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Top 851-900 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

851)   Random motivational quotes
Random motivational quotes is a script built on javascript to be used by the webmasters to let their visitor view a different encouraging slogan or a little passage every day.

852)   Mailing List
This can be incorporated in your webpage to sign up your visitors for your mailing list. The script provides a form to be filled out by the user that prompts the user to refill it if an incomplete or invalid entry is entered.

853)   Calendar Creator
This JavaScript is to create calendars, which provides options for choosing the color of your calendar background, font type for days, font for the month, current day color and font for weekdays. The calendar is compatible with NN 4x, Netscape 6, IE 5x and NeoPlanet.

854)   Tigra Color Picker
Tigra Color Picker - Free JavaScript widget that makes it easy for your visitors to fill out color value field(s) by selecting the color from a popup palette.

855)   Document Blue Dance
Implements blue colored spheres that move around in your web page adding life to your web page. The script allows you to configure the number of spheres, speed etc.

856)   Qiksearch Dancing Text
With this script you can implement a dancing effect to the text that you want to display in your web pages. You can customize the text and also the speed of the dance.

857)   Clock in the StatusBar
This JavaScript can be incorporated in to your web pages to display a clock on the status bar of your browser without encroaching into the space of the web page.

858)   Using ID property
Using ID property is a simple and effective online tutorial dealing with the techniques involved in creating website page through the ID property.

859)   Back Button
Back Button is a program using which webmasters can enable their site visitors to go back to the home page of the website after visiting the links.

860)   HTML Writer
This program is helpful for users to generate color code in html. Users have to type their tag and choose color for that particular tag to differentiate one from another.

861)   Bullet Link script
This unique script dynamically positions a "bullet" image of your choice alongside arbitrary links when the mouse moves over them, "highlighting" them. Simply give the links in question a CSS class name of "ddbullet", and the script handles the rest. Great way to draw attention to specific links on

862)   User Name
User Name is a cookie that stores the name of the Visitor on his/her computer and retrieves them for later use when required.

863)   Active Image Resizing With Drag
With this script you can click and drag to resize any image. Supports use of any number of images. You can resize an image to a default size by single left click.

864)   CodeThatMenu
CodeThatMenu is advanced cross-browser state-of-art JavaScript menu control that can be easily integrated in any web page, requires no JavaScript knowledge from the prospective user and comes with the features everybody expects from the modern navigation menu.

865)   Combo box with description
This is a JavaScript code snippet that can display a drop down menu in your webpage to select a link to be opened. The script supports an ‘OK’ button, clicking on which the selected link is opened. A form text box displays a short message about the selected link.

866)   Panorama
Webmasters can scroll their panorama images with the help of this javascript. It causes the image to move when the user directs it.

867)   JavaScript Site Search
This script implements a search engine, which is platform independent. All you have to do to make the script work is supply the information regarding listings.

868)   Video Audio Joiner Splitter
Video Audio Joiner Splitter is an useful tool that helps you to join AVI files with MPEG and vice- versa. Using this tool you can also capture still images from AVI or MPEG and store it in various image formats.

869)   Realtime Death Counter
This script is used for viewing the deaths caused by different reasons which are happening at present. Users can configure it easily.

870)   Domain Redirect
If you have more than one domain pointing to the same IP address, redirect each domain to its directory with this javascript.

871)   Multiple Users Prompt
This script unlike other login scripts, password protects the documents based on the username and password. Supports login by any number of members.

872)   Automatic E-mail This Link Script With Auto-Capture and Validation
This is a program and is written in javascript that helps users to capture web page title and URL and to send them to thier email address. This is a completely automated program.

873)   Frames Navigation
Learn how to navigate through frames with Frames Navigation.

874)   Popup Closer - Button
Popup Closer - Button is a Javascript code that allows the webmasters to provide a button to their users that enables them to close the popup window.

875)   Lake
Webmasters can create a lake effect on their selected images by using this script. This java based script can be used easily on any website to create a water effect on the images.

876)   NewsKeeper
This is a simple and effective vertical text scrolling program supporting links, images, backgrounds etc., You can scroll the text messages in either of the direction.

877)   Ace Dynamic Scrollbar Colors
This script enables you to change the scrollbars. The color change is implemented during onMouseOver, onMouseOut, onClick, and a combination of all the three.

878)   Quiz Maker
With this JavaScript you can create various quiz games by entering the questions and its answers. The script automatically creates a quiz out of it and also calculates and displays the result.

879)   Jason's Date Input Calendar
This script displays a popup calendar next to date fields to make it easy for users to fill out the date. The script also generates the actual date field as well using select menus and a text box, and creates a hidden field to contain the user selected Date value.

880)   Access Control by Screen Size
This script can redirect the visitor to pages designed for 640, 800, 1024, or greater screen resolutions that is best suited for the visitor’s screen resolution.

881)   Shadelayer Highlighter
This script dynamically highlights contents on your web page for the visitors to easily notice important contents. Compatible only with the IE 5x browser.

882)   Source Include
Source Include is a simple online tutorial that teaches about the ways and means of including and changing the headers and footers of the webpages.

883)   Scriptomizers- Javascript back Button
This javascript based program is basically for creating back button on the web page. When the visitor click the given button it carries them to the previous page or link.

884)   XML Ticker
XML Ticker is a JavaScript designed for IE and can scroll messages stored on an outside XML file. Supports unlimited messages. Keeps the web page small in size.

885)   Form Helper with Images
Form Helper with Images can enhance your webpage with images, which guides the visitor to fill up the fields in the form whenever he/she clicks on the form elements. The script also validates the entries given by the user before submitting it.

886)   AK DatePicker
This is a javascript tool which guides the begginner to create a attractive pop up calendar in which the user can create a calender, some of important events in that day, time and more.

887)   Fader Maker
Use this script to change the color of your web page’s scrollbar color, background and text. Compatible with the Internet Explorer 5+ and Netscape Navigator 6+.

888)   Combo Box Content Viewer
This Combo-box Viewer script allows users to selectively view HTML content on your page via a drop down menu. Each content is simply wrapped inside a special DIV tag.

889)   JavaScript Slideshow
JavaScript Slideshow implements a portrait slide show. The script supports two different formats of picture to increase the speed of loading of the slide show page.

890)   Introduction to Dynamic Properties
Dynamic Properties is a relatively unknown feature of IE5+ that allows you to substitute static values in your HTML with dynamic expressions instead.

891)   Calendar Reminder Script
Calendar Reminder Script is a javascript that can be used by the users to add reminders to their web calendars. Users can add this reminder with several colours.

892)   Alphabet Soup
This script can make alphabets in a message to rotate in a circular path and collect together in the centre. Implements the visual effect by means of the sine and cosine functions.

893)   Rumble
This script can make your window rumble. The rumble effect can be called from anywhere like buttons, mouseovers, hyperlinks and so on. Mouseovers is not supported in NS4.

894)   Multi Calc
Multi Calc is a simple series of calculators that can perform basic mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

895)   JavaScript Drop Down Menu Creator
This program is helpful for the users to create drop down menu bar on their website easily and quickly. It supports more than thirty parameters which are customizable.

896)   Regular Expressions
Unless you have worked with regular expressions before, the term and the concept may be unfamiliar to you. However, they may not be as unfamiliar as you think.

897)   Save Link Method
This program is basically for saving a link to a page. It saves each browser content inside the page to help users to link later.

898)   Blackjack
This JavaScript allows you to play the classic game of Blackjack. The goal of the game is to get the closest to 21. If you get higher than the dealer without going over 21, you win.

899)   Qiksearch Vertical Scroller
With this script you can scroll the hints for any links in your web pages vertically. Allows you to configure the scroll height, scrolling speed and position of the scroll.

900)   User Plugins
With this JavaScript you can display the name of the plugins installed on your web page visitors and its details in your webpage. The table can be positioned wherever in you want in the page.

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