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1-50 Miscellaneous (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ProgressBar
ProgressBar can be incorporated into you web page to display a progress bar with a text message and a cancel button. The progress bar can be accommodated in any given area and colors can be specified.

2)   Basics of J2ME
Basics of J2ME as the name suggest is an article about Java 2 Platform Micro Edition, which provide tools for porting the devices which are network-centric and platform-agnostic worldview down to memory- and processor-limited devices in the Java platform.

3)   Linear Equations Solver Applet
A Java applet which helps you solve linear equations.

4)   ALOV Map
Publication vector and raster maps to Internet and interactive viewing on web browsers can be implemented by this application. Web mapping is possible in two approaches with the help of ALOV Map. They are standalone and client or server. It supports hyperlink and can attribute data.

5)   actiTIME
actiTIME is an online java application designed to track time periods especially for billing and management tasks based on both customers and projects.

6)   JSci: An open-source alternative for Java 2D graphing
This tutorial discusses in details JSci as an alternative to Java 2D graphing. JSci is an open-source package, which allows you to create 2D bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs in Swing.

7)   J@Whiz1.4
J@Whiz1.4 simulates Java Certification Test. It includes 10 Mock Tests with 610 questions and an interactive quiz with 112 questions. It is designed on the basis of latest pattern of SCJP1.4. It provides detailed explanation and quick revision tips.

8)   Bokai Barcode Image Generator Java component (Barcode/JSP)
Bokai barcode image generator Java component generates barcode images in PNG or JPEG format without requiring your web server to run in graphics mode (X-Window). Your HTML pages can embed a bar code image URL (sevlet or JSP file) without programming.

9)   JaVi - Java Vigenere
This is a GUI based cryptography of vigeneres algorithm within java applet. It requires java development kit for standalone application.

10)   Build interoperable Web services with JSR-109
Build interoperable Web services with JSR-109 is a tutorial that guides the users how to build interoperable websites in the Java environment. This tutorial can be used by persons who have an intermediate level of Java knowledge.

11)   Page Expired
Page Expired can be used in your web pages to redirect the visitor to the current location after the specified time on the site of the page has expired.

12)   WireFusion 3D
WireFusion 3D can create a 3D web presentation. You can implement a touchscreen or can play a movie on a 3D model in realtime. It requires only a Java enabled browser and requires no browser plug-ins.

13)   CAGrid
CAGrid implements a table with versatile features. It only requires that you supply the data file and the columns definitions and does the rest for you. This can run without any addon on your system.

14)   OOAD@Whiz
OOAD@Whiz is a test simulator on the pattern of IBM UML Certification with 5 Mock Tests having 280 questions. It provides quick revision tips and detailed explanation for each and every question. It also prepares detailed reports to assess the performance.

15)   Dilate™ :: instant streaming media
Dilate™ is a ‘plug-in free’ media player for high quality video and audio online.

16)   Review: SoftArtisans WordWriter 1.0 for the Java Platform.
Faisal Khan of reviews SoftArtisans WordWriter 1.0 for the Java Platform which generates native Microsoft Word documents from Word templates using a data source.

17)   naslightning
Naslightning implements a lightning effect supported by sound effect over any image. The images can be linked to URLs. You can specify the area within which the lightning effect has to occur.

18)   JAR Class Finder
JAR Class Finder is a tutorial that explains the users about the JAR Class Finder that finds the JAR files that contains the given class for the Java build path.

19)   SCEA Certification Test Simulator
This implements 6 mock tests of 288 questions with varying toughness and is based on the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect Exam Part I. Supports customization in terms of number of questions, topics, toughness level and time.

20)   ZipCreator
Zip Creator is a utility that can compress and decompress files and can work in all platforms. It can be used to work with zip files. It is easy to install and run. Using this tool we can organize, control and modify existing zip files.

21)   Teaching Tool For Nursery Kids
Teaching Tool For Nursery Kids is a Java applet teaching tool that can display alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors etc. in your system to enable children to understand alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors etc. very easily.

22)   Chameleon Bar
Chameleon Bar can insert a separator bar that continuously changes color, in your web page. You can set the initial color, lower and upper bound for the color values and also specify a seed for random number generator.

23)   Coldtags suite
Coldtags suite is a largest set of Java web controls (custom JSP tags). This suite provides 200+ custom JSP tags for common programming tasks faced by JSP developers.

24)   The Jxta command shell
This is an article on JXTA command shell that explains you about JXTA command shell’s essential commands and enables you to learn the methods of improving its competency by writing your own commands.

25)   AJ Pipe Flow Calculator
This is a calculator that supports lots of controls and uses the equations like Darcy-Weisbach, Swamee & Jain, Colebrook and Hazen-Williams to calculate the problems related to pipe flow.

26)   Turning streams inside out
Turning streams inside out is an article about Java I/O framework that can be used in an application to acquire data from a source only depends on an output stream only for writing data.

27)   SCJPUpgrade Certification Test Simulator
SCJPUpgrade@Whiz is a Sun Certified Java Programmer test stimulator. It has 11Mock tests with 363 questions and an interactive quiz with 100 questions. It is based on latest pattern of SCJP2 Upgrade exam. It provides detailed explanation and revision tips.

28)   Cherry Picker
Cherry Picker is an online image grabber with which you can search for JPEG and GIF images on the net to get them on your favorite collections.

29)   Abstract Anti-Spam
Abstract offers a truly simple solution to spam bots trawling through your site. Instead of displaying your e-mail address in text (which the spam bots can easily read) it draws your address as an image on the page.

30)   MoonBadge
This applet animates the current phase of the moon along with date and includes specific drawing methods. Supports use of different images.

31)   Session Initiation Protocol Tool Kit for Java
Session Initiation Protocol Tool Kit can facilitate operation of SIP entities cross-platform. This protocol can be used for Internet conferencing, telephony, presence, even notification, and instant-layer messaging.

32)   JSP Electronic Library System
Various library items like books, magazines, CDs etc can be searched, borrowed, returned and reserved with the help of JSP Electronic Library System. The Object Oriented Analysis and Design are enabled with the help of UML in this servlet.

33)   JUnitConv
JUnitConv is a units of measure converter and a java program which initiates the users to convert numbers from one unit of measure to another.

34)   VisualEffectLightning
VisualEffectLightning is a program which emulates the lightning effect using animation button. A useful program for the webmasters and the users.

35)   Building management applications with Jiro and WBEM
This tutorial guides you on how a management application can be created by combining Jiro technology and the Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) initiative. In a CIMOM, the WBEM client technologies can acquire and process data.

36)   Faster apps on a better machine
This is an article that provides step-by-step performance tuning tips on hardware capacity, the Linux 2.2.x kernel, the IBM Developer Kit 1.3, and your Java applications, which will enable you to run your java applications faster on the IBM Developer Kit 1.3.

37)   Bugzero
Bugzero is a simple online efficient bug tracking software supporting multiple projects with controlled access to track bugs in the programs.

38)   IBM's Interface Tool for Java
IBM's Interface Tool for Java is an efficient online utility for all java programers to integrate and to work with "ActiveX objects" in their applications.

39)   Jikes Bytecode Toolkit
Jikes Bytecode Toolkit is a tutorial that tells the readers about the Java class library, Jikes bytecode kit that helps the java developers to create, write and read binary java files.

40)   Getting started with the FMA and Jiro
This is an article that explains how the Sun Microsystems's Jiro technology and the Distributed Management Task Force's WBEM provides the potential to improve the creation of the management applications. Also it explains the Federated Management Architecture.

41)   Web services and J2EE connectors for B2B integration
This article uses an insurance broker scenario to explain how J2EE connectors and web services can simplify the heterogeneous enterprise information systems and offer a way for business partners to share each other’s functionality over the Web.

42)   JIniFile
Application–specific details and configuration from INI files can be accessed with this application. The INI files contain information in section, which are logical groupings of application settings.

43)   KLCC Development Companion
KLCC Development Companion is a set of interpreters and formatters that helps you to enter data correctly in the required format. This supports dates, currency, years, percentages etc.

44)   Java Bullseye Zip Code Locator
With this you can mark an area of one mile radius within a particular zip code and locate any particular address. It integrates with any JDBC database. Works on both the Unix and NT servers.

45)   Build your own Java-based supercomputer
This article teaches you to use a combination of Java threads and Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) to create your own Java-based supercomputer. This article requires that you have a working knowledge of Java threads and RMI.

46)   The Java 2 user interface
This article discusses the progress in Java 2 user interface. It explains in detail the capabilities of the current version 1.3, and also describes what the release 1.4 has to offer. The graphical and user interface have developed manifold in terms of its capabilities.

47)   Introduction to WBEM and the CIM
Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) can standardize the description and use of managed resources in enterprise networks. This article describes the components that comprise WBEM, which can be practiced using the technology with an example.

48)   Java Web development sans JSP pages, Part 1
This is an article that tells you about an alternative to the Java Server Pages (JSP) technology i.e., Tea. The article mentions some problems that occurs while using JSP technology and explains the need of using Tea.

49)   y-notes
Y-notes allow users to annotate notes on your web site by indicating note points. The notes will be identified by a pin icon. You can also make the note shared by including a private or public option in your web page.

50)   Java SpellCheck Applet * COM Server
XDE is a multiple language spell checker with dictionary support from Word 97 or Java. It can be used as a client side JavaScript with GUI interface or as a COM server code with an html front-end.

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