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Top 51-100 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

51)   IP address display (using SSI and JavaScript)
Using a combination of SSI and JavaScript, this is a cross browser/platform IP address displayer.

52)   Numeric Validation
Numeric Validation is a JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to check whether the visitor of your page has entered a valid numeric value in the form.

53)   Tab Enter
Tab Enter is a script that will allow you to use the "Enter" key to move through the fields as you use the "Tab" key.

54)   Display images in loops
Display images in loops can be used by the users to create their own banner rotation by inserting all their images in a loop. This java based script rotates the images as a banner.

55)   Christmas CountDown
Keep track of how many days until Christmas with this website.

56)   Dynamic countdown script II
Version 2 of the Dynamic countdown script is accurate to the second. This allows you to count down to a particular event that's time sensitive (and not just day).

57)   Ticker Tape
This script allows you to scroll messages from right to left of your web page. You can provide any of your own messages. You can also specify the speed in milli seconds in the script.

58)   smartCalendar
This is a DHTML based calendar for your web pages. The calendar can display the date formats in 'mm/dd/yyyy', 'dd/mm/yyyy', 'dd-mmm-yyyy', 'dd-mmm-yyyy', 'yyyy-mm-dd' formats. The calendar is available with either up down controls for the month/year or drop downs and input boxes.

59)   Animated Text script
Animated Text script can display highlighting effect moving to both sides of the text in your webpage. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer and or Netscape 6 or above and Mozilla browsers.

60)   Super mouseover generator
This is a JavaScript to display a mouse trick in which an image is displayed in your webpage with attractive visual feature on mouseover. The image can have a hyperlink.

61)   Fading Image Rollovers
This script implements a fading effect of the images if your browsers support opacity. The images will fade from the off image to the on image and vice versa.

62)   Vertical Scroller with Recall
Instant RECALL's Drop-down List comes as standard feature. When a Description Text array is filled in, then automatically this feature comes into play, otherwise either Script will go on without.

63)   Rollover background-color button
A script that makes any form button change background color as the mouse moves over it.

64)   Kissing trail
This script makes the mouse leave a trail of kisses as it moves around the web page. The color, duration, position etc can be customized through the script.

65)   Date Display - Long Format
Date Display - Long Format is a very simple and easy to use java based program that helps users to show date currently on their web pages. This program can be easily customized.

66)   Force Page To Open In Frameset Script
This is a JavaScript that forces the page that has to be opened in a frameset to be opened in the frameset. Works with almost all the browsers.

67)   JAVA script countdown
This JavaScript implements a countdown from a particular date/time. This displays the result as how many days, hours, mins and seconds are remaining to the date/time.

68)   Multiple News Scroller
This script is used for scrolling message from right to left. Users can use large message to scroll over the web page. Users are allowed to customize the settings of scrolling effect.

69)   Dynamic countdown script
This is a live, dynamic countdown script that can be set to count down until any given date. Every aspect of the script is configurable- dimensions, background color, text font etc.

70)   Pop-up Windows
Learn how to create small pop-up windows in javascript.

71)   Banner-Rotator
Banner-Rotator is a JavaScript that change banners from one after another by creating a HTML code to implement this task. The delay time between two banners can be customized in seconds.

72)   Creating a JavaScript image slideshow
Learn how to implement an image slideshow in JavaScript, along with making each slide "clickable."

73)   Information
This obtains and displays user's information such as Browser Name, Browser Version, Browser Plugins, Operational System, IP Address, Date, Timezone, Current Location, Location referred from, Last Modified, and Screen Size.

74)   JS Double RollOver Creator
This is a JavaScript generator to implement an appealing rollover effect with the mouse. You can fill up the fields with relevant details and also specify four GIF images for use in the effect.

75)   FormCheck
This is an useful javascript application that helps you to validate the form input against the specified criteria without scripting a single line of programming code.

76)   Small today's date calendar
This Java Script displays a small calendar that can show you the current date. It displays the date in a text field and the current week is displayed through the radio buttons.

77)   Bubble Effect
Bubbles drift upwards, then vanish on your page, with this visual effect script.

78)   PageScroll
This script is a text scroller in JavaScript. Supports multiple layers allowing you to select layers. You can adjust the speed of the scroll, height etc.

79)   Dynamic Drop Down Menu Maker
This is a JavaScript navigation tool to generate dynamic drop down menu in your webpage. The user does not require any knowledge of JavaScript or HTML coding to generate the drop down menu.

80)   Current Date
This is a small JavaScript to implement a tidy display of the current date. Supports the configuration of the font, size and alignment.

81)   Banner Manager
Banner Manager is a javascript based script which helps webmasters in showing their banners from various sources including affiliate site banners, exchange service banners and their own site banners.

82)   JS calendar
This is a Calendar in JavaScript. It can toggle between Sunday or Monday s the first day of the week and allows you to change the month or year. Also it displays week numbers. The look of the calendar can be modified without altering the code with the help of CSS.

83)   Tabs Menu (onmouseover)
This is a mouseover tabs menu. Move the mouse over designated links, and additional "sub links" appear beneath it. Think of it as an inline two level menu.

84)   Auto Window Resizer
Auto Window Resizer is a Javascript code that allow the webmasters to resize the window automatically to the specified height and width. This code is simple and can be loaded on any type of websites.

85)   Dynamic Mouse Clock
This is a JavaScript clock that can display a clock, which follows along with the movement of the mouse. The script displays an analog clock, which supports the hour, minute and the second arms.

86)   PopCalendarXP
PopCalendarXP provides a 100%JavaScript date picker. The PopCalendarXP supports many customizable features and it doesn’t require any processing from the client side. It can be switched among different themes and is compatible to almost all real cross browsers.

87)   DHTML News Ticker Wizard
This script can scroll messages with a variety of effects like Gradient, Wipe, Slide, Pixelate, Blinds, Wipe etc. The messages can be hyperlinked and pauses between each message.

88)   Background color changer
This JavaScript background effect tool provides your webpage with a color panel from which the user can select his/her desirable color to the background. The script is compatible with all browsers.

89)   Background Fader
On the loading of a page, this javascript "Background Fader" changes background colors (with a transition between each change) quickly then returns to normal.

90)   Sliding JavaScript Banners
Sliding JavaScript Banners is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle banners on their webpages and to initialize, specify the banner position with javascript support.

91)   Horizontal Slider
Horizontal Slider concatenates and slides to the left any number of images.

92)   EZBoard
EZBoard offers a discussion board on Javascript.

93)   Popup image from thumbnail
As the name suggests, this JavaScript pops up a thumbnail image in a popup window when the user clicks on the thumbnail image. The script is compatible to IE4+ and NS6+ browsers.

94)   Falling Letters Menu
By using this javascript based falling letter program web designers can create a text with falling letter effect. The letter falling will be displayed as wave like effect.

95)   Alert Box
Simple JavaScript example that will generate a simple alert box based on clicking a link or a form button. Can be used for alerting users .

96)   Scrolling Image
This can allow you to scroll the images horizontally on your web page. The scrolling speed and the beginning position of the image can be configured.

97)   Interactive DHTML art-demos
Unique collection of dhtml/DOM Javascripts : mouseplay, 3D animations, VML, Direct Animation, image manipulations, zooms, text effects, etc.

98)   Store/Retrieve Cookie Values
Store/Retrieve Cookie Values obtains value into three variables and displays them in a form text for the user to edit the values. It is then opened every time the window is opened.

99)   DHTML Announcement Box
This is an announcement box based on DHTML to enhance your web page by displaying new or notable pieces of information to the users. This DHTML announcement box is highly customizable and is compatible with all cross browsers.

100)   Free JavaScript Event Calendar
Free JavaScript Event Calendar is the javascript tool which helps the user to veiw their calender and to place the calendar in a apt space in the web page.The user can also create default values for the various calender events.

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