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Top 701-750 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

701)   Memory Cards Game
Memory Cards Game implements the familiar memory game of the cards in JavaScript. The images inside the images folder can be changed.

702)   Flexi Slideshow
Flexi Slideshow can accommodate images of different dimensions, and optional text beneath a slide.

703)   OpenCMS
OpenCMS is a combination of java and XML program bundled with efficient template engines and WYSIWYG editor using which you can build powerful websites with secured SSL support.

704)   AJAX Tutorial - My First AJAX form
In this article, I'll explain demonstrate the fundamental steps to creating an Ajax form. In this demo, there are two files, one is index_demo.php and the other is add_url_demo.php

705)   JavaScript Graph-it!
Create graphs out of raw data using Graph It! Just input the textual data, and leave the rest to the script.

706)   htmlArea
Turn any textarea into a WYSIWYG editor.

707)   EBA:Grid Control
EBA: Grid Control is a fast and wasy web based grid program. It can help the webmaster have better control over the grids.

708)   Dock Content script
This powerful script allows you to keep arbitrary elements on your page always in view, by "docking" it. It dynamically determines whether the element is currently visible on the user's screen, and if not, repositions it so it is.

709)   Help Popups
Help Popups provides you a pop up help box similar to MS windows pop-up help box. When cursor is moved to an item in which help pop-up is defined it will load very quickly as JavaScript is actually creating the entire HTML page for the popup. The pop-up is highly customizable too.

710)   Date Picker Object
This is a powerful javascript date picker object that will help you to create as many as calendars for your website with multiple instances.

711)   HTML Elements in Forms
HTML Elements in Forms is a tutorial which teaches the users how to generate elements in the form with input attribute with HTML support.

712)   Double Mouseover
With this script when you move your mouse over one image this image and as well as the image adjacent to it also changes implementing two changeover effects.

713)   Image Web Buttons
This JavaScript generates menus of any style you want in your webpage and supports 3 state images i.e., normal, mouseover and click. The script uses an external txt file to load the menu items.

714)   Puzzle Wheel
This JavaScript implements a puzzle game in which you have to guess a letter by spinning a wheel. The game is designed with amazing graphics and supports upto 3 players.

715)   News Bar
The JavaScript implements a news bar, which can automatically change the messages one after another. Allows you to manually intervene and change the message back and forward.

716)   Background Midi script
This is a background music script, which can enhance your web page with background music. The visitor can listen to the music if the visitor’s browser is installed with the midi plugin.

717)   Image zoom in/out script
This is an impressive script that allows you to conveniently zoom in and out of an image. Functional in IE4+, NS6 and Opera 6+.

718)   JSClock
JSClock is a simple JavaScript that can display a more active clock. It supports different strings for hours. The script is compatible with IE5+, Opera7, and Mozilla browsers.

719)   Random Numbers
A simple and small JavaScript that can select and display 16 random numbers. The position of the numbers in your page, font face, font size etc. are customizable in the script.

720)   FormPlus
FormPlus is a powerful image script that can be implemented in your webpage to Validate forms. The script is highly customizable and is very easy to maintain. The script allows you to add or modify the form fields.

721)   UnitConverter
UnitConverter for more than 700 worldwide units

722)   JavaScript Chess with CPU opponent
This JavaScript implements a chess game with features like pawn promotion, castling, en-passent and computer opponent. If a position is repeated for three times, the game will be drawn.

723)   Freaky Rotate Demo
On the Internet Explorer 5 and above, this JavaScript can rotate the entire background of your web page. Freaky Rotate Demo was developed using the and creating some pie's.

724)   Stock Market JavaScript Ticker
This is a JavaScript Stock Market Ticker that shows live quotes from the stock market in a rotating text that can be customized to display any symbols, fonts or colors.

725)   3D Wireframe Ticker
3D Wireframe Ticker is an interactive tool that allows the webmasters to add their desired text on their webpages and it whirls round the messages on the center of the webpage.

726)   MultiSearch Free Java Script
Allow your visitors to search the web from your website. Visitors can search the net with a search engine of their choosing. Results can open in a new window so visitors will remain on your site. The script has six search engines and ready to go. This script is highly customizable.

727)   Cookie Utility Class
Cross-platform JavaScript utility class for creating, reading, and deleting cookies.

728)   Getting global and external style sheet values in DHTML
Getting global and external style sheet values in DHTML as the name implies is a simple tutorial dealing with the concepts of DHTML style sheet values.

729)   Ken's Country List Generator
Ken's Country List Generator is a drop down menu in JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to provide a short list of 39 countries and a complete list of 240 countries that can be used to fill the country column while filling forms in your webpage.

730)   Bs_DatePicker Widget
The DatePicker lets users easily select valid dates. No need to worry about date formats, by picking dates it's always correct.

731)   Select List Of Current Month
This is a JavaScript example that creates a menu (drop down select list) of all the days in the current month. The current date is selected by default.

732)   JavaScript Forms and Frames
JavaScript Forms and Frames is a tutorial which explains the users how to work with HTML forms and manipulate frames with the support of javascript.

733)   DS Title Bar Clock
This program is used for displaying clock on the title bar. Users can set seconds in clock if they need and also they can display their clock with A.M. & P.M.

734)   TIC TAC TOE
This is a simple JavaScript version of tic tac toe. You can set the board dimensions, and set the amount required to win (like 4 in a row).

735)   Easy Web Editor
This is a Web Content Management Systems JavaScript and can also be used in intranet applications and interactive tools like forums. This is an open source script, which allows you to have full control on how your EWE will look and behave.

736)   DS Wheelscroll
This script implements wheel effect while scrolling text messages. The scrolling speed, height and width and much more can be configured in the parameters.

737)   Timing of VBS-JS code
PSTRUH Software has added new properties to the ScriptUtilities library - hi-resolution performance counter. New properties lets you measure time with precision up to nanoseconds.

738)   Amazing Frameless Go-Behind Popup Banners with Must-Click
Displays window without any frame or titlebar and can loaded with any target like ads etc. works on the IE4+. You can configure the target URL that has to be displayed in

739)   Select 3D
Select 3D is a script that allows you to select the desired items from series of select fields.

740)   Cool DHTML Tooltip
This practical, elegant DHTML tooltip script displays additional information about a link or any other element (ie: table) when the mouse moves over it.

741)   edl manager
This JavaScript enables you to record and manage few shots on to a lengthy tape. The script automatically generates the appropriate pal25/cmx3600 edl when you specify the in and out points by using your vhs with burned in time code.

DHTML_LAYER.JS is script built on java to cause a visual effect over the content on any page of the websites. Any conent can be placed inside its tag to be hidden inside it.

743)   XRAY
XRAY is a java based script that hides specify text content on the webpage and reveals them when the cursor is slided over them.

744)   Javascript Calculator
This script is built in javascript which is used for calculating numbers and it offers different calculating functions and it is used for scientific operations.

745)   Arrow onMouseover effect
Arrow onMouseover effect shows up an arrow and flashes it near the link on mouseover. You can specify the height and width of the image and a border to the images.

746)   Pop Up Window Script
The script can popup or popunder windows with the specified target while loading your page. The frequency of the popup/popunder can be indicated in the script.

747)   Random Satirical Punch Line
This program allows web developers to show their web page with punch line message randomly. Users are allowed to add their own message to display randomly.

748)   Submit Sends Email And Loads New Page
This JavaScript can send email messages on clicking the ‘Submit’ button. After sending the email message the script loads the current page with a different URL.

749)   DHTML Billboard script
This DHTML billboard script rotates and displays rich HTML messages of your choice, using interesting transitional effects in between messages to catch viewers' attention. Script uses regular DIV tags to contain all the messages you wish to be shown, for ease of customizing them.

750)   Image Fade Menu
This script implements menus with fading effect on both the horizontal and vertical directions. Allows you to customize the image colors, fonts, sounds and the background.

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