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Top 451-500 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

451)   Cookie Protection
Cookie Protection places a cookie in the visitor’s computer and those who don’t provide the correct password will not receive the cookie and hence will not be able to view the protected page.

452)   Microsoft Outlook bar
Through this program websites can be designed with menus which is similar to Microsoft outlook bar menu type. Javascript modules has been integrated with DHTML classes that helps you to add more menu buttons.

453)   AJScroller
This script can vertically scroll images and text. Supports formatting of the text and images and alignment of the text. You can control the speed of the scrolling and pause delay.

454)   WebCam.js
This javascript based web camera will help you to load images frame by frame and takes the users to any desired URL when they click on the image without browser crashes.

455)   Glowing Image Link Generator
The tool can generate JavaScript that can make the perimeters of any image of your web page glow on mouseover. You can also link the images to any desired URL.

456)   InfoBar
With InfoBar JavaScript you can provide clarifications and information or comments for the links in your webpage when the user moves the mouse over the link. The information of the link is displayed on a specified place on the page.

457)   Shortcut keys
This script can allow you to implement shortcut keys in your web pages. You can specify your own keystrokes to the script. The script can be pasted into your web page to implement the shortcut keys.

458)   Dynamic 3D Y-Axis Rotation Modeler
This script can place objects on your web page and rotate them on its Y-axis. You can create your objects and rotate them. Compatible only with the Internet Explorer 5x.

459)   Scott Brady's Image Rollover
This script can make the images to change the image on mouseover and then return to normal when the mouse is moved out of the image. The script can be incorporated by pasting the code provided in your HTML document.

460)   dTree
dTree is a JavaScript tree menu that can be generated from a database. The menu can be used with or without frames in your webpage. You can generate as many trees as you want in your webpage.

461)   jsTree
JavaScript tree for DOM browsers with functions to add/delete nodes and node context menus. It has a tree editor which makes use of its own context menu.

462)   Flying Cupids script
This JavaScript implements a DHTML effect, which makes a minimum of three cupids to fly around your web page and vanish. You can customize the number of cupids, position of the cupids, animation speed etc.

463)   Animation I
This script can dynamically implement animated gifs to fly across on your web page. Though Animation I works in both browsers, it is optimal in Netscape 4.0x.

464)   Image of the Day
Image of the Day is a javascript based program which helps the webmasters to display a random image of the day on their websites.

465)   Word Filter
Word Filter is a simple and powerful JavaScript that can be used to filter a word from the text submitted by the user. The word to be filtered must be added to the array swear_words_arr. The script provides form fields for giving the name, email address and subject.

466)   Non-spiderable mailto: links with JavaScript
Non-spiderable mailto: links with JavaScript is a JavaScript tool to build the HTML mailto links and is a solution to Bots and Spam mechanisms. Email address, body text and subject lines are included in this script. You can add the mailto link wherever you want within your webpage.

467)   Comet Trail
This script implements a mouse effect, which leaves a trail behind the mouse creating a comet trail. The background colors, font, size etc. can be configured through the script.

468)   Banner and Link Slideshow
This JavaScript runs the banner advertisements as a slideshow. The banners can have a hyperlink. There is no need for to reload the page to display a sequence banners and supported links.

469)   Live Page Change
Live Page Change is a web page content management JavaScript which allows you to change the style of you web page very easily by enabling you to know, which element you are affecting. It allows you to selectively change whichever HTML elements you want.

470)   If/Then Screen Resolution Redirection
This script detects the screen resolution of the visitor and directs the visitor to the appropriate page that works best for that particular resolution.

471)   Check Form
This is a simple and small javascript that examines user's inputs on form fields. This script could be customized according to user's preferences with a small javascript.

472)   Retrieve the JavaScript mouseclick value
With this script you can easily retrieve the JavaScript value of a mouse click. There are three values left-click, right-click and middle click. You can also add this script to an image or button so for example you can add an event on right click.

473)   Select 2D
When an item from the first drop-down menu is selected, different set of items in the second drop-down menu is loaded.

474)   Email Encoder
Email Encoder encodes email addresses JavaScript that can protect your email address from being added into unauthorized mailing list by spam. The script provides a form text box to give your email address for encoding it.

475)   Site Capture
This script can capture any web page into a frame work to used as content in your web page. It optionally encrypts the source URL, so that it is not revealed to the visitors.

476)   Sticky Clock
This script can be used for displaying timer on the website. Webmasters can use this program on their website with ease to show accurate time. This program is easy to install and to setup.

477)   DS Explode Script
This is a wonderful JavaScript for displaying an explosion effect between the images in your webpage. The images may be of your choice. The pause time of the effect, intensity etc. of the effect is customizable in the parameters.

478)   Fading Ticker
This nifty JavaScript displays infinite number of messages fading one after another anywhere on your web page. The message also supports hyperlink.

479)   Update Price of Selected Item
This JavaScript allows you to write the code, which on change of selection can update a text component of a form. The JavaScript function checks the selection and selects the corresponding price for that selection.

480)   The unique mouseovers
This is a simple javascript application capable of changing images on the links whenever you move your mouse over those links on the webpages.

481)   PopUp Calendar with availability option
This is the javascript tool that guides the begginner to generate a pop up calender. By entering a date in the pop up will create a colour in the particular date will be displayed, and that particular date will not be selected again.

482)   Media Machine
Media Machine enhances your web site with a JavaScript audio video player with many features. This multi purpose audio video player supports features like music library, play list, search option etc.

483)   Best Java Scripts Collection
This package contains extremely rich resource of 1100 JavaScript and DHTML scripts useful for web developers and Java developers. The package provides the scripts under 49 different categories and sub categories. It supports tutorials, installation guides, download demos etc.

484)   DOM Tooltip
This JavaScript implements tooltips for HTML pages. By means of three class definitions the tooltips are configured in a stylesheet, and consist of two parts, the caption and the content.

485)   Random Image Selector
Random Image Selector is a JavaScript that can select an image randomly from a set of images. The image height, width etc. are customizable in the parameters. The script supports images of different size.

486)   Email Address Checker-Validator Script
This JavaScript can be implemented in your webpage to verify and validate the email address given by your visitors while filling out any of your forms by means of a entry and double entry boxes.

487)   Swiss Analog Clock
This is a java based analog clock that can be displayed on any websites. This program is compatible with a wide range of browsers and operating systems.

488)   Clear default form value script
Use this script to automatically clear the default value of any form's input field when the mouse sets focus on it. This script intelligently distinguishes between default and user-entered text, and clears only the former on mouse focus.

489)   Sound Slideshow with Images
This is an attractive and effective JavaScript to display slide shows of images. You can supply thousands of images into this script display any number of slides in a single page. The script supports forward and backward buttons, smooth slide transition, etc.

490)   Hovers with transitions
This program is helpful for web site designers that allows them to generate their web page button with transition effect. It works with hover like method.

491)   Clock
Clock is developed with javascript and is a small clock that can be displayed on any websites. This program shows current time with hours, minutes and seconds.

492)   Nudging text
This is a visually appealing JavaScript text effect that displays a wave like nudging effect in your webpage. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 4 or above and in Netscape 6.

493)   Slide In Menu Generator
Slide In Menu Generator can be used to create multiple menus to enable website visitors to navigate through all pages using menus. You can select your desired color, font, size, etc to include many menu links on your javascript supported website.

494)   Flextable IE5 DHTML Grid
This dynamically implements a table with columns that can be scrolled, resized and also moved. Supports displaying large amounts of data. The XSLT stylesheet can be used to display XML data.

495)   fValidate
This is an effective online form validating program that can be used to check user's given data in the form. This program supports multiple languages and validates different types of datas.

496)   HTML protection script
This script denies the option of right click to the user preventing the source code of your web pages from being accessed. The script pops up an alert message when the right click is tried.

497)   Anti spam / anti spider script
This is an email protector in JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to display your email addresses instead of using plain HTML. This script is a powerful solution against spiders and spam.

498)   DynCalendar
This JavaScript makes the selection of dates very easier for the visitor of your web page. It works on IE5+, NS6+, and Mozilla and if your browser does not support the calendar button is not displayed.

499)   Animated Rainbow ScrollBars Script One
Adds a unique attraction by implementing scrollbars that blinks in 3 colors. The blink speed can be configured. Works with the Internet Explorer 5.5+ only.

500)   Fly-in Header Script
This script flys in any text from the left edge of the browser to its original position on the page. A good way to draw attention to header text on your page, for example.

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