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Top 501-550 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

501)   Real Estate Catalog
This tool is helpful for the users to sell and buy their properties in San Diego and around. Useful line of contact has been provided for the users.

502)   Auto Homepage - Add to Favorites Script
This JavaScript can set any specified URL as the visitor’s homepage and also add the URL to the favorites. The codes can be copied onto the of your web page.

503)   XYGraph
XYGraph is a uniquely flexible graphing program for plotting data sets.

504)   Basic Calendar
A simple, elegant JavaScript calendar to display the current days of the month. Uses CSS to allow easy changing to its appearance, everything from calendar dimensions, colors, down to the font used to highlight the current day.

505)   Multiple Message Ticker
This script scrolls messages from left to right. The scrolling is stopped after each message or on mouseover. You can customize the pause, size, background and the speed.

506)   Flashing Links script
Draw attention to important links on your page by making them "flash", with this cool script. Easy to install and highly versatile.

507)   Cool Redirect
This is a simple yet versatile JavaScript that can redirect the visitors to any other webpage. The script displays a graphical countdown of the time left for redirection. The script is highly customizable and is lightweight and portable.

508)   Index It Image Slideshow
This user friendly image slideshow displays an index of all of the images, letting the viewer see the position of the current image within the slideshow, and jump to a particular image at will. It uses CSS for its overall appearance, allowing for easy customization.

509)   ActiveWidgets Grid - Cross-browser DHTML widgets toolkit
ActiveWidgets Grid widget is a cross browser web tool that supports GUI interface. This tool supports a large number of widgets like trees, grids, tabs, menus etc.,

510)   CodeThatGrid
CodeThatTable is an advanced JavaScript table that enables user to display massives of data.

511)   JavaScript Pop-Up Window Maker
Generates codes for popup windows. You can indicate the dimensions of the window can be specified in the generator and the desired page to be opened can also be specified.

512)   Echo Form Field
Echo Form Field is a JavaScript that can change the value of another text field when data is filled up in one text field. The value in the other text field cannot be then changed.

513)   QMessageBox
This QMessageBox is used to generate alert message on your site. Alert message appears when the page gets downloaded. It is written using Javascript.

514)   Fall
With Fall, you can have falling objects on your web page. A seasonal idea would be snow. You can also change the images, number of objects, speed, waft size, 3d wafting etc. v1.7a update: Now has a toggle switch so that surfers can switch Fall off and on (toggle switch is an optional extra).

515)   Stars
The script uses the star.gif image to create a starfield effect. You can customize the number of stars, width of the star, direction of the spin of the stars etc.

516)   DS FireWorks Script
In this JavaScript a particle moves in the background and explodes creating a fire effect. Allows you to change the parameters like number of particles, intensity of the works and the speed of the fireworks etc.

517)   JavaScripts
JavaScripts offers copy and paste java examples, and a discussion board.

518)   Ace Random Array of Text
This is a JavaScript to randomly select and display texts in your webpage. The text changes randomly each time the page is loaded. The text can be displayed wherever you want within your webpage.

519)   Show Banner Ad Calculated paramter
This is a simple JavaScript to display a variety of ads in your website depending upon parameters that the ads supply to the current page. This also does not require the CGI to rotate the advertisements.

520)   Window scrolling
Window scrolling is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle the process of scrolling windows to the specified coordinates.

521)   Javascript Decoder
You can use javascript decoder to get back your original source code of your online application. It also beautifies javascript source.

522)   Favorite BG Color
Favorite BG Color activates cookies for visitors information and it can remember their desired background color to set it when the visitors enter next time. All functions are done through javascript modules.

523)   Watermark
This script enables you to implement a watermark of any text or images that stays fixed on the screen even if you roll the web page. You can customize the text/image, font face, size, color, filter effects and filter color.

524)   Bouncy text
This is a lively script that makes your messages jump around in the browser window of your visitor. You can configure the speed of the animation in seconds.

525)   User Details Tool
This is a customizable javascript generator that allows you to show your visitor's information about their browser, or tell them how many pages they have in their history menu.

526)   Verify Cookie Max Size
Verify Cookie Max Size is a JavaScript cookie that can enable you to verify the maximum size of the cookie that your web browser can handle. It works on both the Internet Explorer and Netscape.

527)   1-2-3 DropDown Menu
A cool JavaScript menu that can display a dropdown menu, which opens the link in the same window immediately after selecting the link without the need to click on any ‘Go’ or ‘Submit’ button.

528)   PayPal Shop Builder
With PayPal Shop Builder you can build your HTML-based online shop without the need of learning how to integrate PayPal.

529)   NOP free cart
NOP free cart is a JavaScript shopping cart that is most effective and simple to handle. It features multiple product pages and Product quantity selection. It supports regional tax costs, complete 'Manage Cart' page, and configurable currency type.

530)   Infix to Postfix
As can be made out from the name, Infix to Postfix is a JavaScript tool for generating Postfix expression by converting the Infix expression, which can be specified in a filed text box and converted.

531)   Form Field Validation
Form Field Validation is a program and is written in javascript that can validate any empty field that is available in the form and input focus has been set to particular empty field.

532)   Highlight Table Cells Script IE
Highlight Table Cells Script IE is a java based script that allows webmasters to highlight any table row entirely. It causes a change of colours when mouse is moved over the table row.

533)   Banner Rotator
With link using of this java script "Banner Rotaotr" you are allowed to display a random image on your web page. This java script is very easy and fit for your web page.

534)   Hold Window Focus
Hold Window Focus is a tutorial which teaches the users how to confirm whether the window stays in focus on top of every window.

535)   Source Code Encryption Wizard
This script is a wizard that encrypts the source code protecting it from being copied by the visitors without the author’s permission. The visitor will not be able to interpret the codes.

536)   Reveal
This is a Dynamic HTML background effects tool that displays the contents of your web page layer by layer. The revealing can be done automatically or by clicking the reveal button provided in the script. The script is configurable and is very easy to set up and use.

537)   DS Stars3D Script
This is a JavaScript that creates a 3D effect of a star field of your web page in the background. Allows you to configure the parameters like the number of stars, direction of stars, speed of stars etc.

538)   Windows Valid Date Function
Windows Valid Date Function is a form validator that ensures that the user has entered a valid date in the form field. Displays an error message in case of invalid date. Supports all the date formats.

539)   Ace Dynamic TextArea Color Wizard
With this script implement text area color schemes for your text area fields. You can configure the color schemes for the scrollbar, text and background.

540)   Text Box Ticker
This JavaScript can display any number of text messages. The messages can be linked to URLs. The speed of the news ticker can be changed by you. The messages are displayed on a text box.

541)   Script Masters
This is a online resource website which helps the user to retrive big collection of java script present in this site for developing their webpages. This website has master scripts for news and graphics. This website also has script encoders like remote loadings, trade doubler and more.

542)   LinkExploder 3: rollover fireworks for your links
This script is used for displaying sparkling effect when the cursor moves over button. Users can use their own words while sparkling and also they can set color for that word.

543)   Manipulating windows using JavaScript
Learn how to maniplate windows using JavaScript, such as creating a customized pop up window and more.

544)   Quadratic Equation Solver
Use this script to workout quadratic equations. Implements a small calculator with text boxes that allow you to solve the equation. You can display decimals or round it off.

545)   JSFX Fireworks
Implements a fireworks display anywhere on your web page even over your web contents. The display can be stopped by clicking on a link and can also be restarted.

546)   Links Hover Color
With this JavaScript you can implement multiple links on a page that reacts differently for each link class your define. Allows you to configure the font, style, size etc. of the links through the script.

547)   XML Based Javascript Menu
XML Based Javascript Menu is a navigational tool to display vertical menu in your webpage. The menu is built using XML and HTC. The menu can have as many levels as you want.

548)   Layer Menu Uses External HTML Page
This program is yet another simple and effective javascript program that gives the solutions to implement a navigation system to enable your users to surf all pages in an easier way.

549)   Write New Window - Close Opener
With this script you can open a new window and write the page into it. Open the page to write the new contents and close the document after you write the new contents.

550)   Neon lights text
This script can display text messages with neon like glowing effect. Each character is highlighted one after the other. You can configure the base color, text color and flashing speed.

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