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Top 801-850 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

801)   Imageless Horizontal Bars
With Imageless Horizontal Bars you can present data in your webpage graphically without the help of any images. The script can also sort the data alphabetically in either ascending or descending order. The font color, body background color, value scale etc. are customizable.

802)   Debug Console
This program is used for debugging javascript programs. It checks functions, variables and objects and it also executes the functions through console.

803)   ScriptCalendar
Script calender, it's a java script tool. This helps the user to develop calenders which display the daily events in the client side. This tool can be accessed by the user from the HTML page itself. Events can be stored in the file in XML format also.

804)   MultiFrame slide show
This unique image slide show can rotate and display multiple images at once, instead of just one.

805)   Jackpardy Game
This JavaScript game requires four players to play and puts up question similar to that of a puzzle. Displays values of dollars that you can manipulate and play with.

806)   Calculator ZF
This is a simple online scientific calculator of the kind using which you can perform mathematical calculations. This calculator is designed with as many as 50 buttons with three differnt LCD's.

807)   Creativyst JavaScript Compressor
Creativyst JavaScript Compressor enables to compress the JavaScript file and thus reduces the download time or valuable WAN bandwidth and storage space required by your script files. With JSC you can compress your JavaScript code from a single application screen.

808)   Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script
Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script has been coded in javascript that provides an efficient algorithm to fortify your content pages. The encrypted text format can not be grabbed by any hackers using simple algorithms.

809)   Analog Clock (mouse trail)
Analog Clock (mouse trail) as the name suggests, this JavaScript implements an analog clock which follows the mouse, wherever the mouse is moved. The font, size & alignment can be configured by you in the script.

810)   TinyMCE
TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control released as Open Source under LGPL by Moxiecode Systems AB. It has the ability to convert HTML TEXTAREA fields or other HTML elements to editor instances. TinyMCE is very easy to integrate into other CMS systems.

811)   X-Mas Cursor Trailer
X-Mas Cursor Trailer is a Javascript animation that allows the webmasters to make their site more attractive. Users have to just move their mouse to see this little animation.

812)   Submit1ce
Submit1ce is a tutorial which explains the users how to handle the process of disabling submit buttons after a single click for preventing them to send their form more times.

813)   Random Quote display
Random Quote display is a javascript based script, by using this program webmasters can display a random slogan or a passage in a text box.

814)   Xin Calendar
With the help of this program you can create both 'in-page' and 'popup-window' DHTML calendars for your website with background image tiles and CSS support.

815)   PopUp Maker
This software is a JavaScript generator that generates codes for implementing reliable popup windows. The codes for the windows can be tested live instantly.

816)   Emcrypt HTML / HTML Encryption With Ultra Secure Plug-in
Encrypt you HTML using the lastest encryption javascript on your website. I must for todays and tomorrors websites worldwide.

817)   Animated Menu 1
With this JavaScript, you can implement change of images of a menu from one image to another on mouseover. The pages are loaded regardless of the browser.

818)   Deliver Password Protected Content
Deliver Password Protected Content is a tutorial which teaches the users how the dynamic contents are delivered based on their password provided with javascript support.

819)   DS RadialScroll Script
This script scrolls messages in a circle on your web pages. The speed of the scroll, the horizontal and vertical position of the circle can be adjusted in the parameters.

820)   Manipulation
This scripts gives you the ability to manipulate a browser window - move, scroll and resize.

821)   Favorite Links
Makes user's Favorite link List on fly without use of DB or other resources. Script uses cookie to store links and their titles.

822)   CodeThatCalendar
CodeThatCalendar enables you easily add the date/time picker to your form or page. Both popup and inline calendars are supported. Features include support for current date and week highlighting, localization, CSS support.

823)   Dynamic Table Color Changer
This program is used for changing table color. When user moves their mouse over table it shows different color. Users can select their own color on the table.

824)   Cube-U
Cube-U is an efficient menu building system that provides cookie cutter navigation solutions for the site visitors with a wide variety of styles and border colours in the menus.

825)   Generic Drag Script
This script can make any elements in your web page draggable. You can drag and place any object anywhere on your web page. Compatible in both the IE4+ and NS6+.

826)   DS BGWave
Freak out your web visitors with this strange but cool website background effect. Website looks like it is waving.

827)   ScrollBar Styler
Can implement custom scrollbars with CSS "style" code for colored, flat-style. For the IE 5.5+, it can generate JavaScript code for multi-color blinking scrollbars.

828)   Say goodbye
This is the java script which thank the user after they visited your websites. This tool help the user to create thanking message "good bye" to the visitors those who run the user's created web sites. This script can be used on any browser.

829)   Zoomer
Make your website images more interesting and interactive by installing this script. You can offer the options to zoom images in and out.

830)   Leaping Letters Menu
This program allows users to display jumping letters when the mouse moves over text. It offers several main features and easy customization facilities are available.

831)   WishCast Wizard Universal Gift Registry
This is a viral marketing system in JavaScript that attracts your visitors with a universal wish list or gift registry feature. The retailer can increase sales by offering a wish list that works across numerous retail sites.

832)   JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle textbox data, build IF-THEN conditionals and write functions using javascript.

833)   Roman Numerals Converter
An interesting script for converting between integers and Roman Numerals, as well as checking the validity of Roman Numerals for common mistakes.

834)   JavaScript Date object
Complete listing of properties and methods of the Date object of JavaScript. Also includes examples.

835)   Validate: email box
Validate: email box is a java script that will allow webmasters to put a Validate an email box on their websites.

836)   Web Blazonry's Date Functions
Web Blazonry's Date Functions is an effective tutorial dealing with the techniques of displaying the exact date modifications last done on a project.

837)   Universal JavaScript Rollovers
Universal JavaScript Rollovers is a tutorial which teaches the users how to add dynamic elements to a web page and to generate any number of rollovers.

838)   Pop-up Windows
Pop-up Windows is a tutorial which teaches the users how to create new popup windows with the support of javascript. This tutorial provide info to the users that they can add any html content or place any actions.

839)   JavaScript Make This Your Start Page Kit
This script enables the users to make your page their default Start page. Prompts the users with a dialog box displaying ‘Make This Page Your Start Page’. Compatible with IE5+.

840)   Color Picker
Color Picker enables the visitor to pickup the color of the background, which can be either red, green or blue. The color and its rgb value are displayed when you enter a hexademical value directly.

841)   Reminder Calendar
This JavaScript is a calendar that allows you to add reminders to a date. The reminder expires within 24 hours of its expiry. The reminder can be viewed by clicking on that particular date in the calendar. Different colors can be assigned to different reminders.

842)   Document title Scroller
This script can scroll the title of the document. Ideal in case of lengthy names. The title can be scrolled once or made to repeat. Works on the IE4+ and NS6.

843)   Lottery Picker
Chuck your superstitions to the side, and put your lottery dreams in this script instead. This JavaScript generates 6 random 2-digit numbers for you to use.

844)   FlatCalendarXP
FlatCalendarXP provides your webpage with a wonderful JavaScript calendar that can be operated on almost all real cross browsers. It allows multiple calendars to be coordinated in the same page. Supports many customizable features.

845)   DS Sinus Text
This program is used for displaying text in sinus effect. It has customization facility that allows web site designers to create their own sinus text effect style to display on their web page.

846)   Page Transformer
This script enables you to drag around html elements like tables, images, text etc. on your screen to create a variety of visual effects. You can then save the changes in a cookie.

847)   Mind Reader
Mind Reader is a game that knows what number you're thinking of. It first asks you to pick a number between 1 and 63. More Info on detailed page.

848)   Star Track
This program is used for displaying moving star track at the background of home page. Users can change the speed of star by adjusting number.

849)   Unique Random Sets
This JavaScript can form a number of different random sets by picking equal number of unique random numbers from a number of arrays each time the page is loaded.

850)   Introductory guide to Regular Expressions
Introductory guide to Regular Expressions is an excellent tutorial that helps java beginners to expertise themselves in javascript's regular expressions.

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