Sunday, 15 July 2018
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1-21 File Manipulation (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Jsp file browser
You can now remotely manage files on your server. The allows you to perform operations on your server like upload, download (also as zip), copy, move or edit files.

2)   Smart JPrint
Smart JPrint is a java class library that allows the programmers to create PDF documents from J2EE and from Swing GUI programs. Preview and printing facilities are also included.

3)   JasperAssistant
JasperAssistant is an efficient and easy to use online report designing software working only with "JasperReports" to create visual reports with graphical interface.

4)   iText
iText is a java bean which is useful for generating read only platform independent documents having text, table, images etc. It can generate PDF, XML, HTML, and RTF files etc. To run iText JDK 1.2 or its later version is required.

5)   JPedal
This is a java bean to extract text fragments and images from a PDF. It also provides a rasterizer along with it. This java bean is written in 100 % pure java. It can run on any operating system supporting java.

6)   Big Faceless PDF Library
The Big Faceless PDF library is a Java class library for creating and editing PDF documents on-the-fly. It's small, fast, easy to use and integrate into your projects, and is completely written in Java.

7)   jPDFPrinter
jPDFPrinter is a java bean that creates the PDF documents by extending the standard java method which handles printing, and thus follows a java technology based printer job and its behaviors.

8)   Download4J
With Download4J you can download files from any folder, Zip archive or from databases like MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, etc. This 100 % java-written download system can be integrated in any JSP or servlet application.

9)   jFM
jFM is a file management program and is a servlet based script with which users would be able to copy, move, rename, delete files and directories on their websites.

10)   ReportMill
ReportMail comprises of an easy-to-use page layout application and a powerful pure Java developer package that can create dynamically generated web pages and reports.

11)   FileManager Servlet
This can be used to manage files. With this you can copy/move files, download/upload and also edit files. The parameters can be described in a configuration file with each line describing one parameter. To access the host it uses the HTTP protocol.

12)   PDFTextStream
A 100% Java library for extracting text and metadata from PDF documents.

13)   ExtraUploader
ExtraUploader enables step-by-step uploading of files having extra large size. It supports low memory cost and filter facility for skipping some type of files.

14)   pdf-DocPro
pdf-DocPro is an efficient online PDF utility designed as an excellent auxiliary tool to assist and allow webmasters to have complete control over their PDF documents.

15)   UploadBean
This Java Bean can upload files, store uploaded files in a folder, in any memory, zip archive or in a database and can notify when a file is uploaded. UploadBean can be integrated with applications of JSP/Servlets.

16)   ElegantJBeans PDF Library
ElegantJBeans PDF Library is an efficient java beans capable of generating PDF documents from a java components with encryptions and compressions through graphical interface.

17)   UcWebFiles Servlet
ucWebFiles Servlet is a file management program and is written in java that helps users to create, edit or delete files and folders on their websites.

18)   FilesOnTheGo
FilesOnTheGo is a program which permit the users to access their documents from the remote locations at anytime through a web based browser.

19)   Big Faceless Report Generator
The Big Faceless Report Generator is a Java component for converting XML reports to PDF, from JSP and servlets or applications. It is built on top of the Big Faceless PDF library, and allows you to easily create formatted, paginated reports in PDF format from XML input.

20)   pdf-FormServer
pdf-FormServer is an online file manipulation software that offers customizable solutions for all webmasters to effectively evaluate and save PDF forms.

21)   UploadServlet
With UploadServlet you can upload files to the server and to the specified e-mail address. A configuration file has to be set to the servlet that describes various settings for your uploading like where to save file, how to notify by email, what page should be next after uploading etc.

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