Sunday, 15 July 2018
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1-17 Clocks (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Java World Clock
Java World Clock caters to all the 24 time zones at the same time. It allows you to select a select a time zone other than your location. You can also select daylight time and AM/PM.

2)   World Clock
World Clock displays the current of time the selected city of any part of the world. You can select the city from a drop down menu from a list of 40 major cities of the world.

3)   Local Time Digital Clock
Local Time Digital Clock can display your local time to your visitors anywhere over the world. It can also show the GMT/UTC time instead. It allows you to hide the leading zero of the date and time.

4)   Analog Clock
Analog Clock displays time of your time zone. This displays an analog clock and even allows you to draw a crude analog clockface.

Digital clock in pseudo-3D drawn from scratch using grass-roots AWT methods.

6)   CountdownClock
Countdown clock is an applet clock in Java, which does countdown from the time given to it. Customizable parameters include fonts and its colors and the countdown time.

7)   JADC (Java Advanced Digital Clock)
JADC (Java Advanced Digital Clock) is a Java applet with 255 ready to use images in 17 sets. The applet either works as a digital clock or as a time counter. The applet can work on a browser that supports Java 1.1. The time zone and input and output time format are customizable in this applet.

8)   dac
dac Java applet is a digital alarm clock that displays both time and date with simple animation effects. It allows customization of features like background color, font, date location, delay etc.

9)   SwatchITime
SwatchITime displays internet time invented by Swatch. The update of time depends on the time delay set in the parameters. You can also use a image and also it offers customization of font images etc.

10)   Digital Clock
Digital Clock implements the digital clock and caters to 24 hour time zones and a 24 hour clock or you can also select a AM/PM option. Customizable parameters include font style, size, color etc.

11)   Zmei Digital Clock
Zmei Digital Clock is a Java applet to display a clock in your webpage in which you can configure the clock height, width, background color, text color etc. in the parameters.

12)   DS FireClock
DS FireClock is a Java applet that can enhance your website by displaying a burning clock. The applet can have a scrolling text and an image, which may be one of your favorite images over the animation. The text intensity can be configured in this applet by setting the parameters.

13)   WallClock
WallClock is applet Clock that can have an image file as its background. The color or arms and length can be customized. This can also be linked to an URL if any.

14)   JWatch
JWatch is a simple clock that allows adjustments of the hour and minute. This is a text based watch. The settings can be done by double clicking on the clock.

15)   Hijry Clock
Hijry Clock display both the Gregorian and the Islamic dates along with local time. As known to everyone the Islamic Hijry calendar is not fully accurate and depends on the moon setting.

16)   CSDateTime
CSDateTime is a java servlet that displays the current date or time using JSP or SSI (Server Side Includes). It is very simple to set up and provides a powerful format description method.

17)   T-Pack (bundle of Time Applets)
This program is helpful for webmasters to display web based time on their site. This software is included with HTML examples for testing.

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