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Top 551-600 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

551)   Amazon style Drop-in content box
We modeled this script after an effect seen on the frontpage of A content box drops in from "midair", and can display anything of your choice. The frequency of the box appearing can be precisely controlled.

552)   Jump Menus
Learn how to create jump menus in Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0. Code is also included.

553)   Open select links in new window
Specify arbitrary or entire groups of links on the page open in a new window with this flexible script. An optional checkbox lets the visitor easily toggle between "open in new window" or "current window" instead. This script takes a familiar concept and spruces it up.

554)   Simple Chess Game Program: Tiger and Bull
Simple Chess Game Program: Tiger and Bull is a Javascript program that can be added by the webmasters on their websites for entertaining the kids. This program offers popup 'Help' facility to the players.

555)   Window Spawning and Remotes
Window Spawning and Remotes is a tutorial which tells the users how to launch a new window using javascript and html.

556)   Link Fader script
This script fades the links from one color to the other on mouseover. Allows you to customize the colors of the links. The color returns to the original on mouseout event.

557)   SpreadsheetConverter to HTML/JavaScript
Convert MS Excel spreadsheet into good-looking calculating web page. No plugins

558)   Background-Image Scroller
With this JavaScript you can scroll just the background beneath the contents of a page. The background image can be any of your favorite one. The speed of scroll of the image can be adjusted. Works with Internet Explorer only.

559)   Easy3DESCrypt
Easy3DESCrypt is a powerful online data encrypting software that uses the most popular cryptography standard 3DES in encrytping web based files of online applications.

560)   Memory Game with highscore
Memory Game with highscore is an online game which is easy and interesting to play for the users. This game can be placed on any type of websites.

561)   Dynamic Content
This script on mouseover can display different information in the same specified area for different links. You can also include images as the content. Compatible with IE, NS4, NS6.

562)   Customised User Welcome Message
With this JavaScript you can attract your webpage visitors by displaying a welcome message as good morning/evening to them on the basis of the time (AM/PM) accessed by the script from the visitor’s system clock.

563)   Multi Search Engine
This script uses the search engines like the, altavista or google implement searches on the web. This facilitates multiple search engines in just one page.

564)   DS Status Bar Scroll
This program is used to display scrolling text on the status bar. This program is easy to setup and to use. This program gives code for scrolling text effect on the status bar.

565)   Email Extractor Lite
Email Extractor Lite is a powerful email extracting program and is developed with javascript that helps users to extract email address from web pages.

566)   DHTML JavaScript Calendar
This calendar is a pure JavaScript calendar, which does all the processing at the client side and can run on any website. When the user makes any changes to the day, month or year, the calendar automatically recalculates the number of days in the respective months.

567)   Change Scrollbar Colors Dynamically
With this script you can enable your visitors to change the color of their dull looking scroll bars on mouseover. Compatible with the Internet Explorer 5.5+.

568)   Agile Title Bar Message Ticker
This script supports unlimited number of messages to be scrolled in the title bar of the user’s browser. The speed of the scroll can be specified in the script.

569)   Username and Email Changer
Using this simple user authentication program your website customers can change their username for your webservices with a new name.

570)   Advanced Email Check
A script that closely examines the content of a form box to ensure that the user entered a valid email address. If not, the form submition is canceled, and the surfer prompted to re-enter a valid address. Uses Regular Expressions.

571)   Change Style Sheets On-The-Fly from Page Links
This script allows you to click on links to change the style sheets of the window instantly. With this the background color, font, size, color etc can be changed.

572)   ColorPicker
ColorPicker is a simple and easy to use addon tool that helps users to create their own website with an attractive and professional colors. They can set background color or font color to the web pages.

573)   Popup date picker
A pop up calendar script that makes it easy to fill out date/time fields of a form.

574)   SuperClock
SuperClock is a JavaScript that displays not only the current date and time, but also the current day. Also it features an appealing beveled border supported with a background image of your own.

575)   Banner Rotation
Banner changes every x seconds. Here I display two ways, the better-looking-way below and the more-compatible-way above in the frame. You can able to do only with this java script (Banner Rotation).

576)   Simple Password Gate JavaScript
The Simple Password Gate JavaScript is a script from which the users can validate their affiliates username and password and allow them to access the secured area.

577)   Email Protect
Email Protect is a JavaScript tool to protect your email address from grabbing and webpage spidering by spam bots. The script generates e-mail addresses using client’s web browser, which can’t be processed by spam bots as it uses text based browsers.

578)   Introducing operators
Introducing operators is a tutorial that has the ability to teach people about the opreators in javascript. This tutorial discusses about six types of operators including comparison operator, assignment operator, arithmetic operator etc.,

579)   Validate empty form fields and e-mail addresses
Validate empty form fields and e-mail addresses is a JavaScript to ensure that the user has filled all the fields of the form without leaving them empty and has entered email addresses in the correct format.

580)   MouseOver show New Content
This script implements a versatile updated field on mouseover in your web pages. The update field is resized based on the data entered into the field. Works only with the IE.

581)   Browser Name
This script can enable you to detect the visitor’s browser and will also display it in your web page. Helps you to direct the appropriate page designed for that specific browser.

582)   No Spam Email Link
No Spam Email Link is an online email hider and is developed with javascript that helps users to encode their email address on their web pages from spammers.

583)   Link Tooltip with Blend Transition Slideshow
This is a nifty JavaScript to load a link in your webpage that displays an HTML and CSS tooltip when the user moves the mouse over the link. The font color, size, style, image etc. are customizable.

584)   Force IE to Maximize Window When Opened
This script forces the IE to maximize the window, when your page is opened. So every time a maximized page is displayed when you open it. Works only with the IE.

585)   XML Data Traversal
This script can read and traverse the data from an XML file and also displayed in the tree style. One such implementation can be the site map, which requires a tree style display.

586)   Braille
Braille is a Javascript by to display Braille.

587)   SmartWebby's Guide to Simple Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
SmartWebby's Guide to Simple Dynamic HTML (DHTML) is a tutorial which tells the users how to build a web page which looks static and interactive using DHTML mode.

588)   Milonic DHTML Navigation Menu
This is a highly flexible and very quick navigational menu that can be implemented in your webpage. The script is free for download for non-profit organizations.

589)   Free DHTML Top Menu Script
A navigation menu in JavaScript that implements a web menu in your webpage. The text color, mouseover text color, menu items color, mouseover menu item color, font type, font style, font weight etc. are customizable in the script.

590)   Continuous Fader
This script allow users to add background effects on their web pages. This script helps users to blink different colors continuously and they can stop it by using stop button.

591)   DS Sinus Scroll Text
This program is used to display sinus scroll text effect in between the web page. Users can customize this script according to their needs.

592)   Live Date
A script that displays a live date, in the format of Sunday, June 07, 2004 9:22:58 PM, and is updated every second.

593)   BetterCalculator 1.2
BetterCalculator 1.2 is a freeware Javascript calculator with MEMORY screen, built in HELP screens and NEW WINDOW function.

594)   Back Home Button
This script implements a button that can take the user back to his/her default Homepage. Also supports use of an image instead of a form button. Works on IE4+ and NS4+.

595)   CodeThatTable
CodeThatTable is an advanced JavaScript table that enables user to display massives of data.

596)   Boogey-Down Glow-And-Jump Animated 3-Color Neon Text
This cut-and-paste script and mini-tutorial presents text surrounded by three changing 'glow' colors, while also shifting the vertical and horizontal layout for a striking animation effect strongly resembling neon light displays. Colors, dimensions, and rate are all settable. An easy install.

597)   Animated document title
This JavaScript adds life to the Title by implementing an animation effect on the title of your web page. Compatible with Internet Explorer 4+ and Netscape 6.

598)   JS MouseOver Generator
This tool is a script generator that can implement mouseover buttons. Use it with any two images that is stored on the server in GIF format. The code can then be incorporated into your web page to implement the mouseover buttons.

599)   CodeThatEditor
CodeThatEditor is an advanced JavaScript editor looking like Microsoft Word document.

600)   Document lightening effect
Expose your webpage to the awesome effect of lightening, using this JavaScript.

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