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1-50 JSP and Servlets (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   JSP Form Action Page
JSP Form Action Page is the tutorial which explains how to use this action page to store the input into a MySQL database. Author guides users by some screenshots in this webpage.

2)   Advanced form processing using JSP
This article explains the method of processing of HTML user registration forms using JSP and JavaBeans while executing the Memento design pattern. To thoroughly exploit this article you must be aware of basics of JSP syntax.

3)   Displaying Records from the Database using Java Servlets.
This article explains how to display records from the database using Servlets. This tutorial uses a Microsoft Access database, explains how to create a DSN for it and displays records from a given table using JDBC driver.

4)   Updating records in the Database using JDBC with Java Servlets
This is an article that tells you how to use JDBC with Java Servlets to update records into database. Updating a database with a JDBC class ‘PreparedStatement’ is more efficient than using Statement class method. The article provides step-by-step instruction to update the records and an online demo

5)   Dynamic Web-based data access using JSP and JDBC technologies
This tutorial discusses the application of JSP technology to relational databases through Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) that can put together static, dynamic and database content in web sites.

6)   Sending E-Mails with JSP Pages
This article tells you how to send e-mails using JSP pages and also explains the practices for summarizing re-usable code in JavaBean. The article includes the explanations dealing with sending emails, the system and server requirements etc.

7) is a site that offers free open source servlets, which include sending emails, sending and retrieving electronic postcards, counter, guestbook, random quote, random image, discussion board, form processor etc.

8)   Calling a JavaBean from a JSP Page
This is a simple chapter that explains how to call JavaBean from within a JSP page. The article explains the three JSP tags provided to make use of JavaBean. The online demo enables the user to know more about the methods of application of JavaBean.

9)   How JSP Works: Servlets and JavaServer Pages
This is an article guides the users or the programmers to implement jsp through servlets. It is an useful article for the beginners of JSP and Servlets.

10)   JSP templates
This article explains a template mechanism for JSP that allows layout to be encapsulated and reused. JSP templates minimize the impact of layout changes and encourage modular design. With JSP templates you can encapsulate Webpage layout and encourage modular design.

11)   Writing Your First JSP
This Tutorial teaches you to make pages in JSP. All valid HTML documents are also valid JSP documents. HTML files could be added to the document hierarchy of a Web server configured to run JSP. The explanations are supported with examples.

12)   Forwarding and Including Response from other Servlets.
With this article you will learn how to pass control from one Servlet to another and how to include response from another Servlet within the caller Servlet. The article also explains about setting and getting attributes from HttpServletRequest object.

13)   Inserting Records into the Database using Java Servlets.
This is an article that tells you how to use Java Servlets and insert records into a database. Using a JDBC class ‘PreparedStatement’ is more efficient than using INSERT method. The article provides step-by-step instruction to insert the records and an online demo too.

14)   Filtering tricks for your Tomcat
This is an article based on filtering provided by Tomcat 4. The article explains the ways to make productive use of filters in projects and also explains the filtering in Tomcat 4. Filtering is an important feature of Servlet 2.3 and can be implemented in all J2EE platforms.

15)   Forms
This is a brief note based on the creation of forms and the process of acquiring information from the customer of a particular web site. This article includes a short example, which displays the creation of a simple color survey and producing the results back to the user.

16)   Simplest Database Sorting (Up & Down) in JSP
Simplest Database Sorting (Up & Down) in JSP, in here the author dicusses about a simplest code that can be used in categorising in JSP.

17)   Accessing Database using Tags in JSP Pages
This tutorial teaches you how to access database and display records from it's tables using JDBC in JSP tags. It explains how to use JDBC in JSP tags and then more importantly how to iterate in JSP tags and display all the data.

18)   Java Language Essentials
Java Language Essentials is a tutorial of Java language essentials. It presents an overview of the Java programming language comparing it with ASP.

19)   Java Serves the Web: An Intro to JavaServer Pages
This tutorial teaches you JSP programming and teaches you to build a sample site, which is JSP-enabled. You can create cross-platform and cross-Web-server supported dynamic Web pages with JSP.

20)   Servlets and JSP
This article explains you the basics of Java Servlets and Java Server Pages and their advantages. Servlets are comparable to CGI programming. With JSP technology you can mix regular static HTML with dynamically generated HTML.

21)   Counting Active Users on your web site using JSP
This article is discusses about building JSP pages and session listener class with which the number of users of a particular site can be determined. The article provides a detailed description about the Session, how to count active sessions, and the requirements for it.

22)   Web Application Events
This is an article that explains about two important web application events like Application startup and shutdown, Session creation and invalidation. This article also details the special "listener" classes that are created to make use of the web application.

23)   Handling Cookies
This is an article based on cookies, which enable a site to identify a user during an e-commerce session, avoid explicit username and password, customizing a site, and for focusing advertising.

24)   Servlet Applications
This tutorial explains clearly various usages of servlet applications. The author also explains more about applications, java beans and servlets.

25)   Professional JSP
This is an article on Java Server Pages. It provides a detailed introduction to JSP and also explains about the methods of implementing details of JSP source translation and compilation into a Servlet.

26)   Examining Java Servlets in detail
This article enables user to learn what the Servlet life cycle is and how Servlet Container and Servlets interact with each other. The topics like servlet preloading and initialization parameters etc are also discussed in this article.

27)   Java Servlets for JavaScripters
This is an article that lets you explore the possibilities of a Java Servlet. It explains how to work with java on the server through Sun’s Java Servlet API. The role of the servlets in server side programming is explained in detail in this article.

28)   Encapsulate reusable functionality in JSP tags
From this article you can learn to encapsulate the common functionalities in JSP tags and put them to effective use. This article teaches you to use using the Servlet/JSP reference implementation, Tomcat to build, deploy, and use your own custom JSP tag.

29)   Take control of your JSP pages with custom tags
This is an article that explains the best way to combine custom tags and increase the reusability and flexibility of JSP technology by customizing JSP tags. Few of them are supported with examples too.

30)   Introduction to Java Server Pages, Your first JSP Page
This article provides an overview of Java Sever Pages followed by the installation of open source Servlet Container/JSP Engine, Tomcat. JSP is used on the server side to serve dynamic content to the user using logic and data from XML, Database etc.

31)   Getting Started: Installation and Setup
This tutorial is based on servlets and JSP classes for Windows and Unix. The article provides you the methods of obtaining Servlets and JSP Classes and quick summary of how to set it on a couple of different platforms.

32)   An Introduction to Java Servlets
This is article introduces you to the Java Servlets and explains how it solves problems associated with CGI and proprietary server APIs. It explains the overall architecture of the servlets and also provides server code examples.

33)   First Servlets
First Servlets provides some tutorials about java servlet's usages and elaborately discusses about servlets by offering three sample servlets including servlet for identifying visitors request, servlet that serves for creating plain text and for producing HTML.

34)   Examining Java Server Pages in detail
In this article you will be taken on a tour of what the anatomy of a JSP page is and teaches how to use these elements. A JSP page consists of Directives, Scripting Elements, JSP Tags. JSP pages are Java Servlets as they are compiled in Java Servlet classes.

35)   Building your first JSP custom Tag
This tutorial assumes that you have no prior knowledge of JSP tags and teaches about what custom tags are, and how to build a JSP tag. It teaches you how to build a custom tag and pack it with useful functions and provide it to the end-user.

36)   Java Servlets
This is a simple chapter that gives you a detailed introduction to the Java Servlet and tells you how to write, compile and serve a servlet. The article provides an explanation of the benefits of using Java Servlet on the server side of your Web applications.

37)   Introduction to Java Server Pages
This is an article on Java Server Pages that gives you the introduction to Java Server Pages; discuss the Java Server Pages architecture, explains the elements of JSP etc. It also provides a detailed example using JSP, which shows a standard web application architecture.

38)   HTTP tunneling with servlets
This article shows how to employ Java Servlet technology to create a tunnel to the business layer of your corporate network to overcome firewalls. This article also explains a substitution to SOAP and the use of Java objects over HTTP.

39)   Exception Handling in JSP Pages
Exceptional events can happen anywhere in any program. This article discusses how exceptional events can occur in a JSP page and how you can detect these exceptional events and to display to the user a more purposeful message.

40)   Sun's Official JSP Page
Sun's Official JSP Page offers information on the easier to use JSP technology without needing to learn the Java language. With JSP technology you can easily write and maintain pages. It supports news, tutorials, FAQ and much more.

41)   Overview of Servlets and JSP
This tutorial gives an overview of Servlets and JSP. Servlets are comparable to CGI programming, which run on web server and builds web pages. Java servlets are highly efficient, easy to use, more powerful, more portable, and cheaper than traditional CGI.

42)   Using Java Server Pages (JSP)
This article gives you an introduction to JSP. It explains the features of JSP like support for server-side scripting and tags, reuse of components and tags, web access layer for N-tier enterprise application architectures etc. It also includes examples and some JSP related links.

43)   Configuring Slide with Catalina
This is a piece of writing based on the use of Slide and Catalina, which are used for building applications with Servlets and JSP. Slide; mentioned in this article is a project with multiple modules tied together using WebDAV and Catalina is a servlet container.

44)   Introducing JavaServer Pages
This article gives a detailed introduction to Java Server Pages. It also gives a detailed explanation about running JSP, JSP Architecture, using JavaBeans with JSP etc. The article provides few examples, which will enable the user to know more about JSP.

45)   Beginning Java: JSPs and servlets
JSP Technology which will be usefull for the user to produce dynamic web pages. Through jsp web access layers can be created, which help the architect for their future expansion. The web site layout can be seperated from the web site content through this jsp.

46)   Tag Conventions in JSP
This article describes the tag conventions in Java Server Pages. Java Server Pages has two primary conventions: Scripting-Oriented Tags and XML-Based Tags. Scripting-Oriented Tags contain all information relevant to the tag within the individual tags themselves.

47)   Installing and Using the Java Servlet SDK
With this article you can learn to install and use the Java Servlet SDK. At first, the web server has to be installed enabling it to support Java Servlet SDK. This article also describes the ways and means to implementation of debugging and development.

48)   Building dynamic Web sites with mathematical content
This is a simple chapter that explains how JSP pages and custom tags provides LaTeX-formatted formulae onto the Web, which can run without any special client side software. This article also helps the mathematicians and scientists for online science education and research.

49)   Introduction to JavaServer Pages
You can have an introduction to the features of Java Server Pages (JSP), its target users and its employment. JSP is discussed in detail vis-ŕ-vis Netscape technologies like SSJS and NAS's presentation markup language.

50)   Servlet Essentials
Servlet Essentials is a tutorial that tells the aim of the servlet's usage. It gives some detailed explainations about how to write HTTP servlets with full source code and more usages of servlets.

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