Sunday, 15 July 2018
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1-15 Discussion Boards (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Forum Servlet
Forum Servlet is a message forum java servlet. Your mobile users can also use it, as this supports WAP/WML also. You have to provide a configuration file describing how to save messages as well as various interface settings for each of your forum.

2)   Yazd Discussion Forum Software
This is a discussion forum software. Using an admin interface this can be easily configured. Supports conversion of HTML text into displayable text and URLs to actual links. Supports total web based administration and customization.

3)   MessageBoard
This is a message board that performs functions like e-mail notification and WAP/WML clients. You can save your data in the flat file (files) or database-based persistence as each board supports file-based persistence.

4)   Jive Forums
This is a flexible and reliable off-the-shelf discussion form application that can handle heavy traffic. It is a simple and powerful interface in which messages can be viewed in flat, threaded tree mode. It enables the users to view the most popular topics from the main forum page.

5)   mvnForum
mvnForum is a java servlet discussion board based on MVC architecture and possesses built-in database connection pool. It supports automatic login and realm authentication. It is currently localized in English, Vietnamese, Russian, and traditional Chinese languages.

6)   JuteForum
JuteForum is a program which is an easy to setup community tool that supports covalently threaded and dynamic discussions on any website. This program provide enhanced features for the users.

7)   Spfol JSP Forum
A jsp forum application solutions, SPFOL JSP FORUM, bulletin board (forum) built on the Java J2EE technology (Jsp/Servlet and JavaBean),which improves performance and stability.

8)   eForum
With eForum, geographically distant participants can share ideas and can improve the teamwork through the web. eForum enables a project moderator to manage feedback and discussions. It is based on the Expresso Framework shared standard.

9)   LightningBoard
LightningBoard is a discussion board servlet written fully in java. It supports features like Speed-optimized database design, unlimited forums and posts, multiple language support, easy customization, words filtering and much more.

10)   WWWboard Servlet
This is a classic message board, which also supports WAP/WML. You can save your data in flat file (files) or database based persistence through JDBC. It saves all the data in one table and the name, which has to be included in your configuration file.

11)   WebForum
WebForum is a fast and responsive and fully threaded discussion board servlet that can build professional web boards with web forms for administration by caching all disk access for optimal performance. The look and feel of HTML pages can be modified through CSS.

12)   MailBoard
MailBoard is a multi purpose servlet that can implement a classical message board. It provides all discussion to be locked in your mailbox with the help of a mail client that supports HTML message.

13)   SOMA
SOMA is an open source web-messaging engine. The site is powered by SOMA (Suckage Open Message Architecture). SOMA is fully written in Java on top of Sun’s Servlet API 2.0.

14)   Melati Boards
Melati Boards is a program which enables the users to store messages with melati SQL database. This program is useful for the users and can be handled by them easily.

15)   jGossip
jGossip is a program and a forum which provide support for page navigation, users administration, email notification and reply to users.

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