManPRO!
BannerManPRO displays images supplied to it with amazing special effects on transition from one image to another. It allows you to configure the parameters like delay timing, special effects etc.

2)   Billboard Java Applet
Billboard Java Applet is a banner rotation applet with amazing transition effects. It supports up to 8 transition effects. Each and every banners can be hyperlinked.

3)   CoolBE
CoolBE uses any image or text as banner/background upto 1000 themes and can also link it with URLs. It supports features like zoom, slide, and marquee the image, the text, or both. You can also adjust the size of the images/text.

4)   Rotateinfo
Rotateinfo displays message within a specified area one after the other. Messages are required to be specified in a text file. These messages can be linked to be URL.

5)   Advanced Multiple Advert Banner
This applet displays one ads after another at a specified location and can take upto any number of advertisements. Supports special effects like scroll from top, bottom, right and left. The ads can be specified with a target window and can also have a hyperlink of its own.

6)   J-Ads Pro
J-Ads Pro is a banner rotation applet for displaying ads anywhere on your web page. It rotates banners from all four directions of your web page with transition effects like color fade or circle effects.

7)   Banner
Banner allows you to display banners anywhere on your web site. The each and every image can be linked to a URL and allows you to set the parameters like delay time etc.

8)   CodeBrain iBanner
iBanner is a Java applet that display banners with sound effects on change of banner. It supports JPGs or GIF images. It loads the images very fast and allows you to configure the time-delay between the banners.

9)   Acoola Free
This Java applet can link any image with a URL link and display it in a loop with amazing transition effects like random fade, dissolve etc. It can display images in random or in sequence of list.

10)   newsflash
Newsflash is an applet that displays your messages as news item on the screen with hot links. The news content is to be stored in a text file. The refresh rate can be configured apart from other parameters.

11)   Billboard
Billboard is a banner rotation applet that can display your images vertically. This applet can take in images of different dimensions. This also automatically centers the images.

12)   Reystar CoolBanner
Reystar CoolBanner displays images as banners and also links them to URLs. The banners are rotated with appealing transitional effects. You can also specify a border and also configure the colour.

13)   Advanced Banner Rotation Software
The Advanced Banner Rotation software enables you to display all your adverts in just one area. Loads all your banner adverts and rotates them in a single area of your page, leaving room for the real content. Free Trial and Source Code available.

14)   S-pack
S-pack is an online java applet with which you can implement slide shows and banner rotations on the java based applications with predefined image files.

15)   JMEFXAdvBanner
JMEFXAdvBanner Applet offers more than 20 advertising show styles, fast loading (small size), and is very simple to set up.

16)   J-Ads 2
This is a Banner management applet in the 468 x 60 screen. Each banner can be linked with a URL. Supports JPEG images that can be used as either banner or its background. It can handle up to 256 banners.

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