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Top 751-800 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

751)   No Select Text script
Disable viewers' ability to select text on your page by installing this script. With it, dragging the mouse over text has no effect.

752)   Combined Menu
This is a JavaScript navigation menu that provides two drop down menus in your webpage and on the basis of combined selection from these menus, the script sends the user to the specific URL.

753)   Psychic Test
Based on the Zenner card test, this is a JavaScript game to see how well you can predict which shape will be selected.

754)   Reframe
You can use Reframe to keep your website from other websites using your frames.

755)   Highlite
Add more elegance to your links by adding this javascript that when the link is clicked on, it becomes highlighted.

756)   Session-only cookies
Session-only cookies is an efficient online tutorial relating the usage and application of sessions based cookies in various java based applications

757)   Hiox Time Ticker
Hiox Time Ticker is a program using which webmasters can display a digital timer on their websites. This program is based on javascript.

758)   Simple Password Protection
With this script you can implement a username and password login protection feature to your web pages. You can configure the username and password in the script.

759)   Simple cmx 3600 - edl maker
Simple cmx 3600 - edl maker is a java based script which can be used by the users those who want to log few shots from their long tape. It is possible to let this program to produce perfect pal25/cmx3600 edl.

760)   dhtmlxToolbar - cross-browser Javascript toolbar
dhtmlxToolbar is a free JavaScript Toolbar with high functionality, XML support, cross-browser compatibility and rich API. Completely customizable - you can freely define visual appearance of this DHTML Toolbar by simply changing its parameters.

761)   Rotator
This script can rotate the contents in your web page depending upon the date and time of day. Works on all latest browsers. A special JavaScript is included ensure that the script gets the default text passed.

762)   JavaScript Add-Ins
This is a developing tool in JavaScript and provides different useful add-ins, which can be used in your web pages. The add-ins is free for download and is very easy to setup and use.

763)   Set HomePage Builder
Set HomePage Builder is a powerful javascript application using which you would be able to create instant home page links for your websites.

764)   faebusoft Color Picker
This is a javascript application used to find the Hexadecimal value of the color. It can be used with any web application.

765)   Flying Focused Ad Window
Implements a popup window when your page is loaded, which slides down, turns across, then to the top of the screen and then back to its original position. The URL to be displayed can be configured.

766)   AceCalendar
This is the javascript which helps the user to generate a calender and data picker on their webpages. The visitors who are visiting their webpage can feel easy to complete the forms with in few minutes.

767)   Dynamic Combo
The Dynamic Combo is a JavaScript to provide a drop down menu in your webpage. You can select a link or a page from a multiple group of link items in the menu.

768)   DD Tab Menu II
A 2 level image tab menu. Move your mouse over an image tab, and additional content appears beneath it. The 2nd level can be toggled on and off, instantly creating a simple tabs interface in the later case.

769)   Menu G5
Menu G5 is designed using javascript that provides features to construct multiple menus dynamically with unlimited sub-menus. CSS style can be used to modify the appearance of menus.

770)   Windows Buttons
The script can implement buttons similar to the Windows with an underlined letter in the text of the button, which can be accessed through the Alt key. Works on IE & NS.

771)   Anywhere Mail
This sends email to anyone you want from your webpage. The script provides a 'E-Mail Someone!' link that opens a window in which the recipient’s email address and subject can be written.

772)   Time Till Hour
Time Till Hour is a tool written in JavaScript to display the time in ‘XX till Hour’ formats. Instead of using numeric values, it uses casual English to display the time. For e.g. “it is now about four in the afternoon”.

773)   Anti Right, Middle, and Menu click
This script denies access to the right click or accessing the menu of your browser, which saves it from your web page being copied by the users without your consent.

774)   Alert-It scroller
This unique scroller scrolls text at the very top of the page, making it hard to ignore. It's useful to broadcast important messages to your visitors. The number of times the text is scrolled across the page is customizable (ie: 2 times than disappear). IE specific script.

775)   Scriptomizers - Set as Homepage Prompt
Website owners who wants to enable their visitors to utilize their web pages as homepage on visitors computers, can copy this javascript coding into their site.

776)   Interactive DHTML art-demos
Interactive DHTML art-demos is a website which guides the user to create a visual effect using DHTML animation. This website helps the user to generate animation effect which can be done through MSIE and Outlook Express compatible

777)   Google Internal Site Search script
Google Internal Site Search script is a program for people to put a google search on their websites.

778)   Loading two frames with one link
Loading two frames with one link is a tutorial which informs the users how to perform the process of loading double frames using single click.

779)   Ace Title Bar Time and Date Display
Ace Title Bar Time and Date Display can be incorporated into your webpage to display the current date and time whenever your webpage is opened. The time is displayed in A.M. or P.M.

780)   Traffic Referrers Link List
With one line of javascript, list your traffic, the sites that sent you hits.

781)   Random iframe content
By default, an iframe only displays one set URL. This script changes that, by allowing you to specify a group of URLs for the iframe to randomly choose and display from.

782)   Adremover
This JavaScript can be used to catch clicks on advertisements and it creates a cookie on the computer of the visitor. The advertisements are again shown only after the cookies expires.

783)   Dynamic Background Image
This program is used for changing background color when mouse rollover to a particular place or text. It controls background easily.

784)   Tool for Text Formating Online Editor
This JavaScript supports a popup menu on RightMouseClick with HTML code selections enabling users to quickly format the contents of what they post accurately and quickly. It works only on the IE browser.

785)   RssReader
This is a web based syndication solution that can gather news and displays it on the web pages. This is a simple and easy to use program.

786)   Goopers
Goopers is a game created using Javascripts and can be played by anyone who is interested in games. This game can be placed on any type of websites.

787)   Building a Javascript array
Building a Javascript array is an online tutorial that helps java programmers and begginers to generate effective javascript arrays for HTML pages.

788)   Photo Gallery
Simple, flexible script generates thumbnails and detail pages, slideshows, handles paging, previous/next links, parses URL so you may directly link to single image, and displays loading image as it caches images for fast viewing and downloads. Easily customized.

789)   Windows Meta-object (WMO)
This JavaScript enables you to keep a full control over the look and efficiency of the browser window. The script is compatible with IE, Netscape, Mozilla and iCab borwsers.

790)   Greet the user, date and time
Greet the user, date and time is developed with javascript and is a program that helps users to show date and time on their web pages.

791)   Bookmark This Site
This is a JavaScript component that works only in MS Internet explorer Version 4 or above with which your site will be added to the users bookmarks by pressing Explorer's Add Favorite dialogue that opens automatically.

792)   Add A Scripts Search Engine To Your Site.
Follow a few simple steps and have a customized code generated for your search box and search result pages. There is no cvxx logo if you want.

793)   Tutorial: Introduction to JavaScript
Tutorial: Introduction to JavaScript is a tutorial which informs the users how to use javascript that can provide support for the users to create static web pages of their own.

794)   CodeBrain's JavaScript Sound Kit Download
This is a JavaScript audio tool that shows how the audio files like wav, .au, .snd, .mid sound files etc. can be used with JavaScript that works when the mouse is moved over an image or text.

795)   Multimedia Rollovers
This JavaScript harps on the Microsoft Transition Filters in the Internet Explorer to implement animated image rollover, which is as good as an animation with Flash.

796)   3 state menu with fade in - fade out effect
This is a visually appealing JavaScript navigation menu that displays 3 state images when the user moves the mouse over the menu. The menu image, width, height, background etc. can be customized in the parameters.

797)   Auto-centering Popup Window
Use this script to popup windows that aligns itself to the center of the screen. A links to be opened in the window can also be specified. You can control the directories, location, menubar, resizable, status, toolbar etc.

798)   PanelBar Studio
Creates a navigation bar just the ones in Windows programs. PanelBar uses only JavaScript, CSS and HTML to implement functions like Collapse/Expand Groups, Cross-Browser Support etc.

799)   ip2dec
ip2dec is implemented using javascript functions that can produce an IP address in decimal form. Has an easier configuration and can be accessed simply.

800)   0-Code WYSIWYG Scrollbars Style Creator
Add eye-catching scrollbar to your web page whitout writing single line of code! This tool will help you to create colored scrollbars with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and/or JavaScript effects: 3 different modes for adjusting scrollbar colors and two highly customisable JavaScript effects.

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