Sunday, 15 July 2018
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1-50 Text Effects (Java) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   FadingNews
This text effect applet can display text messages fading between them. The delay time between the messages and pause time can be configured in the parameters. Each message can have a hyperlink.

2)   Flame
Flame can display text messages burning away in fire. You can give your own messages and can change the color of the text effect by double clicking the color button that appears on the right side of the applet on mouseover.

3)   FadeScroll
FadeScroll implements a fading effect of the text at the boundaries of the applet. The colors and fonts of the text can be customized. It also supports a shadow effect to the text to be displayed.

4)   tinyFader
tinyFader displays two 12 line blocks of content text message implementing a fading effect. The text message in this applet is configurable. The other customizable parameters include font color, font size, background color, foreground color etc.

5)   Advanced Fading Text Software
This applet can create a fading effect while displaying multiple messages within a specified area. It can provide a hyperlink and target frame for each message. The fade effect speed of the applet can be customized.

6)   RichTextArea
RichTextArea is applet-based editor for html. It is replacement for classic html textarea. Editor supports clipboard operations, undo/redo, style's operations (bold, italic, underline), manipulations with fonts and colors, text alignment.

7)   Glowing Messages
Glowing Messages is a java text effect applet that displays different glowing message scrolling horizontally and vertically. The text message can scroll from left to right direction and from right to left direction. Each message can be linked to a URL.

8)   DS FireText
DS FireText is a wonderful text effect java applet that displays a burning effect of the text. This also supports an overtext and overimage that can be inserted over the animation. The text can be specified in the parameters.

9)   AEA MMFireMessage
This applet creates a text effect in which a flame of fire makes the letter appear and also makes it disappear by burning them. You can specify the text color, fire color, background color and the description text color etc.

10)   AEA MMFallingTextMessage
AEA MMFallingTextMessage implements falling of the letters from the left corner of the applet and take shape into a message and gives a 3D effect by rotating the letters in XYZ axis. These texts are linkable and supports a background image.

11)   Starwars
Starwars displays your message with spaceage effect to your texts. Supports some awesome graphics of stars running in the background creating a visually appealing look. The texts appear from the bottom and travel far off and disappear far into the space.

12)   AEA MMMotionblurMessage
This applet applies displays incoming and outgoing messages appearing from a distance with a blur effect, which can be configured. The messages can also be linked to an URL. Supports a background image and other font style, size etc.

JS Scroll can scroll text horizontally and is specifically designed for JavaScript Junkies. This applet can have limitless messages and each message can have a link. This can automatically sizes message text and centers it vertically in the applet space.

14)   PacText
PacText is a wonderful java text effect applet that displays a pacman eating taglines one after another. You can supply as many taglines as you want. The size of the pacman depends on the height of the applet.

15)   DS DustText
DS Dust Text creates a dust text effect over any image. The parameters can be easily configured with the HTML code generator without any knowledge of programming in Java or HTML. Also the applet also supports a scroll text and image over the animation.

16)   Textviewer Java Applet
Textviewer Java Applet uses a javascript with the java applet and implements a text display. It allows you to configure the fonts and colors of the text.

17)   DS PlasmaText
DS PlasmaText can take in a series of text for display and implement a plasma effect between them in different colors. You can specify the plasma size from 1 to 4 and also the plasma value of 4 plasmas. Supports Background color, text color, size etc.

18)   DS RotScaleText
With this applet you can execute a text display with a rotate and scale effect. Supports a background image. Additionally it can take an image and scroll text over the animation. The scroll text can be customized in the parameters.

19)   Transparancy
Transparancy is a java applet that can have links to messages and them with fading effects. The text to be displayed can be mentioned in the parameters. You can configure the delay for the animation. This applet is compatible with browsers like Netscape 3, IE 3 etc.

20)   DS FadeText
DS FadeText displays text creating a fading effect between the texts. This interactive applet supports inclusion of an image and a scroll text over the animation. The text color, horizontal and vertical position and the background image can be customized.

21)   WipeRight Java Applet
WipeRight Java Applet implements an amazing fading effect while displaying messages in a single line in different colors and font styles. These messages can be individually linked to URL.

22)   AEA MMExplodingMessage
AEA MMExplodingMessage is a text effect applet that moves onto a position on the applet and then explodes scattering the letters across the screen. The animation implemented by advanced 3D routines. The texts can be linked to URL.

23)   Anagram Text
Anagram Text is java text effect applet that shows letters in a word switching their position. It takes three strings as argument and will jump the letters between them.

24)   DS ShearText
This displays a shear effect with the text to be displayed. The text to be displayed can be specified in the parameters. The speed, background color, pause settings can be indicated in the parameters.

25)   Zmei Presentation
Zmei Presentation is a java applet program which provide support for multiple messages and can set customizable delay for the images. Users can customize and configure easily.

26)   DS WaveText
DS WaveText displays a waving text and an image in the background. The texts can be linked to URL. The wave period and direction of the text wave can be adjusted in the parameters. All the parameters can be easily configured with the HTML code generator.

27)   Slide Anagram
This applet will slide the letters around from one string to the next. It supposes that the texts are anagram and are of equal length. The sliding speed can vary depending on the browser and operating system.

28)   DS FogText
This applet creates a fog effect of the text to be displayed over any image. Supports additionally an image and over text, which can scroll from any both horizontally or vertically from any direction. The direction and speed can be adjusted in the parameters.

29)   DS RotateText
DS RotateText implements a rotating effect with the text. The applet can use any GIF or JPG image and can rotate the text over it. You can control the rotation speed and the direction of rotation.

30)   tinyZipZap
tinyZipZap is an attention-grabbing java applet text effect that displays messages by scrolling the text into the viewable area, one letter at a time. When the entire message is displayed, it scatters out of the viewable area and this process will start again.

31)   NewsManPRO!
NewsManPRO can display text messages or news listing, scrolling on your web page. This applet includes features like galaxy wipes, automatic scrolling etc.

32)   DS PageFlipText
DS PageFlipText is a applet which is capable of showing pageflip effect between texts to the users. Different text effects can be seen through this applet.

33)   Scripto
Scripto is a text effect applet that uses ASCII characters to convert a text into a signature. A text field and a Scripto button are provided in this applet. Enter a text in the text field and press the Scripto button. The applet will display the signature form of the text entered.

34)   DS WobbleText
DS WobbleText can create a wobbling effect of the text. A background image can be used and additionally a scroll text and image. The applet is interactive and includes a HTML code generator that allows you to change the parameters easily.

35)   tinyScramble
tinyScramble jumbles the string to be displayed through a group of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation marks selected at random and displays them. The speed of display can be configured.

36)   KLBanner
KL Banner is a text effect java applet that displays a text message fading in and across the banner. It shows attractive color change on text if a link is provided in the text. Each line can have a URL link.

37)   DS InterleaveText
DS InterleaveText is a program which has the ability to show sprinkle effects between the texts. The text scrolling effect can be viewed by the users on their client applet.

38)   Jump
This applet shows the text messages jumping and scrolling horizontally in a bouncing mode. You can configure the delay time between one message and the other. Each message can be supplied with a hyperlink.

39)   VisualScrollFx
VisualScrollFx scrolls your text and supports any color to the text and supports a 3D look to the text. It includes scrolling features like fades, swipes and many appealing visual effects. You can adjust the font, size, color etc.

40)   DS SwirlText
DS SwirlText can execute a swirl effect with any text, which can be customized in the parameters. You can adjust the radius of the swirl, speed of the swirl and also specify a pause setting. Also you can include a scroll text and image over the animation.

41)   AnnounceIT
AnnounceIT is a java applet that can display unlimited messages in your web page with different fade out effects. Supports hyperlink parameters and font customization.

42)   DS ExplodeText
DS Explode Text uses any image in the background and implements an exploding text over it. You can configure the image, text, font, speed pause etc. The parameters can be configured with the HTML code generator.

43)   Zmei Multi Color Text
This Java applet displays text messages with a color cycle effect in your web pages. You can specify a background color and also configure its font features.

44)   JMTxtMsg Applet
JMTextMsg Applet offers features like: Text messages show with fire effect. Set your target page or frame, and link. Set a background image, fire color .... And more ...

45)   Crazy Button
Crazy Button is a program for animated text effect which has the ability to alter the colors, tremble range, speed, text size and text when the text moves and on fly effects.

46)   AEA MMShiningMessage
AEA MMShiningMessage makes a magic light to make appear each letter of the message and also makes the letters disappear. This also supports a background image and linking of the messages to URL.

47)   DS RippleText
DS RippleText creates a ripple effect with the text to be displayed over a background image. Also supports an overimage and overtext that can scroll in from different directions both horizontally and vertically over the animation.

48)   DS XBlurText
This Java applet can be used to implement an XBlur effect between texts. The speed of the animation can be controlled through the parameters. Supports a background image and insertion of a scroll text and image over the animation.

49)   DS Applets
DS Applets is a collection of wonderful java text effect and visual effect applets. This package contains 114 wonderful DS Applets and all of them are highly customizable and include HTML code generator.

50)   DS ScaleText
DS ScaleText implements a scaling effect of any text over any image in the background. Supports inclusion of a scroll text and image over the animation. Allows customization of the text to be scaled and displayed and also its other features like fonts, image etc.

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