Sunday, 15 July 2018
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1-16 E-Commerce (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   JspCart
JspCart is a java applet program developed on jsp running for general shopping cart. This script runs on MySQL and tomcat. This program provide fully functional admin control panel.

2)   Softslate Commerce
SoftSlate Commerce is a highly flexible shopping cart program written with 100% Java and JSP. It is designed to be the platform for a robust ecommerce solution tailored to a company's unique business needs. SoftSlate Commerce utilizes the best practices of open standards and technologies such as Struts, J2EE design patterns, Apache Commons technologies, the Tiles templating framework, and more—making it highly accessible to developers and designers. Best of all, the entire SoftSlate Commerce source code comes included with the product, along with a license allowing you to modify it to suit your exact requirements, without restrictions of any kind, in perpetuity. Features include: Product catalog. Products are completely searchable and browsable. Products may be placed within a category tree of arbitrary depth. Product attributes. Custom attributes that shoppers select, such as size, color, or any other field, may be defined, for individual products or groups of products. Customer accounts. Includes complete support for customer accounts, including saved addresses, lost password retrieval, and customer order history. Administration. Comes with a web-based administrator allowing you to manage your store online, and integrates with the NetPush Order order management system. Multiple databases. Runs out of the box with SQL Server 2000, MySQL 3.x, and MySQL 4.x. Complete control of HTML and CSS styles. The entire HTML output is accessible through JSP pages for complete flexibility. Multi-tiered architecture. The architecture provides complete separatation of Model, Controller, and View components. J2EE patterns. Uses J2EE patterns in the Model component, providing a highly recognizable platform to build on.

3)   Weblisket™
Weblisket™ includes the following: Inventory Control Secure Authentication Customer Data Collection Administrative Web Interface Verisign, Paypal, And Other Billing Methods Single Interface For Multiple E-commerce Websites More...

4)   Credit Card Validation Solution
This ensures the correct keying in of credit card numbers, the length of the credit card numbers using the Mod 10 checksum of all credit cards from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Australian BankCard, Carte Blache, Diners Club, Discover/Novus and JCB.

5)   Secure On-line Ordering System
Secure On-line Ordering System can encrypt credit card numbers and send them on the internet safely. With this the users can order via email with a secured transmission of their credit card number.

6)   RData Matrix
RDataMatrix is a java applet program which allows the users to create data matrix barcodes for their HTML pages or java programs. This applet is a two dimensional matrix symbology.

7)   e-Business Applet
This Java applet is a e-commerce business solution applet. This utilizes a text data file to display the list of thousands of products in a grid. It can encrypt credit card numbers, which is highly foolproof.

8)   Peoplink Catgen
CatGen is an open-source software platform and is a “database-to-web-catalog” application. Supports services like payment, shipping, fulfillment and order-tracking. Can create your own web catalogs and sell products and services domestically and overseas.

9)   License and Agreement Applet
License and Agreement Applet is an applet in java that can display any length of text or the license agreement in your webpage. The applet can be adjusted to any size you want. The font style, type, background color, button color etc. are customizable in this applet.

10)   3D Configurator
3D Configurator implements a 3D Computer furniture. This does invoice management and also management of the database.

11)   End-to-End Encryption
This applet securely encrypts data from the place of origination of the data to the destination where it is intended. The encryption is implemented between the browser and the application/database server.

12)   ECHO-Java Class
This is an open source and a secure payment gateway. This software uses the ECHO merchant processing to implement secure credit card and check transactions.

13)   Goetz's Signature Applet
This applet can sent enable users sign their orders. This applet can capture written signature and send it on the internet. The user can now sign on the form of the applet instead of just type their name.

14)   Almond Personals
Almond Personals is a client applet program which permit the users to place advertisements on their websites with multimedia file and photos through a web based browser.

15)   Catalog Publishing
This can be used to publish online catalog, which can be a tab separated or comma separated value (csv) text file. This file will be formatted as an HTML table. Each line in the text file contains some definition for data parameters.

16)   RBarCode
RBarCode is a java applet program which permit the users to add barcodes to their websites and java programs. This program provide features like 1D and 2D standards for the users.

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