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1-50 Navigation (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   CSTreeBean
CSTree can provide a tree view as the HTML tables in any Java Server Pages. It holds the tree statically and uses JDBC to populate from a database. It can handle large and deep trees containing hundreds or even thousands of nodes.

2)   100% Free Java Tree Applet
This is a Java applet which can build a tree menu in your web sites, intranets, documentation, help systems etc. It is highly configurable and supports hyper linking, mouseover effects, variable node text colors etc.

3)   Sothink SlidingMenu
Sothink SlidingMenu creates multi-level sliding menu with various special effects like sliding Tree, radio buttons etc. The menus can be built very easily with templates available in the applet. Supports audio and images.

4)   XP Drop Down Menu
This is a Java applet that implements a drop down menu. The applet is capable of overlapping the HTML contents and it can work on the top of any form, flash, frame etc. The applet supports features like word-wrapping, configurable fonts, image background, and much more.

5)   Software Architekt's JSlide Menu
Software Architekt's JSlide Menu is an efficient online navigation utility capable of creating unique slide menus with customizable icons similar to the popular MS Outlook.

6)   Image Intelligence's Magic Animated Buttons
Image Intelligence's Magic Animated Buttons is a powerful java applet program with which you can create web based animated buttons for the navigation menu system.

7)   DS StarsMenu
DS Star Menu implements a menu system either horizontally or vertically over an image animated with a star field effect. The Number of stars in the animation and the direction of stars can be customized.

8)   DS SnowMenu
DS SnowMenu implements the menu items either vertically or horizontally over a background image animated with snowfall effect. The speed of snowfall and the number of flakes can be configured.

9)   Cerebellum
Cerebellum implements a 2D menu with a tree structure. This supports feature like highlight bar color, text color, an optional GIF or JPEG image in the background etc.

10)   ConstantWobbleMenu
ConstantWobbleMenu implements a menu over a background image and constantly wobbles the image and menu. The image and menu items wobble even when engaged by the mouse. The length and amount of the waves can be adjusted.

11)   IconTreeMenu
It is a simple java application which can be integrated into users website inorder to create icon tree menu in their websites.

12)   OpenCube's Sliding Menu Tree
OpenCube's Sliding Menu Tree is a simple online menu system that allows webmasters to create slide tree navigation systems with graphics and animations.

13)   Auto Scrolling Image Menu
This applet in Java can scroll images up or down automatically. The scroll speed can be adjusted and the scrolling can be paused between ads or continuously scrolled. The images can be specified with a hyperlink.

14)   NavTool
NavTool is a versatile scrolling menu. It can be configured to be a double-column menu with the menus scrolling out between the columns or a single column vertical menu with the menus scrolling out on the right. NavTool can be used both as a horizontal or vertical menu.

15)   Smart Slider Menu Applet
Smart Slider Menu Applet is an online java applet program that allows webmasters to implement sliding menu systems on their website with automatic mouse highlight effects.

16)   ToolTipMenu
This is a simple applet in HTML source which displays tooltip for the items on the menu list in both horizontal and vertical mode whenenever the mouse runs over it. This tool offers basic and advanced parameters for integrating various menu items in the external files.

17)   goURL
goURL displays the list of names of website and URLs specified in the parameters in the form of a drop down menu for the visitors to click and use. Supports use of background image, color etc.

18)   Horizontal Menu Scroll
Horizontal Menu Scroll implements a menu, which scrolls the menu items horizontally from left to right or right to left. On mouseover the menu item is highlighted in a different color, clicking on it will take you to the linked URL.

19)   RMenu
RMenu creates Horizontal, dropdown, vertical and trees menu with icons and a background. It creates menus using the RTree Visual Designer, which requires no knowledge of HTML.

20)   BubbleMenu
BubbleMenu creates a menu with wonderful bubbles of different colors in the background of the menu. The bubbles size and number of bubbles and its colors can be adjusted.

21)   URLButton
URLButton displays a text field for URLs. When you type a valid URL into the text field it takes you to the linked URL.

22)   Advanced AWT Pop-Up Menu Bar Applet
AWT Pop-Up Menu Bar Applet can implement a popup menu with sound support that can pop over HTML content and frames and even outside the browser boundaries. This supports unlimited buttons and sub-menus.

23)   JMFadeMenu Applet
JMFadeMenu Applet creates a menu with icons and implements a fade effect. The title menu icons can be customized.

24)   OpenCube's Infinite Icon Menus
OpenCube's Infinite Icon Menus is a powerful menu building software with which you can create customizable menus with several icons with attractive image backgrounds.

25)   OpenCube's Highlighted Image Links
OpenCube's Highlighted Image Links is an efficient online java applet that can be used to design and create quick navigating menu systems for websites with highlighted images.

26)   DS Stars3DMenu
DS Stars3Dmenu simulates a star field animation in the background and displays the menu over it. Supports a GIF or JPG background image. The speed of stars and intensity can be configured in the parameters easily with the HTML code generator.

27)   apPopupMenu
apPopupMenu can popup menus over form elements, frames, flash, and even go over the browser window. It supports unlimited popup menus with sound effects and loading of menu structure from external text files.

28)   OpenCube's QuickLink Text Menu
OpenCube's QuickLink Text Menu as the name implies is a simple text based navigation menu system available with simplified graphical parameters.

29)   OpenCube's Horizontal Image Switch Menu
OpenCube's Horizontal Image Switch Menu as the name implies is an online java applet capable of creating image switch menu systems with horizontal slidings.

30)   CerebellumImage
CerebellumIage allows you to create a site map of your web site and place images in the background. Also you can specify a background color, mouseover effect, delay timing, auto collapse to collapse old menus when new ones appear etc.

31)   OpenCube's Image Switch Menu
OpenCube's Image Switch Menu is an efficient java applet capable of creating menu systems for your websites with images and submenus in all font sizes and colours.

32)   OpenCube's Image Navigator Menu
OpenCube's Image Navigator Menu is a powerful java applet application software with which website owners and developers can provide attractive navigating menus for all their visitors.

33)   Advanced Tree Explorer
With this feature packed and highly customisable Tree Explorer quickly add great menu navigation aids to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets and much more. Advanced yet both Easy and Quick to implement. Source Code also available.

34)   Animated Image Menu
An attention grabbing animated menu which “zooms” the buttons in from various directions as the applet loads and unloads.

35)   Advanced Menu Bar
Advanced Menu Bar can build a menu with unlimited sub-menus and buttons that can popup even outside the browser. The Button and Menu data can be provided wither from html parameters or a text file.

36)   Apycom Java Menus and Buttons
Create professional web menus in minutes!

37)   Jpathfinder with 261 fonts
Jpathfinder creates dynamic site map of your web site with the option of 261 fonts. All node names and URL links are stored in a flat file with HTML-like format. Supports a background and foreground.

38)   iebb
iebb navigation applet builds a IE-style button bar with images support. The dimensions of the image, links and target frames can be specified in the parameters.

39)   Sliding Arrow Menu
Sliding Arrow Menu is a Java applet that supports infinite number of compact menus that can be compactly arranged. You can specify the menu items with target window of their own and individually linked to URLs. Can customize the font, font size, font style etc.

40)   Advanced AWT Pop-Up Side Menu Bar Applet
Make a professional java web menu bar for your site with the Advanced AWT Pop-Up & drop down Side Menu BAR ! Menus can pop up over HTML content, frames and even go over the browser window. The Advanced AWT Pop-Up Side Menu Bar can even execute javascript functions. Source code also available

41)   PictureMenu
PictureMenu displays a menu has a transparent menu buttons over an image in the background. The translucency of the highlight bar can be adjusted in the parameter ‘alpha’.

42)   JWTM-Java Web Tree Menu
JWTM-Java Web Tree Menu is an effective navigation utility that provides custom solutions for all website owners and developers to fabricate highly configurable web menu tree on their websites.

43)   Vertical Menu Applet
DropDown menu with java script support, multi level, sounds, and all languags support.

44)   DS WaveMenu
DS WaveMenu implements a menu with a wave like effect. The background, wave speed etc can be customized in the parameters.

45)   Slide Menu Applet
A new Java menu applet for site navigation, this applet very customizable applet, JavaScript support, and much more.

46)   RTree and RMenu
RTree and RMenu is a simple online java based applet capable of creating dynamic and attractive menu trees for your websites using advanced visual designing techniques.

47)   All Buttons Web Menus
All Buttons Web Menus is an efficient menu building software with which webmasters would be able to create both popup and sliding menus with 3D, glossy, 2D, and simple flat buttons.

48)   ABCMenuMan!
ABCMenuMan creates appealing menus, which is faster than animated GIFs and can have lots of menu items. The menu is also supported by sound effects and customization of fonts, background colors etc.

49)   Advanced Floating Pop-Up Menu
Advanced Floating Pop-Up Menu allows you to quickly add an appealing menu navigation aid to web sites, help systems, intranets etc. It provides full URL support including window naming and frame targets, ideal for frames environments; Javascript support etc.

50)   ElegantJBeans - Tree
ElegantJBeans - Tree is an online navigation system with which you can generate hierarchically arranged data driven menu tree with nodes and levels.

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