Sunday, 15 July 2018
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1-24 Email Systems (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   JVMail
JVMail is an SMTP mailing client that can be executed from the command line. You can send email from the command line, application or from a batch file or script. This can read inputs from either command line options or text files or template files.

2)   ICEMail
ICEMail is based on the new Java Mail API to implement an email client. It also supports latest email standards, including SMIME. It provides access to IMAP, POP and other mail services.

3)   WebMail servlet
It is a Java servlet allows you to support web-based mail service including mail-lists. So all mail (private, and mail lists) will be saved and distributed within your server. This servlet offers user interface to read/send mail, create and maintain mail lists etc.

4)   CRSMail
CRSMail is an e-mail server that handles e-mail and offers Web based interface for users to check their email. It supports SMTP, POP3, Plugins, Can listen on multiple or non-standard ports, Log's everything to a log file etc

5)   jMailComposer
You can send emails from web browser with jMailComposer. Supports, replyto, CC, BCC fields etc. Also supports file attachments, message priority and return receipt. This server-side component can be integrated in any JAVA/JSP/Servlets application.

6)   MailWebForm
MailWebForm is a program which permit the users to send an email from a website. This program performs email composing and html form processing.

7)   EMailer
EMailer Java applet connects directly to the SMTP server and sends email directly from the browser. It covers multiple kind of users and sends email as this does not require CGI on the server.

8)   Saké Mail web-mail servlet
A high performance Web-based email Java servlet system.

9)   Bankoi Webmail
Bankoi Webmail is a java applet program which allows the users to check their pop mails by entering their email address and password.

10)   VasSendMail
VasSendMail is a sendmail applet, that allows the users to send emails directly from the webpage. This applet is simple and can be used on any type of website.

11)   YAMM
This email client supports POP3, SMTP support, html support, multiple mail accounts, file attachment support etc.

12)   WebMail
This is a POP3/IMAP mailbox. You can access your mailbox from anywhere in the world and from any computer. Supports multiple languages and can be compared to Hotmail, YahooMail etc.

13)   WebPop Servlet
WebPop Servlet supports the post office protocol and allows you to access your mail box. You can use WebPop from your JSP pages by initialializing paramters for this servlet. Features like background color, foreground color, font face, font size etc can be specified.

14)   tMail
tMail is a simple applet that allows the users to send mails through an application. It provides the source which is simple and easy to learn.

15)   Mailbox Sweeper
Mailbox Sweeper is an online email utility program with which you would be able to identify and acknowledge all recieved messages from your mail box.

16)   JCourier
JCourier is an online email system that allows webmasters to automate customer service and e-marketing programs on their websites through simple and intutive interface.

17)   Stop Email Spam with Java Applets
This article explains all the Java code required to send emails using Java applets, thus hiding/protecting your real email addresses.

18)   VasReadMail
VasReadMail uses the POP3 read mail protocol to read your email. It requires POP3 as your mail server for this to work in your web page.

19)   RMail
Rmail is an email applet and supports SMTP authentication, and uses SMTP for sending email and POP3 for receiving email messages. It can send html as plain text, images, videos and much more.

20)   MUMail
MUMail allows you to read your mail when there is no mail reader available. It can work both online and offline. It features an extremely easy GUI and supports POP3, SMTP, MIME. It also Supports texts, multipart, image, audio, application-octetstream etc.

21)   Saké Mail
Saké Mail is a carrier-class server-side web site tool that provides robust, full-featured email capabilities to both web users and wireless users with WAP devices.

22)   pb Mail o Matic
pb Mail o Matic is an applet that can be used by the webmasters on their websites to avoid the spam spiders from collecting the email addresses from their websites.

23)   Mass Mailer
Mass Mailer is a program which allows the users to send their newsletter to their mailing list subscribers. The users have an option to select the character set.

24)   CS Email Package
CS Email Package can send emails from Java application, applet or servlet very easily. It uses the SMTP to send email. Supports CC and BCC fields and also supports Reply field. It can be easily included in any Java app, applet or servlet.

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