Sunday, 15 July 2018
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1-50 Games and Entertainment (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Card Mind Reader
This is our JAVA version of this popular mind reader trick/game. The applet creates the illusion of having read the mind of the player by removing a chosen card from a deck of 6 cards.

2)   Mastermind
This Mastermind game is a Java Applet and is a new version of the traditional Mastermind game. This game is available with source code for download.

3)   Happy as a Lark
Happy as a Lark is an online game same as the classic nibbles game. This game can be added on any type of website and it is more interactive and fun for users to play.

4)   XdebugX Sliding Puzzle
XdebugX Sliding Puzzle is a simple sliding puzzle game, which is more interesting to play. This game can be placed on any type of any type of websites.

5)   Oids
Oids is an online multi player game just as asteroids. This is a shooting game where users can create their own levels for the fun of the game. The main objective of the game is to eliminate other oids and proceed to next levels.

6)   RubikPlayer
RubikPlayer applet can be used to display an interactive model of Rubik's Cube on your website. Main features includes, face twists, mid-layer twists, slice-twists, two-layer twists and cube rotation.

7)   Tetrix
Tetrix applet resembles the TETRIS game. You can play this game with a Java compatible browser. It is currently available in English and Italian version. It allows you to modify the values of width and height where the game is displayed.

8)   Chinese Chess Applet
Chinese Chess Applet, programmed in JDK1.1.6. is built with a view to employ the alpha-beta pruning algorithm, to improve particularly the competence of depth-first search in this game. This Chinese Chess applet is a game between human and computer to be played online.

9)   DragPuzzle
DragPuzzle creates a photo puzzle for you. You can supply your own photo and divide it into pieces with specified row and col. All captions are customizable as well.

10)   FunDots
FunDots is a game of dots in which you have to click on one dot and drag it to another. Find the links between dots. Supports customization of text, Title image, fonts, colors and gridlines.

11)   Chess Club
Chess Club is a simple online java based application with which you can create and manage online communities specially for chess players.

12)   Jigsaw
Jigsaw is an applet which allows the users to convert their desired digital image into a jigsaw. This applet scales the images in the template according to the area specified by the users. A good puzzle game to place on the websites.

13)   MagicCube
Create amazing 3D photo cube with this Java Applet. MagicCube is fully configurable. Supports use of any image, so you can supply your own photographs and turn them into a visual cube display.

14)   Lotto
Lottois a java Applet that is a game of picking six numbers from 1 through 53. The selection of the numbers is purely random without any duplicate checking. Its like a lottery and easy to play.

15)   nconnect
This Java applet is board game, which is configurable to a great extent. To win the game you have to connect horizontally, vertically, or diagonally the same N specified objects against the computer.

16)   SlidingPuzzle
This is a Java Applet with which you can play a puzzle game using your favorite photos. The photo is divided into segments and converted into a puzzle.

17)   NumberThemRight
This is a java applet that can be implemented in your webpage to entertain your visitors. The player has to guess the number from the drop down menu and then click on the ‘Go’ button to play the game.

18)   photobreakout
Photobreakout uses images and implements a breakout game. This has many levels and can be easily configured. You can use your own images and set the parameters like width and height and name of the image etc.

19)   Alien War
Alien War is a classic arcade game, which can be played online. This game can be played by anybody of any age group. This is a simple and interesting game.

20)   WordHunt
WordHunt is Java game in which you drag a set of characters that match with the keyword. You win when you finish finding all the keyword within the time limit.

21)   CardFun21
CardFun21 is a card game in Java that supports player images, audio files background images etc. To win the game you have to get 21 points. If there are more than one winner then the points are split equally.

22)   Sandwich
sandwich is an online game which is more interactive and interesing. This game can be placed on any type of website. This is a simple board game in the form of grids.

23)   Beach Landing
Beach Landing is an interesting arcade game, which can be used in mobiles or cell phones. This game can be played by any person from any age group.

24)   Vehicle
Vehicle is an applet in which you can drive a very special vehicle. This applet is a beta version that has more levels and sound effects. If your computer is slow you can try the small version and if your computer is fast the vehicle 2 fast version can be used.

25)   Chad Edward's FreeBuncoGame
Chad Edward's FreeBuncoGame is an online java application with which users would be able to play and make fun of bunco board games.

26)   Japanolle Java Applet
Japanolle Java Applet is an online game to be put on any site.

27)   Browser Soccer
Browser Socceris an applet implements a Web-based Soccer game applet in Java. To win the cup the players have to beat five teams. Also it includes audio files to create audio for whistle, kick, and goal.

28)   Tyrant
This java based adventurous game consists of several thrilling and exciting actions designed with ANSI terminal graphics and is supported by keyboard commands.

29)   British Pool
It is a java based billiards game which can be easily added into users website to attract the visitors.

30)   XdebugX Asteroids
XdebugX Asteroids is a game which resembles the classic game of asteroids. This game can be placed on any type of websites and it is very interesting to play this game.

31)   Larry's Paint
Larry's Paint allows you to do Painting of pictures in two ways. One way is- it displays its own images, which can be cut and pasted like stamps and the other way is to draw manually using pen.

32)   pickfinal
This is a fully configurable board game in which you win by picking up the last object. In each and every turn you have to collect the number of objects between minimum and maximum numbers. It supports a background image as well.

33)   Dot-to-Dot
Dot-to-Dot is funny game that resembled the old pencil-and-paper game. This game is very challenging testing your limits. It also supports images for the background and 5 music tracks in au format.

34)   XdebugX Starfield
XdebugX Starfield is a simple display similar to the screen saver. This display can be used for backgrounds for java space games.

35)   Bird Counting Game
Bird Counting Game is a game designed using java applet and this game has five rounds and the player has to find out how many birds fly across the screen in the five rounds.

36)   BBMF mobile games
This is an useful online games software that contains a handful of mobile games, mobile phone games and JAD games built with java applets.

37)   Real Invaders
Real Invaders has amazing gaming features and is a clone of the Modern Space Invaders. It is loaded with great graphics, sounds and easy gameplay. It supports unlimited levels, fast gameplay, a help screen etc.

38)   ImageChain
ImageChain is a java applet which provides the users with an image chaining game and it is highly configurable and interactive. This game can be added to any type of custom websites.

39)   eChessboard
This is a web-based electronic chess board in Java. Lots of parameters in this game can be customized including main panel / button / cell / border colors, cell size, border width, audio files and background image.

40)   PhotoSlotMachine
PhotoSlotMachine can take some of your favorite photos and converts them into a fun slot machine. You can play both with the mouse and the keyboard.

41)   Fifteen
Fifteen is a wonderful java game. In this game the player will be provided with fifteen number stones and one free squire. The player has to line up the stones according to numbers. This game can run on Java Runtime Environment 1.3.

42)   Drawing Fast 'n Easy
Drawing Fast 'n Easy offers several unique drawing tools and is an interesting drawing game for the kids. It does not require a kid to be an artist and any novice can play a great drawing game. It can help create great drawings in just few minutes.

43)   iic
iic is a java stand-alone application, which allows you to play international chess on the Internet through a TCP/IP client/server. This controls activities on the internet by interacting through the Message window and text fields.

44)   Boulderdash
This is a thrilling game where you play by grabbing diamonds and save yourself from falling rocks. Look out as well for the scary creatures. You can create your own images and levels of the game.

45)   Chad Edward's Calculation
Chad Edward's Calculation is an excellent games software written in java with object orientation allowing users to play with cards with a graphical interface.

46)   Jigsaw Java Applet
Jigsaw Java Applet is an online game to be put on any site.

47)   X-debug-X CustomPuzzle
X-debug-X CustomPuzzle is a sliding puzzle game, which has been created using animated pictures. This game is more interesting to play and can be played by anybody.

48)   XdebugX Defender
XdebugX Defender is a simple game that is more interesting to play. This game can be placed on any type of websites and it is easy to play.

49)   PenguinCards
PenguinCards is a simple online card game written in java. In this game users are meant to gather identical cards from the board.

50)   eChineseChessboard
EChineseChessboard written in java is a web-based electronic Chinese chessboard. It supports background image and also sound effects. The size of the chess board can also be adjusted.

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