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1-50 Scrollers (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   DHTML Vertical Scroller
DHTML Vertical Scroller implements a smooth scroll effect with smooth animation and is cross browser compatible. The scrolling messages can be customized in a separate data file.

2)   Free Scrolling Text Applet
Free Scrolling Text Applet is a java applet text scroller that can scroll any text and displays it on the web pages. This is a simple and easy to use program.

3)   Horizontal Scroller Pro
Horizontal Scroller Pro is a java applet scroller that helps users to get text from a text file and to scroll them horizontally. They can scroll even images on their web pages.

4)   tScroll
tScroll is a applet to scroll text either vertically or horizontally with or without animation effects like fade and fill. This reads the text to be scrolled from a data file.

5)   Slide Show
Slide Show is a java applet that can display text or images in a slide mode and scroll them. This program has many enhaced features.

6)   scrollup
Scrollup is scrolls text at a specified. It supports use of images and auto-wrapped text, which it reads and reloads from a text file. The scroll text can also be specified with a link.

7)   Verticalscrolly
Verticalscrolly is a java scrolling applet that can scroll text vertically. You can configure the applet’s width and height. The horizontal position of the text, the delay time of the scroll etc. can be configured in the parameters.

8)   ConsultTicker Horizontal Text Scroller
ConsultTicker Horizontal Text Scroller scrolls the text horizontally. It reads the text from a text file. Supports a background color, customizable fonts, font styles, font colors, and font sizes.

9)   TypeWriter
TypeWriter types texts horizontally within a specified area. Long lines of text are auto-wrapped on reaching the border of the applet. Can read the text to be scrolled from the parameter or from a text file.

10)   Scrolling Text Applet
Scrolling Text Applet can scroll text in your web pages with background images. You can fit the applet in the available area by configuring the parameters like height and width properties of the applet tag.

11)   Advanced Scrolling Text
This applet is very efficient and as a result will enhance your visitors viewing experience. Supports Text, Images & Hyperlinks. Features include setting Colors, Fonts, Indents, vary the Pause between pages, Links, Scroll Speed, Background Image, Margins & more.

12)   Scrolling Text
Scrolling Text is a Java applet that creates an animated look and feel to your web pages by allowing you to scroll text. It allows you to configure parameters including: Background Color, Title, Font Size and Style, Text Color, Border Width and Color, Scroll Speed, and Display Time.

13)   1st Class Star Wars
This applet displays a scrolling text using an array of images. 1st Class Star Wars includes a package of three applets and each applet contains a detailed description of the scrolling effect and picture description.

14)   The Slider
The Slider can scroll texts both horizontally and vertically. It scan scroll the text in any direction. The scrolling text can be created in a text file. Supports Change of color of text on scrolling and features like fade effect from dark to light etc.

15)   Digital LED Ticker Tape
Digital LED Ticker Tape scrolls text horizontally like the glow of multiple LEDs forming a character. The text can be read from the parameter or from a server side text file. The speed of the scroll and URL can be controlled.

16)   Zmei NewsTicker
Zmei NewsTicker can display news messages or links. It can scroll the messages vertically and link them to individual URL. Supports color change of the text scrolled on mouseover.

17)   JAScroll
JAScroll is a java applet that provides a horizontal scrolling text to your web pages. This applet is compatible with all browsers having java support. The width and height of the message box can be customized by setting the parameters.

18)   DS FadeScroll
DS FadeScroll is a java applet scroller that helps users to scroll any text and displays it with fade presentation. This is an useful and handy tool for webmasters.

19)   Zmei Animated Text Banner
Zmei Animated Text Banner is a java applet text scroller that can display messages and links scrolling horizontally. The customizable features of this applet include banner size, text color and hyperlinks etc.

20)   Led Stock Quotes Ticker Applet
Led Stock Quotes Ticker Applet is a web based embedded solution that helps users to display stock quote values similar to led display in a stock market.

21)   TypeText
TypeText is an easy to use java applet that can print text from a file and format it automatically. This is an useful utility and handy tool for webmasters.

22)   News Ticker
This is a powerful java applet with which you can create scrolling news tickers for your website to display stock market news from 'Yahoo Finance' section.

23)   Webmatic starscroll
This is a java applet, which can display a 3D text scrolling effect like starwars. The applet is highly configurable and this applet can be used in a website that is built with Webmatic.

24)   Advanced Scrolling Text Software
Advanced Scrolling Text Software is a java applet scroller that helps users to get contents from a text file and scroll them vertically. They can scroll even hyperlinks and images on their web pages.

25)   ScrollIt
ScrollIt horizontally scrolls the text. It has a pause, forward and rewind buttons, which allows you to control the text scroll. The text can be linked to URL.

26)   Headline Newsticker Java Applet
Headline Newsticker Java Applet scrolls any number of text vertically line by line. The delay of scroll can be adjusted. It pauses the scroll on mouseover. Supports a background image and aligns the text to either right or left or center.

27)   iFrame Text Presentation Applet
iFrame Text Presentation Applet is a java applet iframe that helps users to represent text files in a frameset layout. They can add it on their web pages easily.

28)   Free Java Ticker
Free Java Ticker is a powerful java applet utility using which you can display various information such as news, sports, weather etc., in a scroller tape on the top of the web pages.

29)   Silly Scroll
SillyScroll can scroll texts both horizontally and vertically. Supports 5 appealing text effects. It can make appear a letter very small and then grow it to its original size or fly it in from the bottom etc.

30)   TypeWriter Java Applet
TypeWriter Java Applet is a java applet scroller that can scroll text messages or any information and display it with typing effect.

31)   DS WobbleScroll
DS WobbleScroll is an online text scroller that helps users to scroll any text along with wobble presentation. This is a simple and easy to use program.

32)   Horizontal Text Scroll Java Applet
Horizontal Text Scroll Java Applet is an online text scroller that helps users to scroll text horizontally. This is a simple and easy to use program.

33)   Stock Market Ticker
Stock Market Ticker is a web based embedded software that can be used to improve site and to display real time stock values. This program now supports php script data that can be received from yahoo financial free CSV.

34)   MenuScroll
This is an applet on your website to display a navigation menu to attract your site visitors. This menu scroll designed using images and text.

35)   ConsultScroll Vertical Text Scroller
ConsultScroll Vertical Text Scroller scrolls text vertically reading the text from a separate text file. Supports auto-wrap of text and adjustable scrolling speed. Manual scrolling and pause is possible with the mouse.

36)   AnyFontV vertical scroller with 261 fonts
AnyFontV vertical scroller with 261 fonts vertically scrolls text reading the text from the parameter of the applet of from a text file on your http server. Supports a separate font file with numerous font support and configurable scroll speed.

37)   FadeTicker
FadeTicker is a simple and easy to use java applet fade ticker that helps users to display fade news on their web pages.

38)   tinyBillboard
tinyBillboard displays one message at time vertically scrolling the text. The messages can be associated with a link. The scroll speed and pause between the lines can be adjusted in the parameters.

39)   tinyScroller
TinyScroller is a java applet to display a text scrolling vertically. You can supply your favorite image as a background image in this applet. The speed of the scrolling text can be adjusted by configuring the parameters.

40)   Advanced Typewriter Scroll Java Applet
Advanced Typewriter Scroll Java Applet is java text scroller and news ticker that can scroll text vertically. The scrolling text can be accessed from an external text file or from parameters. The background image, borders, margins, URL links etc are the configurable features in this applet.

41)   NewsTicker
NewsTicker is a collection of Vertical and Horizontal news scrollers. The news can be loaded as XML text, either from the parameters of the applet or from a URL containing the XML formatted news items.

42)   JET (Java Extended Ticker)
JET is a java scroller applet that can provide information in a multi layer scroller. You can apply different function to any layer and each layer has its own individual property and settings allowing you to define menu and configuring background and further information layers.

43)   ScrollWriter
ScrollWriter is a java applet that helps users to display text or any information with typing effect. This is just like a vertical text scroller.

44)   Magic Text Scroll Java Applet
Magic Text Scroll Java Applet scrolls text two or more text in both left to right and right to left direction. The texts can be scrolled at different speeds and different colors.

45)   Professional News Ticker Builder
News Ticker Builder is an easy to use program that helps users to create news ticker on their websites. This is a completely automated program.

46)   DS WormholeScroll
DS WormholeScroll can scroll the text creating a wormhole effect over a background image. You can control the scroll speed and transparency in the parameters. The text can pause on mouse over.

47)   Newsticker Java Applet
Newsticker is java applet in which you can scroll the text in a horizontal direction. This supports customizable features like scrolling speed, background color, font style, size, scrolling delay etc.

48)   TickLeft
This applet can be used as a versatile java ticker applet for your web pages that can read and reload a unicode supported text file at a specified rate. This applet can also read from images too. You can configure the ticking speed by configuring the parameters.

49)   Advanced News Ticker Java Applet
Advanced News Ticker Java Applet is a java applet that can get contents from a text file and scroll them horizontally or vertically. This program comes with configuration features.

50)   AEA MMContourScroller
AEA MMContourScroller uses an image and by means of an image filtering technique traces the contour of the image and scrolls the text along its borders. Supports customizable font type, font size and font style.

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